Sexy Shirtless Bear High School Teacher Teaches Rob Ford A Lesson

joe killoranFailed human being Rob Ford ran into a little opposition yesterday at a public appearance, and it was super-sexy.

The somehow-still-Mayor-of-Toronto was oafing about at an East York Canada parade when a hot everyman named Joe Killoran happened upon the feeding-frenzy of reporters. Joe wasted no time letting the mayor know how irritating it is that he still exists.

As it turns out, this was all a case of right-place, right-time, right-job. Joe just happened to be going for a run, delightfully shirtless, with no plans to bother any attempted-politicians. He’s a high school teacher, so he’s quite accustomed to managing unruly crowds and putting idiots in their place.

Ford wasn’t supposed to be there at that point, either. He was actually so late to the event that most folks had already left.

For his part, Ford just finished rehab for his substance abuse problems, but he hasn’t really done anything to address his corruption problems. He’s hired extra security guards to keep the media from asking him questions.

Ford, who has long overstayed his welcome on Earth, is still trying to be Mayor for now. Hopefully he’ll get fired (or a heart attack or whatever) soon and Killoran can run to replace him.