SF Giants: “It Gets Non-Specifically Better”

Kudos to musical YouTube protestor Sean Chapin for successfully petitioning MLB’s San Francisco Giants to make an “It Gets Better” video—a first for any major league sports team! Especially considering the spate of athletes using anti-gay slurs and the comings-out by 25 different sports figures last month, their multi-cultural message is a welcome and much needed for all gay and straight teens who idolize the Giants. But, (and there’s always a but)…

… there’s no overt mention of gay kids or anti-gay bullying. One of the players does slip in the buzzword “LGBTeens” (a word I didn’t even catch watching it the first time around), but do most kids even know what an “LGBTeen” is? It sounds like a kid with a protein deficiency.

Do bullies say, “I beat the crap out of that LGBTeen”? No, they say, “I beat the crap out of that GAY kid because he’s gay—gay, Gay, GAY!!!”

Now, the Giants do tell viewers to visit a site that explicitly mentions “lesbian, gay, bi, trans and other bullied teens”, so it’s not like they’re completely shying away from the whole gay thing. But the other IGB videos have made repeated mentions of gays outright, so its exclusion and the quick LGBTeen reference both seem a tad curious.

Have the Giants done a very clever thing by letting teens discover the issue for themselves instead of scaring away potentially timid or biased kids by mentioning a gay website? Some teens make a practice of regularly clearing out their internet history and cache just so no one will know that they’ve ever been to a gay site.

Now if anyone asks why they’ve visited a queer site, bashful kids can just say, “The Giants told me to do it.”

Apparently there are now petitions for the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox to make IGB videos too. Every-body dance!!

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  • Atlas

    Disappointing, but I’ve always been a Red Sox man anyway.

  • Annony123

    Where are the rest of the team? Brian Wilson? Tim Lincecum? Cody Ross?

  • Dr. Dick

    Bitchy, much? You called them out for not saying “Gay gay gay” enough, then offered up one very reasonable possibility as to why they did not do that very thing….

    catty ally-attack gone right? look at you Daniel, all growin’ up and shit!

  • Matt Metzler

    It doesn’t sound like the typical It Gets Better video because… it isn’t. This is just a guess, but the guys speaking probably aren’t gay – so they’re not going to share their coming out stories or their anti-gay bullying stories. It’s ridiculous to simply want them to say the word “gay.” They’re not shying away from the issue… they dove in as the first major sports team to make an It Gets Better video! Cut them some slack, and appreciate what they did, even if it’s imperfect in your eyes.

  • McMike

    OMG!!!! Once again Queerty acts like the bitchy brat no one wants to talk to. Instead of praising this sports team you guys have to zone in on one dumb-ass aspect and start bitching about.


    Do you guys realize that EVERY time we have a straight ally speak up on our behalf all you can do it find something to bitch about??? OMG the SF Giants didn’t say “gay”, OMG Taylor Swift is making money off us.

    WTF???? If I was someone straight and heard the comments Queerty dishes out I wouldn’t even think twice about helping the LGBT community because hearing Queerty bitch and moan constantly would make me not want to help at all.

    It is UNREAL you guys continue to bitch about dumb shite when you should be praising these people for trying to help us out.

    You guys are pathetic and make me ashamed to be gay.

  • McMike

    Would you guys have the decency for once to take down this article and replace it with one that is in a positive light?

    I am soooo f’n sick of Queerty right now.

  • Daniel

    I have to admit, this seems like a protest in search of a problem. I don’t want to emote like comment#5 did, but the OP seems small-minded in light of what a big – and good – deal this is.

  • Taylor

    In agreement with most of the posts on this chain. There have been thousands of ItGetsBetter videos by now. Hell, there was even a Google commercial featureing ItGetsBetter during Glee for God’s sake. This has permeated culture enough that people KNOW what it is. To criticize this video just seems silly and wrongheaded. It’s amazing that the Giants did this and I hope more teams out there are encouraged to make similar videos (whether they say the word “gay” or not). Queerty Fail.

  • Truthful

    I remember on the old Queerty, anytime “JD” wrote a post, I would cringe.. now that honor seems to belong to Daniel. Was ‘JD’ just Daniel’s pen-name for writing bitchy, pointless articles such as this one?

  • Josh

    You come to queerty…….you find a bitchy article… complain. Rinse and repeat. What the hell else do you expect to find on the site. At least queerty is willing to question people and their motives, and more of that needs to happen in the gay community. To often we are happy just to be seen instead of heard. There is a difference between the two.

  • Annony123

    Queerty IS a bitchy site. Duh!!! That’s what they’re famous for.

