SF Log Cabin President Bashes Gay GOP Web Series “The Log Jam”

On Monday, we reported on The Log Jam, a web series by comedian John Loos about three conservative lonelyhearts who drown their sorrows at a local gay Republican bar. The response was mixed, predictably—with some readers finding it humorous and others taking offense at its jabs at the gay GOP.

Among those who posted on the comment thread was Fred Schein, president of the San Francisco Log Cabin Republicans. Here’s his comment in full:

I always enjoy seeing fun being poked at our community, but when hate poses as comedy, it’s not funny anymore.

I am president of the San Francisco Log Cabin chapter and clicked on this video expecting to have a laugh, not watch a hateful distortion of my friends.

I barely know where to start. First, I have never, in any city, seen a “Republican Gay Bar.” Believe me, if one existed, I’d be a loyal customer as I enjoy havens of free speech. I guess when you’re out to create imaginary stereotypes, you can can create imaginary bars.

I am active in local Republican party organizations and have never met opposition to LGBT people including a recent “country club” event.

I was particularly saddened by John Loos’s vicious mischaracterization of Log Cabin as racist. Our chapter and others have members of many racial and ethnic backgrounds. Ours has Hispanic, Asian and Black members. I defy Mr. Loos to find any Log member who harbors any anti-Hispanic or other ethnic/racial sentiment. I guess when you set out to defame a group and can’t find supporting facts, you just make them up. Call me old fashioned, but I still feel that images and stories that profess to show reality should be based on reality. Apparently, these days, it’s in fashion to base them on pure contrivance and fantasy.

Has Mr. Loos ever been to a Log Cabin event or meeting? When he’s ready to meet people with genuine integrity, I’ll be happy to arrange it if he can stand the bright light of honesty and true debate. I certainly extend the invitation to Queerty’s editors.

There is no other LGBT group more committed to the inclusion of LGBT people into the wider national community and none more proud of their orientation and there is no other group of people who love honest comedy more.

Do you think Schein has a point or is he missing the joke? Speak out in the comments section.

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  • 2eo

    Bless. I don’t think he’s missed the joke, I don’t think he’s capable of understanding the parody.

    It isn’t even a very good parody as well, which makes his faux pas even more ridiculous. He tried to get his usual jibes in.

    My jibe is the hope he eventually listens to his conscience. Although I’m not sure he knows what that is either.

  • Wilberforce

    Dear Mr. Schein,
    First, of course there’s no such thing as a Republican gay bar. That’s the joke. A gay liberal bar would be just as funny, with people acting all PC.
    Comedy is looking at peoples’ defects. If you’re such a conservative, you might want to read some Aristotle. He explained it the basics a long time ago.
    And you may have racial minority members, but you also support a party that treats them and us like dirt. I guess that doesn’t matter for you as much as getting a tax cut. Tokenism is a very old game, and it isn’t working anymore.

  • Taliaferro

    At one time, I would have believed a gay Republican was an oxymoron. However, what they appear to be is die hard Republicans who have sex with their own sex – I am assuming lesbian members. Because the GOP stands for everything the real LGBT community stands for, I think they would be better off calling themselves Republicans and go back in the closet. We do not need their type. Schein obviously has no sense of humor. How sad is the man who cannot laugh at his own foibles. “For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?” Mr. Bennett, in Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen, 1811

  • Little-Kiwi

    of course he’s bashing it. that way he can ignore that his own family and “friends” don’t think he’s a human being of equal worth and dignity.


    and as broad satire goes, it’s pretty darn accurate.

    gay republicans exist to blame gay liberals for their own lack of balls.

  • Guillermo3

    What’s all the fuss about?There have always been plenty of gay
    fascists,even with the Nazis[up until the Night of the Long Knives,that is.]

  • retropian

    the title is “the log jam”? is that because gay repubs are constipated? makes sense.

  • Dumdum

    I thought it was pretty funny. Sometimes the truth can be painful. I dated a Gay Republican once. He was kinda cute, very smart and successful but totally repressed. Wouldn’t say sh** if he had a mouthful. He couldn’t be all bad, after all he liked me. The poor thing couldn’t dance for sh** so it was doomed for failure. And those SUITS oh my goddess!!! He bought off the RACK…..roflmao….

  • BJ McFrisky

    Take special note of his statement, “I am active in local Republican party organizations and have never met opposition to LGBT people.” Fred Schein is absolutely correct. Yet you will never hear anyone say, “I am active in the gay community and have never met opposition to conservatives,” because you people are living, typing proof that that isn’t the case. If there’s still any question, simply peruse all of the negative comments on this page posted by the haters. For a group who claims they just want us all to get along under a big happy rainbow, you guys sure seem to go out of your way to disparage any gay man or woman who disagrees with your politics. How very “progressive” of you.

