SF Archbishop Cordileone: Same-Sex Marriage “Dehumanizes” Men, Makes Children Suffer

Cordileone-030-2-largeTo legalize marriage between two people of the same sex would enshrine in the law the principle that mothers and fathers are interchangeable or irrelevant, and that marriage is essentially an institution about adults, not children; marriage would mean nothing more than giving adults recognition and benefits in their most significant relationship.

How can we do this to our children?

Why has virtually every known civilization across time and history recognized the need to bring together men and women to make and raise the next generation together? Clearly something important is at stake, or human beings of such different cultures, histories and religions would not come up with the basic idea of marriage as a male-female union over and over again.

When we as a culture abandon that idea and ideal, children suffer, communities suffer, women suffer, and men are dehumanized by being told they aren’t important to the project of family life.

Our bodies have meaning. The conjugal union of a man and a woman is not a factory to produce babies; marriage seeks to create a total community of love, a “one flesh” union of mind, heart and body that includes a willingness to care for any children their bodily union makes together. Two men and two women can certainly have a close loving committed emotional relationship, but they can never ever join as one flesh in the unique way a husband and wife do.

Treating same-sex relationships as marriage is the final severing by government of the natural link between marriage and the great task of bringing together male and female to make and raise the next generation together in love.

—San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone explaining why the Supreme Court ruling for same-sex couples will have horrible consequences, in USA Today. In August, Cordileone was arrested for drunk driving—allegedly with an unnamed male companion who fled the scene.

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  • pierre

    This closet queen seriously needs to rub one out.

  • Bear Aspirin

    “interchangeable or irrelevant”…is girlfriend talking about gay marriage or the Catholic church?

  • yaoming

    This is rich coming from that guy… in San Francisco. Look at your own institution and how it hurts children.

  • Maruchi

    Won’t somebody please think of the children!?

  • Shanestud

    Extending marriage to same sex couples will not limit or hinder the right of straight people to marry and have as many babies as the RC church would like them to have. The argument about procreation and bearing children is what NOM and the RC church has been going on about. If that is so essential in marriage and if they seek to ban same-sex marriage why not ban post-menopausal women, the infertile and the couples who have decided not to procreate from getting married? The church has not only lost its moral authority, it has certainly become totally irrelevant.

  • Dionte

    The words of these child molester enablers means nothing to me.

  • Cam

    NOBODY is more bitter than a closet queen who has spent his whole life in hiding watching others who are proudly out.

  • DarSco

    Instead of complaining about gays getting married shouldn’t the church concentrate all of that energy on KEEPING str8 married people married? The divorce rate among str8 married people is like 50%!

  • Aidan8

    It astonishes me that anyone takes these clowns seriously any more… That anyone would listen to them for guidance or “truth” or, most bizarrely, for marriage advice…

  • Polaro

    I love you all. Brilliant. I can’t add anything, so I will just be a cheerleader. Go, boys, go!

  • Kini

    As far as I’m concerned men need to be dehumanized that way they are less arrogant and much more humble. I certainly wish the “men” at http://herecomesthepopo.blogspotcom would be dehumanized into the ground for doing what they have done to me.

  • Cam

    Hey guys! Who do YOU think would know the most about marriage and could advise the rest of us on it….

    Hmmmm, how about an all male celibate organization with a history of raping children!?

  • queerty1958

    He is misinformed and misguided fuck wad!

  • AxelDC

    Conservative need to learn that just because you say something doesn’t make it true. At least attempt to attach some evidence behind your invective.

  • samwise343

    The Bible says that gay sex is wrong. It therefore makes no sense that any gay man should follow Christianity, Catholicism or any religion that seeks their demise.

  • chuck

    A convicted intoxicated driver wearing a purple dress giving moral advice is amazing. Maybe he should invest his concern to CHILD RAPISTS in his company!

  • AxelDC

    The Bible says that eating pork, wearing mixed fabrics, and women speaking in church are wrong. Like most fundamentalists, they pick and choose exactly which parts of the Bible are fundamental and which they can ignore.

    If we want to follow the Bible, adulterers should be stoned. Let’s bring Senator Vitter out to the public square.