    I like that they question and have different opinions than other PC gay related websites

  • Daniel

    @Truthful: @McMike: Thanks so much for reading! Your readership and comments are what make this job truly worthwhile. You will be happy to know that I have a permanent home here at Queerty as Day Editor and will be writing thousands of articles in the years to come. :D

  • Art Smith

    Ugh what would a famous baseball player or a baseball team even know about bullying, being GLBT-I’m sure there are some majorly closeted bisexual and gay men on the SF Giants and other MLB teams-and the entire IGB project is a total joke started by the hypocritical Dan Savage who loves to tell GLBT teens “It gets better” while self promoting himself and his book for his MTV reality TV show, all while trashing adults who happen to be bisexual, trans, have HIV, or who are African American in the state of CA.

  • McMike

    @Josh: Sorry, but no Josh. What do we expect? We expect the LGBT community to say “thank you” instead of moaning and groaning.

  • McMike

    @Daniel: Wow. Yeah, let’s take pride in being a pathetic, bitchy, tired homo.

    Bravo. F*cking bravo.

    You do the LGBT community such a great service but being, um what’s the word, a total fag.

  • McMike

    btw, Daniel, you must take great pride in the fact your seemingly greatest skill at Queerty is to take a news item which should be praised for being at the forefront of progressing LGBT rights and turning into another whiny, little bitchfest.

    Again, bravo, f*cking bravo.

    I bet I have you pegged perfectly when I say people must avoid you like the plague at bars because if you’re anything like this in real life then people must have the cattiest comments to say about you behind your back or, as I can only assume, right to your face.

  • Josh

    @McMike…… we should say thank you for half assed pandering. Yeah let’s stick with the HRC method of getting fuck all done. It’s not a crime to hope for more and point out flaws. More importantly, as I will say again. This is Queerty. Why the hell do people bitch about the tone of the articles. This is like the 1000th snarky article on a serious subject they have published (and not the last one if my quick glance at the front page is anything to go by). It’s CNN vs. the daily show, take it for what it is.

  • Michelle

    Daniel is a sorry writer who is taking this blog down the wrong direction. I agree with everyone else. He likes to be bitchy and see the worst in all our allies. He has done it with Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, GLEE and now this. He is a pathetic excuse for a writer. I really wish he would be removed from this site.

    Also, Daniel, why when you are criticized across the board can you not take that to heart? You readers that are the reason this blog exists (or at least should be) are fed up with you bad attitude. You response? A catty response and a lack of concern. You are not serving the gay community well. You are not serving this site well. You are frankly not doing yourself any favors either.

    If it is true you will continue to write here, I and I hope many others will say good bye. You are a disgrace.

  • Robbie K

    Not a home run will say that much.

  • Michelle

    @Josh: Daniel Villarreal hardly has the wit of the Daily Show. I suggest you look at his body of work. It is pathetic. I do agree that the snark is sometimes appreciated, but there are also times when we can take a step back and appreciate the efforts people make on out behalf. Being bitchy and critical of those that take the time to support us and do something new (like this sports team) is hardly going to encourage other teams to do the same. Why would they? So a-holes like Daniel can complain about them. How motivating…

  • Michelle

    *our behalf

  • Daniel

    @Michelle @McMike: Thanks for your input :D We here at Queerty appreciate feedback from readers such as yourselves and seek to make each and every one feel like a valued member of our queer-mmunity!

  • Michelle

    @Josh: And no, we should say thank you because it is a nice thing to do. Maybe we could comment in a nice tone (ie. that of a decent human being) that we would enjoy it if there were more explicit. However, writing bitchy, back-handed critiques is not going to make them want to help us in the future nor is it going to encourage others to speak out. There is value to “fighting” for equality but there is also value to saying “Thank you” when someone does something nice.

    Sometimes it takes a few small steps before a kid can run. I bet you are the type of parent that would call your kid an idiot if they didn’t come out of the womb capable of speaking French and running full speed. It is people like you that do not help our cause. You think you are “fighting” but really you are just scaring people away.

  • Michelle

    @Daniel: Might I suggest you could do a better job of “appreciating our feedback” and “making each and everyone feel like a valued member of the community” by representing the majority opinion and toning it down a bit. Maybe saying thank you to our allies once and a while? It is great to come up with ideas that no one has thought of before or partake in critical analysis; however, what you do is hurtful and juvenile. Many have commented on your misguided attitudes on previous posts and you seem to only be getting worse.

  • Truthful

    @Daniel: you obviously don’t understand professionalism – it’s like a manager berating a customer when they want to return a product from his store, if you’re hired to write for this website, why would you chase away your readers by being catty and immature?

    you’re not representing Queerty well – I see this site as more of a joke now, than a reputable news source. if that’s what Queerty is going for, congratulations!

    good luck trying to find a writing gig beyond this… maybe Perez Hilton is hiring!