  • Dumdum

    @BJ McFrisky: I knew it wouldn’t take long for you to weigh in on this. Try all you want, one cannot defend the indefensible. You always attack. YOU never debate anything. YOU make broad undefined statements. YOU play the blame game. YOU never present facts and when presented with facts you avoid. You are myopic and predictable to the point of boredom. Your tiresome diatribe always aimed at the bleeding heart liberals without whom YOU would not be able to enjoy the very freedoms that you not only criticize but also take for granted. Your position is weak and your values reflect that of a selfish little boy. Perhaps when you grow up and are capable of a cogent discourse, one might consider you deserving of something beyond their baser instincts. At present you have given no indication that you are capable of having an intelligent conversation. I have excellent recall and though I often paraphrase your past comments, it is a simple task to bring to mind your past, albeit rather limited ruminations. Any support of republicans Gay, Straight, or otherwise is to support an Anti-Gay, Anti-Women
    agenda thinly veiled with the pathetic argument the the Big Bad Government is too active in the lives of private citizens. But hey as long as YOU have YOUR PIECE OF THE PIE what does it matter. Bye the way you never answered my query. You said and I paraphrase. Now that Obama has been reelected I will have to talk to my accountant and see how I can avoid paying taxes to the Federal Government. How is that working out for you??? Have you considered a Swiss Bank, or the Cayman Islands? Oh that’s right your not in THAT republican income bracket. I don’t want to get along with you or your cronies, I want you to go away or get back in the closet. Just like you want my grandmother or the poor or the homeless or anyone who questions YOUR politics to disappear, or starve, or die without affordable health care. Or worse end up bankrupt do to illness.

  • Dumdum

    Due to [email protected]BJ McFrisky: How very repressive of you. In a battle of wit you are woefully unarmed. Shall we dance???

  • Wilberforce

    @Taliaferro: Great quote. I missed that one, never having read Jane Austen. Thanks for bringing it up. It’s totally germane.

  • BJ McFrisky

    @Dumdum: Chill, dude. You’re way too sensitive about other peoples’ opinions, so it would be impossible to debate you rationally. I hold no power over the political spectrum, so my opinions are only that—opinions, from my vantage point. So again: Chill. Otherwise you only serve to prove my point that you’re tolerant of no one . . . except those who believe in the same philosophies as you do.

  • Cam

    The head of the Log Cabin group told a falt out lie in his commentary. It was such an all encompassing lie that it negates any point from him.

    He said

    I am active in local Republican party organizations and have never met opposition to LGBT people including a recent “country club” event.””


    Really, you’ve never met oppositing to LGBT people in the republican party organizations? Curious, would that include the candidates you supported announcing before anti-gay groups that they would continue to fight gay civil rights. That they would NOT have signed the DADT repeal, and sending letters to Congress and appearing before them demanding a Constitutional Amendment against gay marraiage.

    If he doesn’t consider those things “Against LGBT people”, then I think he has some very very messed up definitions of what “Against” is.

  • 2eo

    @Dumdum: BJ is a mentally disabled cretin with a hateful dad who keeps giving him hand grenades too play with.

  • Dumdum

    @BJ McFrisky: Chill dude. That’s it? Avoid and deflect? How predictable.

  • Wilberforce

    @Cam: Thank you. That is the real point here.
    Republicans lie so often and skillfully that the rest of us can’t keep up. But it’s important to call them out, especially on gross distortions like this one. Good work.

  • Fitz

    Disgusting quislings. The “I gots mine” crowd. Screw you and your willingness to lap dog your way through life. If you ever see me at a republican event, check for explosives.

  • 2eo

    I always picture BJ when he posts on of those “OMGFOXWASRIGHTLIBERALSAREEVILETCETERA” posts [all of them] that he’s got a smug grin like those halfwits on youtube videos when they show a banana too an evolutionary biologist like it’s some kind of holy checkmate.

    He always ends up looking like them when an adult simply explains the situation.

  • BJ McFrisky

    @Dumdum: Well, in all honesty, I didn’t read your post because it’s too long. Need to keep it short and sweet. But I stand by my position.
    @2eo: It’s “TO play with,” you mangler of language. “To.” Not “too.” Nor is it “two.” It’s “to. To play with.” Jesus, your destruction of the English language is more maddening than your far-left stance. However, whether it was intentional or not, I give you credit for figuring out how to push my buttons (insert appropriate emoticon).
    @Fitz: If I ever meet you at a Republican event, I won’t check for explosives, I’ll check for fleas.

  • Dumdum

    @BJ McFrisky: Last comment for today. I do have a life. Here is a BJ McFrisky quote……Name-calling is and always will be the desperate man’s weapon of choice. Show us you have something to say besides, “I hate Republicans.”…………… I don’t HATE anyone. Doesn’t mean I have to like them or agree with them. Or for that matter respect views that promote a violation of basic human rights.

  • Dumdum

    That last part was mine. I forgot to add quotation marks. BJ said the stuff about name calling.

  • Little-Kiwi

    How about y’all ask McFrisky for evidence, proof, that he and his amazing republican family are out vocally and visibly championing LGBT Equality to their fellow republicans?


    he wont do it. doesn’t have the balls.