  • Hillers

    She said wearing her hot pink cap and her Lady Gaga back-up dancer brasserie.

  • AxelDC

    1 Timothy 3:2

    “A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;”

    Therefore, if Catholic clergy cannot get married, then they are violating the Bible.

  • Lauchlan

    “But What About The Children!!!?”- from the closet case with the sponge applied tan. It’s about time we began to tick these rote non-arguments as they come up and reply “doesn’t apply -NEXT!”
    It’s about time the RCC laity got off their knees spiritually and psychologically and got rid of these ” princes of the church” -in this day and age ?
    Ps if you want to seehow political stalling works look at BBC Yes Minister ; where Sir Humphrey tries to stop a policy being enacted , ( is this the right time? , can we afford it? , people don’t want it , etc etc) just what these pricks are doing now


    That’s Rich, coming from the supposedly celebate one in fuscia(!) whose fellow clergymen have made a regular habit of molesting future men(boys)/procreators/combiners-of-the-flesh. Where does this church get these hypocritical nutcases? Excuse me while I go wash my eyes of that horrid hot pink mess… :(

  • Joel J

    @AxelDC: Yes, and God gave them a set that they might procreate. Celibacy is unnatural.


    @KEVINVENTION: *celibate*.

  • Dez

    Seriously,enough with the ‘not able to procreate’ bullshit.people can get married w/o any care to have children! Its not like gays are going around telling children that they were conceived through anal sex.

  • p-candotorg

    And that in San Francisco of all places. What does it take to get outspoken men like this in front of a court or maybe in a back alley to make them stop saying such nonsense. But wait now you can get two for the same price as we have a homophobic pope.
    Tell this “pedophile club member” that me and my husband have raised two daughters age 20+ now and no one of us is DEHUMANIZED and we are two men.
    Read this you PERVERT,0,440885.story

  • Ken A.

    I don’t get upset over what those guys say anymore. I’m not Catholic so they don’t really hold any meaning to me, however they are entitled to their opinion as we all are.

  • Ann Mason

    The Archbishop is behaving predictably, lying about LGBT parents to call attention from the threat his church poses to children. The real out of control situation is with institutions having so much power they can take away people’s reasoning skills. Catholic schools specialize in rote learning, which does nothing to encourage critical thinking. When rote learning is combined with something spiritual, it produces nothing more than a community of followers.

  • Ann Mason

    @Ken A.: Although I can agree that the Church has the same First Amendment rights as the rest of us, there’s a problem because too it’s an institution which discourages its members from thinking. The emphasis is on obedience, and many children reach adulthood without developing a perspective outside the Church’s dogma. The Roman Catholic Church has too much power over people’s minds, pure and simple.

  • D9W

    @Ken -doll, 3,000,000 of us died because someone was allowed to bully us with their opinion. A matter of fact the Catholic Church got into bed with them, and the last Pope was a cheer leader for the guy that thought it was OK to gas gays along with the Jews. So sorry doll, I am not just rolling over for some guy in a dress with an opinion.

    The reason they are pointing out our ‘so call sin’ so much is because they don’t want us looking too close to their sin of playing with the kiddies or the other 1 million things they have done that any moral normal person would call wrong. This is about power honey, and they don’t like it when they get their hands slapped and toys taken away.

  • jackpapa

    Ah the eternal problem of competing priorities: Catholic guy thinks he should get to decide which civil rights apply to me / I think Catholic guy should have to take a vow of perpetual silence on secular matters.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Men… by and large… have made themselves irrelevant lonnng ago. Possibly this is why SS Marriage and the advancement of the GLBT community have made such tremendous strides forward, eh?

  • D9W

    Don’t forget this is coming from the “pedophile club member” that’s never been married or can get married according to their church. They have no CLUE as to what it means to be in a relationship with a HUMAN being. They are married to their church and all the filth that comes with it.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @D9W: If I could give 100 “Likes” for your comment, I would! Kudos!!!
    From a retired Baptist Minister (Ohhh, the shame of it all!).

  • Dresden

    How did he find out about our master plan to destroy civilization?

  • QJ201

    first, gay face, there I said it

    secondly: Does his diocese refuse to marry men and woman who are beyond child bearing age?

