SF drag artist CaseFaace transforms into a bottle of Purell, and not a moment too soon

Art was definitely imitating life when San Francisco drag queen and body painter Casey Trujillo, aka Cassidy LeBlanc, aka CaseFaace, decided to pull out the paints while sheltering in place in their Haight Ashbury apartment.

LeBlanc had just begun hosting her own punk rock drag show in February — Trix@Trax  — the first drag show in Haight Ashbury in decades, when she and the rest of California suddenly found themselves with a lot more time homebound.

Not one to let too much time pass between creative projects, they started painting something topical, in more ways than one.

So here with a vital hand cleanliness reminder is the cutest darn Purell bottle you’ll ever see:

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When in hell, use Purell. ??? ? @13adamsmith

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“At this time we’re all processing not only the coronavirus but also the difficult ripple it has upon our friends, family and community,” Trujillo tells us. “By painting Purell, it’s my goal is to share the silver lining of humor and levity in a moment of shadow. Laughter is the best medicine, and I want people to remember to not take life so seriously! No matter the circumstance, we can always shift our perspective into a place of light and love.”

We’re thinking a Pixar feature could be in the works.

Here’s some more of Trujillo’s work:

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Definition of LIT. ?

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