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Sexy runway daddy steals the show at New York Fashion Week

Another New York Fashion week has come and (nearly) gone, and with it, all the typical youth&beauty sex appeal one would expect in the spotlight of a fashion epicenter.

Queer designer Marco Marco threw his show on Thursday, transforming the Intrepid Air, Sea and Space Museum into a berserko fantasia of fright wigs and sequins.

And while the brand certainly dabbles in the Adonis image…

Available now!

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…Marco Marco also enlisted the help of an eclectic bunch of less-conventional models to strut in the studio’s latest lewks.

From gender non-conforming vixens:

@kylieixora x nyfw @stylefw #marcomarco #wearetheonly

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To the winner of “RuPaul‘s Drag Race” season 9 herself, Sasha Velour:

@sashavelour x NYFW @stylefw #marcomarco

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As well as fellow Drag Race alum, Detox:

@theonlydetox x nyfw @stylefw #marcomarco

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But it was one very sexy daddy-type —Anthony Varrecchia — who really made an impression on the crowd:

Check out some more scenes from the fun show below:

@gottmik x famousamys x nyfw @stylefw ?: @mahdasafdari ?? #marcomarco

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@laganjaestranja x nyfw @stylefw #marcomarco #wearetheonly

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@wimberlean x NYFW x me @stylefw #marcomarco #wearetheonly

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You can also watch the entire show:

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  • abachooklas

    Uhhh. What’s sexy about someone who’s deflated after years of steriod use? I’m missing something here.

    • ChrisK

      That’s not from steroid use. The underwear is so not flattering though. He needs boxer briefs.

    • niles

      what you’re missing is a soul

    • surreal33

      Agree too many years steroid and/or drug abuse NOT sexy!!!

    • abachooklas

      Well then, what is it, ChrisK? Cheeseburgers?

    • ChrisK

      It’s called getting older darling. We can’t have a body like Tom Daley or whatever the Queerty flavor of the moment is forever.

    • abachooklas

      Of course, not everybody keeps their body forever, this however, is very clear of steroid use. Simply aging doesn’t result in such dramatic sagging and the gyno effect.

  • Rex Huskey

    queers, queers, queers…. gotta love em.

  • Griff_Greymuzzle

    The ageism on this site makes me sick.
    He’s hot.
    Deal with it.

    • JaredMacBride

      He probably looks a good bit better than most of the clowns panning him here.

    • Roan

      Just the ageism? Not the blatant homophobia, sizeism and racism? This site has turned into to a troll cesspool.

    • abachooklas

      No he’s not, you are wrong.

  • Roy Moss

    Sexy? Yuck. I love hot older men but this dude isn’t one of them. He’s just gross. The choker and the tats make him look like some Jersey goombah just out of the clink.

    • Brian

      He has said that the tattoo is the name of his husband who died suddenly & unexpectedly. But sure, make fun of him and be racist because you had a bad day.

    • Roy Moss

      Brian, your reply makes no sense at. Get a freaking grip.


    Typically talentless designer relying on circus tecniques to get his sub-par collection noticed

  • Jack Meoff

    I always thought this guy was a hot daddy type a few years ago but these recent pics of him look quite a bit different. I just looked him up online and there is a bio of him trying to pass his DOB off as 1963 which would make him 54. There is no way this guy is 54 years old/ I’d say closer to 70.

  • surreal33

    I am beyond over with the forced feminization of gay men. It is so early 80’s and redundant.

    • Gaytaffuk

      Sorry, I missed the part where the article or photos showed a gay man being forced to be femme! What the hell are you talking about?

    • surreal33

      Mr Gaytaffuk your screen name negates the need to respond.

    • Gaytaffuk

      Shame you can’t think of a real comeback! You can do much better then that! Lame!!!

    • abachooklas

      You expect guys that have daddy issues-to be level headed and masculine? Seriously?

  • Bopper1

    …the only thing more cruel than gay hating people are gays themselves…the willingness of gays to devour their own is on full display here…

    • RomanHans

      Nobody checks the gay card to get in here. I think most of the trolls here are straight (at least until they stop and think about why they have such sad little lives).

  • TheArtist

    Lol the comments on all the articles are ridiculous. It’s like the same five guys who have nothing better to do then read this dumb “gay” blog and make shite comments about each other. Like no one is allowed to find anyone but Colton Haynes, Tom Daley, Tyler Hoechlin, or any of the other no talent hacks Ryan Murphy would put on his casting couch sexy. You guys should all get a life and stop hating everyone you wouldn’t wanna hook up with

  • asby

    Could someone not have helped daddy with some lotion for his knees?

    • AntBee

      I noticed that, too. I don’t think Anthony Varecchia would ever step out onto a runway or any photoshoot, with knees like that. Unless, like most runway shows, it was everyone going a mile-a-minute.
      I wish the people who have made, and will continue to make snarky comments, would just stop, but I know that’s just wishful thinking.
      I have communicated with Anthony on occasion, and he is a super nice man.
      He’s not snooty like a lot of handsome models can be, very down to earth, and intelligent.
      Please, also remember, one day, you will all be of a certain age. Time doesn’t stop for anyone, unless they have died.
      I clearly recall, that one day I was 25, then all of a sudden, I wasn’t, and had become a “mature” gay man.
      It will happen, count on it. Perhaps then, you will regret making fun of those whom you find, “too old,” “too Black,” “too small” or whatever negative comments come from your hateful minds.

  • calpoidog

    Wow, I had always thought he was so sexy…shows you what photoshop can do for photos. He still looks great for his age but this makes me feel a WHOLE lot better about myself! :)

  • sfcarlos65

    I approve. Sue me.

  • jlew64

    He’s 54 years old? I honestly thought he was about my age, 63. I don’t think the mustache without the beard is doing him any favors. Maybe he was better in person, but based on these photos I don’t understand why the crowd went wild for him. Bad choice on what they gave him to wear. He looks pretty great on his Instagram page however and I want his haircut!!

    • abachooklas

      54 is actually quite young to be looking like that. It’s the steroid usage in the past; you see this with many men who use steroids and then deflate afterwards.

  • Mirek

    Women and gays are not forgiven for aging!

  • ErikO

    This queen Anthony is HIV+ uses roids/drugs, and lies about his age online where he’s a puta literally as you can find him on sites for this sort of thing. He’s the biggest queen ever.

    • AntBee

      How do you know ALL of that information? Do you know Anthony personally? Heard it from a friend or bitter ex-boyfriend of his? Unless you are personally involved in Anthony’s life, and know these things to be factual, I would suggest you keep your ugly thoughts to yourself.

      It’s not surprising that there is so much anxiety, depression, and suicide amongst gay men. We have to put up with the crap thrown at us from heterosexuals, who do not like nor support our unchosen lifestyle, and then there are the hateful, catty, nothing-good-to-say-about-anyone gay men, who are, to me, just plain bullies, hiding behind a keyboard. It is quite hard to please everyone, but to me, people like you are not worth the effort, although, I couldn’t give two shits about what people, gay or straight, think about me. I dress and groom myself, for me. I would hope there are others, like me, who don’t care what such nasty people think of them, and are just being themselves.
      I’ll stop, as this is either going to be ignored, read, and quickly forgotten or a nasty comment or two will come my way.

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