  • titansweet

    Good gosh, he is so stupid thinking he is so bright.

  • Scott

    “The conjugal union of a man and a woman is not a factory to produce babies”, which is why the Catholic Church is so strongly in favour of abortion and birth control.

  • Gigi Gee

    Why was my comment flagged? Was it because I said that priests who [email protected] kids should be prosecuted and thrown in jail? Shocking!

  • DarkZephyr

    @Kini: I don’t know what your deal is Ms. Thing, but I for one as a male didn’t do a thing to you, so you can keep me out of your little tale of woe. Go dehumanize yourself.

  • DarkZephyr

    He is actually kinda hot in a silver fox kind of way.

    That being said, he needs to worry about sacramental marriage between Catholics and let us have our civil marriages that have nothing to do with his institution.


    The Archbishop and the Church are already irrelevant in their thinking on gays. I don’t really understand why the Church would put such an inappropriate person in that post.

  • Andrew

    I’m sorry, but is this Christian judging me? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure someone told him he wasn’t allowed to.

  • Daniel-Reader

    We need an election to see if Catholics in his area want him to be leader. Otherwise he’s just an appointed dictator. He is emotionally immature and sexually stunted which is why he ran away from healthy adult intimacy and joined the order. He needs to be voted out to end his dictatorship for the good of the church. Most Catholics in the USA understand that he is not important to the continuation of a health church.

  • Joel J

    @Ann Mason: Eternal damnation is a pretty heavy penalty for getting crosswise with the Church.

  • AxelDC

    @Joel J: I know too much Catholic history to ever believe that the Catholic Church or its clergy have any authority from God.


    The Archbishop of San Francisco said this? This is like that country-folk singer who went on an anti-gay tirade in San Francisco recently. I bet that the Catholic Church will lose members in San Francisco soon…and then the Archbishop will try to clean up what he said…kind of like the musician is trying to do now. People really need to learn to NOT bite the hand that feeds them…

  • PSPoolside

    How can we do this to our children? This old drunk has some nerve.


    Ninety-nine percent of these comments need to be printed off en masse and sent via certifified mail to this Bitch. (Or this Bitch’s gay secretary/underling/Fuck Buddy — it’s doubtful his “superiors” would do anything, lest they enter this shitstorm). This self-righteous, ill-dressed, Master-of-Nothing whore has GOT TO GO…


    @Dresden: I let it slip one night @ the Bareback Jock Strap Plow-Right-In Roundup Function we attended together. Her jockstrap was similarly ill-advised and color-challenged (very neon-Wake-Me-Up-Before-You-Go-Go-ish)… :(

  • gayspud-1

    catholic church should be listed as a hate group.for all the hate and hypocrisy that it spews.people need to wake up to see what religion has always done through the centuriesa all religion try to control the population with the fear of god.something that is contrived by man

  • Dr. Mekah Gordon

    This Archbishop, like so many other clergy, is nothing more than a perveyor of discrimination, bias rhetoric, hatred and antiquated unprogressive B.S.

    When an agenda to deny Basic Human, Civil Rights & Unequivocal Equality to the citizens of the United States, through Religious Interference, then our Freedom isn’t Free!
    The molding of Politics through a continuum of outside influences, suppressing the lives of those US citizens, especially in the LGBT Community, have been a target of the true foreign ruling party, influencing all politics in this country, the Vatican.

    We Vote, Pay Taxes, Contribute Positively to Society, are members of the Armed Forces, perhaps making the Ultimate Sacrifice, among many other prominent factors, but it’s Religion, that squeezes the life out of Live and Let Live, by denying our unalienable rights, for as United States Citizens!

    Believe in what gives you peace & comfort in your own life, but no Religion or Citizen, has the right to jam their beliefs, down the throats of other Human Beings, who simply do not follow their philosophy.
    We are all one citizen, NOT secondary.

    The time to Eradicate Religious Bullying, as it tries to set a hierarchy for how Human Being should embrace their proselytizing policies and treatises’, is NOW!

