Sexy Studs Showcase Their Schnozes

When it comes to the nose, it tends to be shape that really matters. Whether you prefer yours big, small, thin, thick, round, or narrow, our friend Dr. Philip J. Miller is happy to help sculpt the noggin of your dreams. And the dreams of your potential partners.

As one of one of New York’s leading facial plastic surgeons and a recognized expert in the field of facial plastic surgery–from facelifts, to rhinoplasty, as well as blepharoplasty and eyelid surgery–he knows a thing or five about how to chisel a damn sexy nose.

And that’s a good thing. Frankly, we love guys with cute honkers.

Check out these photos of celebs displaying their sexy noses…

We’re not sure whose schnoz is cuter, Blake Skjellerup’s or his adorable puppy’s.

Alex Minsky shows off his mad nose scrunching abilities.

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Serioulsy, we just want to pinch Scott Eastwood’s little noggin.

  A photo posted by Scott Eastwood (@scotteastwood) on

49ers quarterback and friend of the gays Colin Kaepernick may just have the hottest honker on Instagram.

Even as he keeps it covered, actor Idris Elba’s nose is still damn fine.

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 Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black are two sneezers we wouldn’t mind getting to know a little better.

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Ricky Martin provides us with the perfect nose on the perfect man.

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Grindr fave Tyler Posey is all bundled up, but he’s keeping his prominent snout exposed for a good cause.

Silver fox Farhad Z is the clear winner of the sexiest set of nostrils award.

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Eliad Cohen and his smeller would like to wish you a very happy holidays.

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