  • McMike

    @Josh: How is it “half-ass pandering”??? Would you PLEASE stop your f’n whinging and bitching???

    This is the major first sports team to come out with supporting gay rights. You guys are giving gay men a horrible reputation.

    The video is f’n awesome.

  • McMike

    @Daniel: Appreciating the feedback? Have you noticed 95% of the comments on Queerty are people complaining about your writing style?

    May I ask you why you’re so jaded??? When Taylor Swift came out with a video about bullying, and had the balls to portray a gay kid in it, all you could do is whine about how she’s making money off of the LGBT community. There was no “Thank you Taylor for highlighting a very serious topic even though we know your fan base is very homophobic and you’re taking a huge risk by doing so” but instead you slapped her in the face. Now, for the first time ever, a major sports team has stood up for our rights and instead of saying “The LGBT community thanks you” all you can manage to do is whine about how they said “LGBT” instead of “gay”.

    If anyone at Queerty had half a brain they’d fire you in a heartbeat.

    Unfortunately the choices for daily news blogs on LGBT issues is beyond limited and so while I come here to see what’s happening in our gay world, I cringe every time I click on an article.

    Thanks Daniel.

  • McMike

    Daniel reminds me of the whiny gossip monger at the bar who you only go up to because you’re trying to find “Susan” and even though you know you’ll have to listen to 15 minutes of complaints and cattiness about Susan you’ll at least discover where she is and as soon as you find out where she is you as quickly as possible make your exit.

  • TheRealAdam

    God, will all of you seriously STFU? If you don’t like the site, or don’t like Daniel, then go to another gay blog already. There are others available, and your incessant whining won’t be missed. No one cares more about this than you, so do something about it and GTFO.

  • Daniel

    @Truthful: @Michelle:

    “Kudos to musical YouTube protestor Sean Chapin for successfully petitioning MLB’s San Francisco Giants to make an “It Gets Better” video—a first for any major league sports team! Especially considering the spate of athletes using anti-gay slurs and the comings-out by 25 different sports figures last month, their multi-cultural message is a welcome and much needed for all gay and straight teens who idolize the Giants.”

    Am I blind or does this paragraph not start out the story?

    And regarding the Lady Gaga story, this blog has chronicled almost her every move and spent some time congratulating her for her charitable pro-LGBT work. The story in question had to do with the people responsible for dropping the most potently pro-LGBT lyrics in two recent performances of her song. I think we should be able to explore such questions without it always being perceived as an attack on an ally.

    I will give you that the Miley story came off too harshly and that I should make sure to give allies props and respect they’re due. But good news hardly ever ends with “Yay! Look what so and so did! Let’s have a unicorn party!” We owe it to ourselves to question and explore the larger issues behind such gestures. Most queer blogs just post such material and say “Here it is,” without much fanfare or discussion.

    You’ll be surprised that I actually do take your criticism to heart and take this blog, its readers, and my work very seriously. I strive to write articles that praise our allies while making acute observations and to make this a place for discussion rather than petty bitchery. But c’mon when you’re calling my entire backlog of work crap, insulting me and blaming me for singlehandedly bringing down the entire gay rights movement… seriously. Get a grip. Professionalism, my ass.

  • McMike

    @TheRealAdam: Why don’t you piss off? I’ll go wherever I damn well want to.

    Yup, there’s just an endless amount of daily news/entertainment blogs out there.

    You aren’t f’n serious, right?

  • McMike

    @Daniel: Don’t flatter yourself. You have no “acute observations” because the ONLY think you seem to possess is a great ability to whine and bitch about bullshite.

    Do you honestly think a opening paragraph makes up for the following five paragraphs of you complaining about the most inane bullshite?

    Most of us have actually taken English writing courses, thank you, and know the first paragraph is an introduction to the topic. What you do, however, is use Queerty as a vehicle for your own private bitchfest. Instead of writing about how awesome it is for a major sports team to finally step up to the plate for use, and how hopefully this will not only encourage gay kids to stop killing themselves but allow the sports world to become less homopohobic, all you can do it moan and groan.

    Do you see the problem here??? Let’s say someone from another sport’s team is reading your piece and instead of praise from the LGBT community they find just another fag acting like a complete bitch. You do NOTHING to help promote the advance of gay rights by playing into the tired and, from what you display, true stereotypes of gay men. It’s laugh though you seem to think any of us are inferring you somehow have the power to bring down the gay rights movement. I’m assuming your reading comprehension is right on par with your journalism skills.