  • George Hoye

    American Academy of Pediatrics endorses gay marriage and recently stated: “a stable relationship between parents regardless of sexual orientation contributes to a child’s health and well-being”. Also supporting gay marriage are American Medical Association, American Academy of Family Physicians, American Psychiatric Association, American Psychological Association and American College of Nursing. What credentials does SF Archbishop Cordileone bring to the table? He is either ignorant or he lies when he states “same-sex marriage ‘dehumanizes’ men, makes children suffer”? He is simply demonizing gay people—his church has a very long and shameful history of demonizing large populations and the results have been horrendous.


    @pierre: I feel ya, Sista. Well Said. He will, probably, (on the DL with one of the very people he denounces) down in the Bad Side of town when this shitstorm he’s created becomes too much. You know what could be MORE sickening? If some Gay Guy with no self-respect sleeps with this turd knowing what he stands for. UGH.)… ;)


    @Ken A.: Not being relevant to your faith is one thing. When this Knower-of-Nothing (obviously, look at that getup) slams your VERY BEING, it’s time to get pissed off and denounce it…

  • Jerry12

    Why bother printing anything these phoneys say about anything. They ALL have to be mental cases to get up every day and go about in those silly costumes they wear.

  • toren123

    @Ann Mason: The word “orthodox” means “not thinking’ (i.e. accepting only what you have been told). The word “heresy” means “thinking for oneself” (or as we would say today, “thinking outside the box”). Just so the Roman church has continued with its medieval mindset (save for the brief breath of fresh air under Pope John 23rd) endeavoring through the centuries to control the minds of people with threats of excommunication, damnation and hell. The fundamentalist far right attempts the same thing, insisting that the Bible must be obeyed in all things because it is God’s word, inerrant and infallible, much like the Roman Pope when he speaks ex cathedra (i.e. from the Pope’s chair). It seems the lust for power and money has smothered the teaching of Jesus. If the recent election of a new pope succeeded in anything, then surely it was to remind the poor of the world just how extravagantly wealthy the church is, and how determined the RC Curia is to hang on to its wealth and power. If the new pope steps outside the box, he will likely disappear, via some unforeseen illness.

  • Musk

    Cordileone has one incredible sense of humor.

  • JoeyAnderson

    @Kini: Identifying with your aggressor does not help you heal. Instead, you end up perpetuating the very hatred you condemn.

  • Derek Williams

    These hypocritical preachers keep talking as though gay people marrying other gay people is going to prevent straight people from marrying straight people.


  • Pete

    i think i had fun with that daddy at steamworks or blow buddies.

  • jerbear

    Calling all homo escorts that get hired by these bigots; come out publicly about who’s hiring you. I’m so sick of these hypocrites with their legs in the air getting banged by dudes, then to say in public that homos are terrible. GOD It’s fucking outrageous!!

  • jerbear

    @jerbear: Not only escorts, sorry but gay guys who are their secret boyfriends or whatever else. You guys can help change the international conversation if you expose these assholes for what they are, HYPOCRITES!

  • Akod69

    What do so called ‘god’s messangers’ in red/white/purple gowns, and unmarried!, know about children’s welfare?!?! Those who are so anti contraceptic in the name of god, mother church… Nothing good comes out of them mouths with regards to family planning… Look at the children in slum areas in the Phillippines… South American countries…any places where the church and any church has managed to influence the country’s political affairs even running it together with politicians! Why can’t a same sex couple officialy, legally get married and later on adopt some children and raise them as good as the so called heterosexual couples?!?!?…

  • Akod69

    oh… and by the way… I’m not only addressing my statement (above) to the so called holy church people but also to any religious freaks from any religions who think they are the holiest of the holies…and who think that LGBT society on this planet is the wrath of so called god… there, I’ve said that!!!… GOSH!!!

  • niles

    Christianity was not based upon this “holy union” between man and woman. An innocent virgin was artificially (or “spiritually”) inseminated by an extra-terrestrial being without her consent and was forced to bear a child under severe circumstances. Women throughout Christianity’s glorious history were routinely used as breed mares and as chattel by their loving husbands.

  • p-candotorg

    BRAVO Niles WELL SAID ;-) and they came in UfOs that the church has hidden till today Jesus used to raise to the sky :-).

