SF Log Cabin President Bashes Gay GOP Web Series “The Log Jam”

On Monday, we reported on The Log Jam, a web series by comedian John Loos about three conservative lonelyhearts who drown their sorrows at a local gay Republican bar. The response was mixed, predictably—with some readers finding it humorous and others taking offense at its jabs at the gay GOP.

Among those who posted on the comment thread was Fred Schein, president of the San Francisco Log Cabin Republicans. Here’s his comment in full:

I always enjoy seeing fun being poked at our community, but when hate poses as comedy, it’s not funny anymore.

I am president of the San Francisco Log Cabin chapter and clicked on this video expecting to have a laugh, not watch a hateful distortion of my friends.

I barely know where to start. First, I have never, in any city, seen a “Republican Gay Bar.” Believe me, if one existed, I’d be a loyal customer as I enjoy havens of free speech. I guess when you’re out to create imaginary stereotypes, you can can create imaginary bars.

I am active in local Republican party organizations and have never met opposition to LGBT people including a recent “country club” event.

I was particularly saddened by John Loos’s vicious mischaracterization of Log Cabin as racist. Our chapter and others have members of many racial and ethnic backgrounds. Ours has Hispanic, Asian and Black members. I defy Mr. Loos to find any Log member who harbors any anti-Hispanic or other ethnic/racial sentiment. I guess when you set out to defame a group and can’t find supporting facts, you just make them up. Call me old fashioned, but I still feel that images and stories that profess to show reality should be based on reality. Apparently, these days, it’s in fashion to base them on pure contrivance and fantasy.

Has Mr. Loos ever been to a Log Cabin event or meeting? When he’s ready to meet people with genuine integrity, I’ll be happy to arrange it if he can stand the bright light of honesty and true debate. I certainly extend the invitation to Queerty’s editors.

There is no other LGBT group more committed to the inclusion of LGBT people into the wider national community and none more proud of their orientation and there is no other group of people who love honest comedy more.

Do you think Schein has a point or is he missing the joke? Speak out in the comments section.