Sexy Pics: It’s Time To Make Passes At Boys Who Wear Glasses

Okay, everybody go rush over and follow our new favorite Tumblr, Guys With Glasses.

We do love a site that delivers on its promise, with a healthy dose of shirtlessness, scruffy faces, and makey-outey time. A triumph!

After the jump: a gallery of our faves.

GWG is run by a Cute Young Asian Fella whose name does not seem to be available, so we’ll just have to call him CYAF. And CYAF knows what he likes: “Magic Mike Spoiler!Joe Manganiello does wear a pair of glasses at the begininning of the movie.  I probably would have enjoyed the movie more if ALL the actors were wearing glasses.” Yes indeed.

Nothing melts the icy cockles of our heart like a bookish bespectacled nerd, which is why we’ve been dreamily scrolling through past posts and sighing wistfully for the better part of an hour.

And the best part: CYAF accepts submissions from readers. So you know what to do, nerds: fire up the closest picture-taker and send him your best shot! And then let us know when your pic appears, so we can admire your beautifully framed peepers.

Click through the gallery below for a little sampler. Va va va voom.