    Sorry, but I actually enjoy coming to Queerty to find out the Giants have released a video or Taylor Swift has made a video about gay kids getting bullies. What’s beyond frustrating, however, is to constantly deal with the so-called journalism on here. What would be nice is to have a REAL journalist who, for example, gave us some back ground on the players featured in the video, maybe some stats on LGBT youth suicide and maybe even gave us a way to contact the Giants to thank them.

    I did a quick scan and sampling of the comments on here and 75% of them are complaining about YOU. Your bosses much be either really proud or just totally clueless to what’s going on here.

  • McMike

    btw, sorry for all the spelling mistakes. I type over 90 words per minute and don’t proof read.

  • Daniel

    @McMike: Nah. Most of the comments against me are from 3 people. I could really give a rat’s ass if you read us or not. If you don’t like me or my work, piss off. I have bigger fish to fry.

    And if a sports teams bases any of their decisions on a single blog post, then they have much bigger managerial problems than I can account for.

    This is my last comment on this subject in this or any subsequent posts.

  • TheRealAdam

    @McMike: It’s simple: if you insist on bitching and don’t want to be here, then leave. No one’s forcing you to stay.

    Ever since Queerty pulled a Cher and came back from the dead, people like you have been menstruating on almost every damn article, clutching your pearls and whining about everything. To fill up an entire comment section with your douche-like fuckery is not only ineffective, but silly. Therefore, it would benefit you to look elsewhere for other gay blogs that cater to your specific tastes instead of consistently attacking the writers at Queerty. They have opinions, so let them do their job.

    You consistently ruin the experience here for people who actually like the content and value the different viewpoints.

    And with that said, you are dismissed. TRA has spoken.

  • Annony123

    This McMike person is always whining about every damn article posted here

    It’s getting annoying..If you don’t like Queerty..get the hell out and make your own site!

  • McMike

    @Daniel: Actually Daniel, I wasn’t even taking the stats from this article so, yes, about 75% of the posting are from different people who are bitching about you. You might want to check out your latest piece were you so gleefully talk about someone getting raped in jail.

    Try again Bubba.

  • McMike

    @Annony123: That’s odd because I’ve only complained on a few articles here.

    If you’re going to make an argument at least have it based in reality.

  • Kyle

    McMike is right. Being outspoken is good, but the amount of unwarranted bitchiness and lack of positive facts on this site does a disservice to the gay community. I hope straight people never look at this site. I hope it gets shut down and replaced with something a lot better.

  • McMike

    @TheRealAdam: TRA has most indeed spoken but the words don’t amount up nothing but crap since it appears you have your head shoved so far up your ass.

    I will come to Queerty if I damn well feel like. There are not a lot of sites which give entertainment and news items about LGBT issues.

    So I suggest to you, Adam, to take your head out of your ass long enough for you to shove your piece of crap advice up it.

  • McMike

    @Kyle: Thank you Kyle. There are not a lot of sites out there which discuss current LGBT items like the Giants coming out with their video.

    I’m so pissed because it’s appalling to have our straight allies stick their necks out for us and all some of us can do is fine some ultra-trivial aspect and bitch about. It would many ANYONE think twice about being at the forefront of supporting gay rights.

    I could understand if there is maybe one or two pieces where Daniel was bitching about some aspect he found annoying but it seems he’s able to come up with the most trivial crap and make that his ONLY angle of the ONLY story about the event.

    The annoyance factor started with me really when Taylor Swift, a musician that is steeped into a very, very homophobic music industry, came out with her music video about gay bullying and the ONLY aspect Daniel could think of was is it right for her to be making money off of our cause? It was insane that instead of saying “Wow, here’s a musician that is bringing this issue to an audience that is probably the ones who are creating the problem for LGBT kids and maybe it will have an affect on those bullies and actually help the suicide rate” Daniel had to find something to bitch about.

    If ANY straight person came in here and read this crap they’re going to think, “Oh yeah, gay guys are actually just whiny, bitchy little queens. I guess those bullies were right after all.”

  • McMike

    Here, Daniel, since I’m assuming you don’t have a clue to what real journalism would look like:

    Baseball’s San Francisco Giants became the first major sports franchise to record a video for the It Gets Better Project, an online campaign that aims to curb suicides among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth.

    Pitcher Barry Zito appears prominently in the video, shown below.

    “We speak for the entire Giants organization when we say that there is no place in society for hatred and bullying against anyone,” Zito says.

    The Giants are the latest in a group of high-profile organizations including Pixar and Facebook who have embraced the message.

    Sean Chapin, a 35-year-old accountant and member of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, used his Facebook, Twitter and YouTube feeds to drive a petition urging the Giants to produce the video.