  • frankiefrancisco

    This Atheist sees a corporation that’s upset Google is making more money than they are. Catholics are nothing but money and political power hungry liars. Their supposed little books and bibles mean nothing to me. All their doctrines were written a lonnnnnnng time ago to help people cope with the horror of life that was back then. This is a new day and time! All religious cults should STAY OUT OF POLITICS. Religion has no place in the courts. God means “Good Orderly Direction” to me. I abide by sensible laws, so stay out of my bedroom. I want to get married for spiritual and tax purposes. Religious groups need to STOP FUCKING BULLYING already!!

  • schlukitz

    And driving while under the influence kills kids.

    How dare you pontificate to us, Cordilone.

  • Ronbo

    He is the pretty face of evil and hypocricy. No proof and pushing an idea that was conceptualized 2000 years ago, when the height of technology was a pointed stick.

    Did the Catholic church learn NOTHING in 2000 years?

  • EGO

    Archbishop Cordileone is obviously out of touch with modern times i.e. the world is not flat. He needs to either learn the truth about gays as a normal part of civilization or keep his rhetoric to himself if he chooses to stay in the dark ages.

  • the other Greg

    @D9W: I’m unclear on how Catholic theology works, but isn’t he technically “married” to Jesus? (Not Jesus the Guatemalan cleaning boy who he’s fucking, but Jesus-in-the-sky.) Is that how it works?

  • Redpalacebulleaglesox

    The total illogic of this idiotic statement is incredible. How does anyone elses relationship impact my relationship with my wife and daughter unless I allow it? His “concern” for children’s welfare is particularly galling, given his organization’s covering up of serial pedophillia within its ordained ranks.

  • Rusty

    To each his own opinion, I am not bothered by the opinion of others, when it comes time to vote I will vote MY way and let the church leaders take their own stand.

  • Cam

    I’m surprised he stopped chasing alter boys long enough to say anything.

    Please, this guy’s face screams one thing and thats. GRRRRRRRLLLLLLLLLLLL!


    Hey Fellas, I’m being very serious. Let’s take a straw poll here. (And don’t scream “GAY!” because this dickbag is worthless piece of judgemental shit.) Who, upon first seeing this dude’s pic — and not yet reading the story — with that seriously bronzed, toned face (so much for cloistered), fuscia yarmulka-looking thingy and matching bright, uh, well, whatever the fuck that pink ribbon shit is hanging around his dress — thought “OH HELL-TO-THE-NO!!!” and your Gaydar exploded? I know mine did. It’s hell to get that fucker fixed, too… :(

  • 1EqualityUSA

    The clergy should change their outfits, because every time I see one of their robes, collars, slippers and all, my mind immediately thinks, “ew, pervert.” Child molesters have no business talking about what harms and dehumanizes children. Those who protect these perv’s are no less guilty.

  • Rkh7662

    @Bear Aspirin: He’s speaking of gay marriage

  • Rkh7662

    @yaoming: The Catholic church has admitted their error and are dealing with the ‘bad’ priests who were only interested in boys and not girls.

  • Rkh7662

    @Shanestud: Where does one draw the line on who should not marry? Brothers and sisters? Ex step parents to the child they raised? A man and a girl? If you say no to any those is the defense any different than what Catholics use?

  • Rkh7662

    @Dionte: what about those priests who have not molested children? Is that fair to them?

  • Rkh7662

    @Cam: I have not read where he is in the closet; will you please provide the link?

  • Rkh7662

    @DarSco: Yes, straight people can do better especially those who live together before getting married; the divorce rate among this is a staggering 80%. So living together does not enhance the prospects of a successful.
    Just curious, what is the rate of separation between gay couples who had a civil ceremony?

  • Rkh7662

    @gayspud-1: what about the good the Church has done?

  • Rkh7662

    @AxelDC: … and yet St. Paul states that it’s better not to marry in some instances.

  • Rkh7662

    @Gigi Gee: I agree with your position that that anyone who has sex with children should be prosecuted

  • Rkh7662

    @Andrew: … and unless we ‘judge’ to some degree then we have to admit that all actions are acceptable. Aren’t we judging the errant priest? Of course we are, and in doing so we have established a standard by which to judge them. The bishop has his standard … what is the standard by which pedo’s are judged against?

