From sexy to scary: The Queerty must-see Halloween screening list

The Dark Place

Happy Halloween folks!

With one of our favorite holidays on the horizon, we’ve decided to bust out our favorite queer screamers for a rewatch. We mean movies, not actually queer people screaming. We have enough of that in these times

Anyway, last year we composed a screening list of sexy & scary must-see films. This year we’ve given that list an update to include even more LGBTQ H-O-R-R-O-R. Grab the popcorn and witch’s brew, and curl up on the couch. Dates are optional but encouraged.

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Bride of Frankenstein

Cinema scholars just looooove pointing out all the homoeroticism in this Universal classic. Director James Whale–who was an out-gay man in the 1930s–loaded this sequel up with all kinds of gay subtext, from a pair of mad scientists trying to give birth to a woman, to the Frankenstein Creature having a happy domestic life with a blind hermit to Ernst Thesiger’s camp performance. It’s a must-see for horror fans…and for anyone who likes screaming queens with their screams.

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