Sexy Pics: It’s Time To Make Passes At Boys Who Wear Glasses

Okay, everybody go rush over and follow our new favorite Tumblr, Guys With Glasses.

We do love a site that delivers on its promise, with a healthy dose of shirtlessness, scruffy faces, and makey-outey time. A triumph!

After the jump: a gallery of our faves.

GWG is run by a Cute Young Asian Fella whose name does not seem to be available, so we’ll just have to call him CYAF. And CYAF knows what he likes: “Magic Mike Spoiler!Joe Manganiello does wear a pair of glasses at the begininning of the movie.  I probably would have enjoyed the movie more if ALL the actors were wearing glasses.” Yes indeed.

Nothing melts the icy cockles of our heart like a bookish bespectacled nerd, which is why we’ve been dreamily scrolling through past posts and sighing wistfully for the better part of an hour.

And the best part: CYAF accepts submissions from readers. So you know what to do, nerds: fire up the closest picture-taker and send him your best shot! And then let us know when your pic appears, so we can admire your beautifully framed peepers.

Click through the gallery below for a little sampler. Va va va voom.

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  • Paul


  • Scott

    I was at a strip club once where a dancer put on a pair of glasses near the end of the night. He was much more adorable with the glasses!

  • Analog

    Guys who wear glasses are HOT.

  • Making up stuff is fun!

    Number 2 better get ready. I’m tracking him down and making him my boyfriend.

  • Nopantsrevolution

    Well I definitely didn’t expect my face to show up on the front page of this website… Thank you Guys With Glasses? Hahahahaha :)

  • I won't grow up

    #7 YES, the rest are (you should pardon me) are dogs.

  • Leighboi

    Number 5, I think you’ll find this is a picture of me! all-the-other-stuff.tumblr.com and @Leighboi on Twitter.

  • UsualPlayers

    #7 looks like your standard porn star/grindr/party circuit guy that someone put glasses on.

    The rest look authentic as far as the geek appeal. Some more than others, but still passable geek.

  • UsualPlayers

    By the way, I do have a thing for geeks.

  • Prof Sancho Panza

    Definite thumbs up. I always thought Clark Kent was way hotter than Superman.

  • Making up stuff is fun!

    I like this Benji Douglas fella. He should write stuff for Queerty more often.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @I won’t grow up: You don’t deserve a pardon for being so rude. Fine, like the one you like, but disparage the others, for what purpose?

  • Christopher

    #8 is BY FAR the sexiest BTW, I am NOT kidding!!

  • JR

    #4 …. WOOF !!!

  • Bluebird

    #8 is the sexiest one out of the bunch :D

  • Mrs. Patrick Campbell

    #4=Drug user and meth addict.

  • UsualPlayers

    @Mrs. Patrick Campbell: He looks to clean around the eyes to be a meth addict.

  • UsualPlayers

    @Mrs. Patrick Campbell: Also, just to be “that guy” I should point out that “drug user” and “meth addict” are redundant statements.

  • Aquarelle

    Whatever. I’m hotter than any of these guys.

  • UsualPlayers

    @Aquarelle: If you say so Colin.

  • Aquarelle

    @UsualPlayers: For your information, honey, I used to do modeling.

  • Paul

    @Aquarelle: If you mean hotter as in “hotter mess”, then, yes, you would probably be correct. But I can’t imagine anyone wanting to photograph such smelly, nasty, shitty trash as yourself.

  • Aquarelle

    @Paul: Honey, whenever a queen gets catty it’s because of jealousy. Don’t be so transparent.

  • Colin

    @Aquarelle: That’s right, put these bitches in their place.

  • Paul

    @Aquarelle: HAHAHA…transparent??? This coming from you, who has to make up another personality (Colin, anyone?) to justify things that you say???? Oh boy, that’s just RICH.

  • Paul

    @Aquarelle: I mean, do REALLY think you’re fooling anybody? I’d have to be a dumbass not to notice when someone is or is not using a sock puppet.

  • UsualPlayers

    @Aquarelle: Colin, just because the other voices in your head keep telling you that you are good looking doesn’t mean you are good looking.

    And as for the intake photos they took of you in the psych ward, that doesn’t make you a model.

  • Metalheadmike

    Wow, I wear glasses occssionally but for me this list had just too much hipster going on. Reading a book outside in an arty photo isn’t actually the same as having depth. It’s all so posed for the most part.

  • mike

    As a long-time eyeglasses wearer it’s good to see us finally get our due. Although kissing another guy who also wears glasses can be a bit awkward first kiss (clashing spectacles!) the sexiest part is making glasses the last thing to come off.

  • Mike in London UK

    damnation .. I’ve just switched back to contact lenses!

  • Jeff

    I like sexy geeks and hunks with glasses..

  • Benji Douglas

    Just to settle this whole Colin/Aquarelle sockpuppeting accusation: I checked the comment logs, and one of them is posting from an IP address that geolocates to a country in Central America, and the other from an IP address that resolves to a school in California. That’s not to say that it couldn’t be one person spoofing IPs with a proxy server, but it does seem unlikely.

    Also, Aquarelle has the same IP address as Usualplayers.

    Do with this information what you will.

  • Martin


  • Rich

    @Aquarelle: Modeling gloves does not count unless they are greased and in your wazoo.

  • Byron

    Hello! My name is Byron and I’m the blogger who runs GUYSwithGLASSES. I just want to thank Benji for featuring my tumblr blog on Queerty! I definitely had a spike in the number of followers on my blog and hopefully all the new followers had a spike of their own… ZING!

  • Byron

    Also, I’m flattered for the nickname, CYAF. ;-)

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