  • Rkh7662

    @samwise343: aren’t Christian gays called to the same standard and straight men and women. Sexual purity? Holiness? Forgiveness?

  • Rkh7662

    @Derek Williams: Where do you draw the line?

  • Derek Williams

    @Rkh7662: Yes, but which “christianity”? The one that condemns Birth Control, Divorce and Homosexuality, or another that says they’re OK?

    There are over 34,000 different warring factions of Christendom that cannot even find it possible agree on Birth Control and Divorce, let alone Homosexuality, and there is no single spokesperson for them all. Many now welcome LGBT both as parishioners and as clergy, with open arms, open hearts and open minds, some offering full and equal marriage.

    You may find this link instructive:

  • Rkh7662

    Since the referenced article is about a Catholic bishop then I will limit the discussion to the Catholic religion; however, if the believer’s (of whatever denomination) Bible condemns an action how do they get around it and say it’s okay? I will look at the link provided but if you could cut to the chase and share the scriptural reasoning I’d appreciate it.

  • Rkh7662

    @Derek Williams: In the spirit of your reply shouldn’t the person have the right to marry a sofa if it’s not harming anyone?

  • Rkh7662

    @Derek Williams:
    This makes sense to me:
    One Christian denomination makes clear that same-gender attraction is not sinful and no one should be blamed for it, but claims that a few people have been able to change their sexual orientation. However, it considers erotic thoughts, feelings and behaviors to be a problem that everyone can and should overcome.

  • Derek Williams

    @Rkh7662: If you can get the sofa to sign a marriage contract, and say “I love you too”, and point to 58/36 popular support for people marrying their sofas, and other countries where sofa marrying has been in place for over a decade without bringing society into disrepute, then let’s talk.

  • Derek Williams

    @Rkh7662: Then that religion is just as wrong about that, as it was when it executed Giordano Bruno by burning him alive, after marching him through the streets in disgrace with his tongue spiked for *daring* to suggest that the Sun, and not the Earth, is at the centre of the Solar System, just as it later placed Galileo Galilei under house arrest for articulating the very same science, as it was when it sold forgiveness for sins as “Indulgences”, as it was when it protected pedophiles ahead of protecting children, as it was for condoning the Nazi pogroms against the Jews and facilitating the idea that “The Jews killed Christ”.

    You cannot say that homosexuals by our very natural makeup are “intrinsically ordered towards evil” without eventually casting us out as intrinsically evil ourselves. An increasing large number of homosexuals, our families, our peers and our colleagues are rejecting outright such paternalistic and sanctimonious bunkum as “Love the sinner, hate the sin”. Romantic love between two adults of equal power is not now, and never was “sinful”. The true evil, is the articulated, published and reinforced hatred of that love.

    Catholic (and other) teaching against homosexuality is not based on a single word uttered by Jesus Christ, and in other parts of the Bible where it might be argued that homosexuality is condemned, women are also condemned to second class status, and it is unequivocally ordered that disobedient children be stoned to death.

    The time has come to stop cherry picking the Bible to support your animus against homosexuals. You either believe The Book lock, stock and barrel, or you don’t. An increasing number of Christians, including, surprisingly, an overwhelming majority of the Catholic faithful, have learned to distinguish the wheat from the chaff and support civil equality for LGBT minorities.

  • Rkh7662

    @Derek Williams: Being the devil’s advocate, you’ve set a standard based on current trends & therefore subject to change over time. But seriously, where do you draw the line on who should not marry? The Catholic church is clear on their unpopular position – that takes courage to buck the trends … but those who argue against them have not drawn a similar line in the sand. Why is that?
    By the way, where does that 58/36 come from?

    … thanks for speaking intelligently and not just slamming my questions …

  • Derek Williams

    The system flagged my response to yours above as Spam. I don’t think anyone is actually at the desk in Queerty moderating at all, so I will try to post in dribs and drabs.

  • Derek Williams

    @Rkh7662: My reply keeps getting rejected as spam, so I have made a copy of it and am happy to correspond by email, since I now appear to be banned by Queerty.

    Maybe this will be rejected as well. Perhaps there is another public forum where reasoned and sane comment doesn’t rejected as spam.

