SF Archbishop Cordileone, Architect Of Prop 8, Arrested For Drunk Driving

Time to put that communion wine on lockdown: Bishop Salvatore Cordileone, recently appointed the Archbishop of San Francisco, was arrested for driving under the influence in San Diego this weekend.

The San Diego Union Tribune reports Cordileone—the Catholic Church’s go-to guy when it was rallying for Proposition 8—was stopped shortly after midnight and booked on a charge of driving under the influence. The 56-year-old clergyman was taken to the county jail, where he later posted bail. There’s been no statement on whether or not the incident will affect his ordination in October.

Hey, it could’ve been worse. He could’ve been ministering to gay and lesbian parishioners.

Source: San Diego Union Tribune via Towleroad

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  • Michael Bedwell

    Cordileone was NOT “the architect of Prop 8”! For all the evil he unquestionably did, neither of two July 27, 2012, articles in “The San Francisco Chronicle” announcing his appointment to replace George Niederauer as Archbishop of San Francisco identified him as that or “THE Father of Prop 8” which current articles in other media have done today.

    Article #1, emphasis mine: “Organizers of Proposition 8 said Cordileone was key to getting the measure before voters. ‘He was ABOUT AS instrumental as anybody’, said Frank Schubert, who ran the Prop. 8 campaign and has led similar campaigns in other states.”

    Article #2, emphasis mine: “[Cordileone] has been A leader in the fight against same-sex marriage…. … Michael Harank, 59, a lifelong Catholic who founded an independent Catholic agency in Oakland for homeless people with HIV, [said Cordileone] ‘may be pastoral, but his work as ONE of the financial fathers and creators of Prop. 8 is clearly a slap in the face to the gay community’. … [Outgoing San Francisco Archbishop George] Niederauer ALSO played a pivotal role in the Prop. 8 campaign, not just with his public statements, but also by actively courting the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to participate in the campaign. Mormons contributed more than $20 million, and MORMON OFFICIALS SAID THEY WOULDN’T HAVE DONE SO WITHOUT THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF NIEDERAUER, the former bishop of Salt Lake City.”

    Thank you.

  • dvlaries

    He’s not even in the job yet, and already revealing a lack of the very discipline he’d preach to everybody else…? If you keep a close watch on him, San Francisco, this should be rather lively for you.

  • hf2hvit


    He was probably on his way to his hotel after hitting the baths…

  • Cee

    @hf2hvit: LOL

  • Aidan8

    @Michael Bedwell: OK, so he was instrumental and worked hard at it… but wasn’t “the architect”… a distinction without a difference.

  • petensfo

    Didn’t anyone tell him to spit it out?!

  • Tom-NY

    Never fails. Karma is a boomerang. Those who judge and cast dispersions on others inevitably falter themselves. When will people learn to just live and let live, and leave the judging to non-human moral authorities.

  • Michael Bedwell

    @Aidan8: How sad that the meaning of words are unimportant to you.

    “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug.” – Mark Twain.

  • Ridpathos

    Well… seeing as most priests are Irish…

  • BigWoody

    Aha haha hahahaha!

  • BigWoody

    haHAAAAAAhahaha hehe oooooooh… my side hurts.

  • hf2hvit


  • Young

    I bet he’s just come out from a local gay bar

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