    GOP cowards like McFrisky are “tolerated” by their families just as long as they distance themselves from Gay Liberals who actually stand up and fight for Equality.

    pity him. he’s the abortion that got away.

    but seriously, rather than talk to McFrisky, call his bluff. Surely such a confident and empowered gay republican would be able to put a face to his comments and claims, right?

    surely he’s not just anonymously trolling to distract himself from the truth that his own bigoted family thinks he’s unworthy of Equality, right?

    so try it out. call his bluff. see how he runs ;-)

  • Little-Kiwi

    the above video is HOW gay republicans manage to “never encounter anti-gay prejudice” – they, like true ball-less cowards, are the first to throw their brothers under the bus.

    this is why your political “allies” don’t respect you. not because you’re gay. because your’e such cowardly wimps about it.

  • scott747

    @Little-Kiwi: Nicely stated.

  • iBLOW

    GOD the cross dresser needs their teeth whitend

  • jniceny

    I’ve always felt that social change requires agitation from the outside (eg, Act Up, Queer Nation) AND people working for change within (eg, Log Cabin GOPs) “the system.” Just for the record, during the 90s I was arrested twice in civil disobedience. But, I don’t understand why so many in our communities attack those LGBT persons who are out as gay and Republicans. That is much braver than being an out gay Democrat. And, it’s not like the Democratic party has always embraced LGBTs: It is more like that just hated us less.

  • jniceny

    correction: It is more like THEY just hated us less.

  • 2eo

    @jniceny: I smell an agent provocateur. The use of this line “That is much braver than being an out gay Democrat.” is a dead giveaway. No member of our community would mention bravery in any political context when applied to any western country.

    Nice try though.

  • Dumdum

    @jniceny: Being Gay and republican makes no sense. Why assume that we are all democrats? I am a member of the Green Party. I cannot understand how ANY GLBT person could be otherwise. But apparently there are ONLY about 430,000 to 440,000 intelligent people currently living in the US. If caring about other people and the planet I live on makes me a liberal well all I can say is. Nana nana boo boo stick your head in doo doo!!!

  • BJ McFrisky

    @Dumdum: Your statement that you think that you and those who think like you are the only intelligent people speaks volumes of how truly unenlightened and arrogant you are (not that there was any real question on the matter). And your closing line pretty much sums up your maturity level, also. Good job, DD. Good job.

  • Dumdum

    @BJ McFrisky: Jill Stein presidential candidate for The Green Party has received between 430-440 thousand votes. Her platform is the most comprehensive and intelligent one to date. Earth friendly and economically sound. Your myopic political views are short sighted and do not account for the earth and those future generations who must shoulder our mistakes. Fiscal responsibility and tax cuts. Will not fix the deeper problems that we face as a nation. And you are an ass with no sense of humour.

  • Little-Kiwi


    your intellectually dishonest comment would only make sense if gay republicans were out actively championing LGBT Equality to their fellow republicans.

    it doesn’t happen.

    instead, those cowardly wimps do nothing but create division – slandering “liberals” and “stereotypical gays”, rather than having the orbs to stand in solidarity with their LGBT brothers and sisters.

    it’s not hard to be a gay republican. all you have to do is cut your own balls off, act like a dootmat to the bullying bigots you call “friends” and “family” and PRESTO! Gay Republican

    you show me a gay republican who openly condemns and criticizes the ongoing anti-gay prejudice of the GOP and i’ll show you a unicorn. truly.

  • Little-Kiwi

    guys – don’t ask McFrisky for explanations. Ask him for verification. Youtube Generation, yo. Surely such a confident and empowered gay man with incredibly supportive Republican family and friends will put a face to his comments and show how his wonderful republican family supports him and the lGBT Community, right?

    try it out. call his bluff. the wimp will flee.

  • Charli Girl


  • Ned_Flaherty

    The “Log Jam” video that Log Cabineer Fred Schein complained about wasn’t created out of hate; it was created by people who recognize hate and who then call it for what it is: the Republican Party.

    Schein objects to the video portraying a Republican gay bar just because he doesn’t think they exist. Well, of course they don’t exist; there are too few people who are Republican, LGBT, and out enough to support any such business. But that’s part of the comedy. (A comedy skit doesn’t have to be realistic to be funny.)

    Schein claims he never met any Republican who opposes LGBT people. Well, then, he’s in a coma, because:

    (1) We just finished the most homophobic presidential campaign in the nation’s history, and all of the top 9 Republican candidates were committed homophobes.

    (2) His Party’s candidate signed a written vow to revise the U.S. Constitution to oppress LGBT people forever.

    (3) Republicans just adopted a 4-year Party Platform which is the most homophobic ever written (

    And to see more Republican racist attitudes, Schein needs look no further than the blast of ethnicity-tinged remarks that flew from Republican mouths during the final months of this year’s campaigns. Even if not a single LCR member anywhere is racist, that still doesn’t excuse the fact that LCRs endorse, support, and vote for racist candidates.

    Finally, Schein claims that “there is no other LGBT group more committed to the inclusion of LGBT people” but that is irrelevant. The issue isn’t diversity in Schein’s private club; the issue is that the candidates which his organization elects are not interested in diversity, inclusion, or fairness.

    The proof is seen in the huge number of Republicans in Congress who have been blocking the Employment Non-Discrimination Act for years, who blocked DADT repeal for years, etcetera. Remember: every one of the Congressmen who is still trying to bring back DADT is a Republican.

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