  • Rkh7662

    @<a href="#[email protected]:

    Concerning Mr. Bruno & Galileo where given quite difference sentences for same offense … I'd have to look into whether there is more involved that called for the cruel sentence. The indulgences were a corrupt practice and the Catholic church no longer teaches that the Jews killed Christ.

    You are right about cherry picking the Bible, however, not all things apply to all people. Catholic teaching on divorce is taught by Jesus and sodomy is taught by Paul … how does a believe (straight or gay) reconcile any of the following as okay as stated by Paul as being lawless or unruly – those who kill their parent, who are unchaste or a sodomite, kidnapper, liar … this would be part of the lock stock and barrel approach. I have certainly fallen short when I see this list

  • Derek Williams

    @Rkh7662: And one day the church will no longer teach that homosexuality is evil and will grovellingly apologise for ever having committed this egregious error.

    As for “Sodomy” there was no word for homosexuality in the biblical languages of Ancient Greek and Ancient Hebrew, nor are the minutiae of sexual practice such as anal intercourse (which is also practiced by some heterosexuals and not all homosexuals), explicitly spelt out.

    Some of the more zealous modern translations have insert these words but there is no justification as sometimes even the transliterations don’t make sense.

    And as for Paul, he commanded that “women should be silent in the churches” and “women should teach”. Again, the lock stock and barrell approach would require to continue to relegate women to second class status.

    Hitting Submit now, in the hope that all this typing hasn’t again been a waste of time (because most of my comments are rejected as spam).

  • Derek Williams

    in the @Derek Williams: @Rkh7662: Damn Queerty, no edit feature, no Tech Support, arbitrary spam detector, a disgrace of a site that purports to serve the LGBT community.

    My mistake above is the quote “women should teach”, Of course Paul stated that “women should NOT teach”.

  • alexoloughlin

    Since he’s the most virulently vocal catholic Cardinal against marriage equality, I wouldn’t mind betting he’s another Cardinal O’Brien, a deeply closeted self-loather but partaking of the pleasures of a male while denigrating the rest of us. It wreaks of bigotry and hypocrisy. Now come on all you seminarians and priests, tell us how many of you had sex with this cretin? I dare you to come forward and out this scumbag.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    As for marrying multiple partners or pets or sofas those are marriages that are banned for everyone across the board, so everyone is treated equally. LGBT are told that they cannot even marry one person, not even one, so therefore inequality exists.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Keep your religion out of my civil laws you fucktards.

  • spacegod

    “Same-Sex Marriage “Dehumanizes” Men, Makes Children Suffer”

    Says WHO? All this bs from religious nuts and AFA, FRC, and all the other hate groups with “family” in their name keep declaring this doomsday crap about how gay marriage and/or homosexuality is destroying civilization and wrecking society etc etc. How? Where? ANY example would be interesting to hear but there are NONE. Just because you say something doesn’t make it true. Does gay marriage break my phone or raise milk prices or destroy ANYTHING anywhere? Just one example. Studies show kids are just fine with gay parents. Anecdotal examples abound: how many kids with gay parents do you know that are IMMENSELY more balanced and intelligent and functional than kids from hetero families? Their ability to adapt and accept with a knack for living and loving stands out.

    I just can’t even.

  • Jimcracky

    The fallacies in this statement are obvious, but I’ll say them anyway:
    1. Nothing in allowing same-sex marriage prevents or even impairs opposite sex couples from marrying and producing and raising children. His assertion otherwise is baseless. It hasn’t happened in states or nations that allow same-sex marriage and it won’t.
    2. His view of marriage is based on certain religious doctrines. He does not get to enshrine those doctrines into law in the United States.
    3. Sexual union serves emotional purposes for couples other than procreation, including bonding, emotional health and stability for the family. All of these are social goods which society should promote regardless of the gender of the couple. His refusal to admit this cripples his argument and exposes his hypocrisy because his church won’t limit marriage to fertile, opposite-sex couples, which according to this reasoning should be the only ones eligible.
    4. Same-sex couples are, in fact, having families of their own either through in-vitro fertilization, adoption or surrogacy. Their families deserve as much legal protection, access to resources, and support for stability as those headed by opposite sex families. To state otherwise is a simple issue of anti-gay bigotry.

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