    “I was sick of the negative conversation around Kobe Bryant’s gay slur,” Chapin said. “So I said wouldn’t it be really great if we were talking about LGBT issues in a positive way.”

    Chapin collected more than 6,500 online signatures, and the Giants soon agreed.

    “Social media played a huge role,” Chapin says. “It touches all audiences, those who are homophobic and those who are part of the LGBT movement. It’s the simplest way to foster a discussion and to unite people who have similar beliefs.”

    Similar petitions exist for both the Yankees and the Red Sox to join the movement.

    The classic thing is I made a few suggestions of what would be nice to read in an article about this and this article covered most of them.

  • Michelle

    @Daniel: I like that you describe your hurtful comments as “fanfare”.

    The irony of all this is that YOU are “calling people out” when they support us but do not support us AS MUCH as you would like.

    However, you are doing the EXACT same thing that you seem to have so much of a problem with – only, in my opinion, much worse. You are supporting gay news and gay rights but in a way that is hardly complete. It is in half-assed, catty and in many ways counter productive.

    You are the person you have come to hate.

    People have commented on this, but you seem to disregard these things and continue to move in a negative direction – further and further into a realm of hypocrisy.

    And in regards to those saying “well just go somewhere new.” Queerty has always been on the snarky side and there have often been posts I did not agree with. There have also been those where I greatly enjoyed the wit; however, recently Daniel has been perpetuating attitudes towards people who are genuinely helping in diverse ways. These attitudes are hurtful and unnecessary. Save you scorn and choice adjectives for those causing the LBGT community difficulties. This is NOT the direction this blog needs to be headed and it is sad to see something I once enjoyed taking time out of my day to read starting to become the thing I click on last because I fear what misplaced, self-destructive angst I might read.

  • Michelle

    “We owe it to ourselves to question and explore the larger issues behind such gestures.” Yes, and to you that seems to mean that we should attack the person and conclude that what they have done is not good enough.

    I more productive perspective might be to wonder, “What barriers are in place that discourage others from doing the same?” One of the answers to that question, is people like you.

  • Chris

    I love the irony of people whining about this writer whining.

    I appreciate his viewpoint. If I wanted bland coverage without critical thinking, reflection, or context, I’d read AP reports. There is a lot to be concerned about with respect to our “allies” in the media.

  • jason

    How bizarre is it that they can’t even say the word “gay”? Reminds me a bit of Lady Gaga and the censorship of the word gay in Born This Way.

    I’d rather not have this campaign if they’re not even going to mention “gay”. Tell the Giants to fuck off along with Lady Gaga.

  • Michael


    Are you being bitchy? God you are even acting like a gay CYBERBULLY and you dont even realize it.Take a step back and reevaluate your OWN actions and words .

  • Michael


    Meant to write AREN’T you being bitchy? Damn typo.

  • Michael


    Damnit wrote to the wrong person lmfao.

    Sorry Michelle.

    Anyways my honest reaction to this is while I appreciate what they did its disappointing that only a few of them participated.Which makes me wonder where were the rest of them? Did they not think this cause was important enough to participate in it?The support is ALWAYS appreciated but its disheartening in that area can’t deny that.

    The people making excuses for them not using the word gay are no better in that area either because think about it San Francisco is supposedly a very gay friendly state. But they couldnt even bring themselves to say the word gay? Makes no sense just my opinion.

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)


    Erm this is Queerty. Have you not read this site before? It’s always been like this. Not snarky, witty but mean and bitchy.

    It is what it is.

    I’m not sure if you came from gay cities? But the fact that gay cities have not changed a THING about the way the old Queerty was despite the racism, the Obama hating by the writers, the warped outing and cyber bullying of fellow gay people, says a lot.

    It says you can complain all you want but THEY don’t care, so seriously don’t waste your energy.

    Just make sure you come to the site as little as possible to give them the least amount of visits. It is hard because we have such few gay sites and I for one was always a fan of Gawker snark which is why I first came to this site years ago but…..

  • Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England)


    Dude you haven’t got a clue of what cyber bullying is. Go to the search button on Queerty and put a variety of words. You will see real bullying.

  • Michael

    @Right Wingers Are Socioptahs (John From England):

    First of all please do not call me DUDE.

    Secondly of all please do not tell me what real bullying is either this Mike character has been bashing and lashing out at people on this board.Whether you realize it or not that is a FORM of bullying.

    Not to mention believe you me like many others here I understand the concept or bullying especially cyberbullying.

    I deal with it put up with it and face it on a daily basis online especially.

    Please do not tell me what I already know all too well ty kindly.

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