SF Looks at 5-Year-Old HIV Goal

In 2004, San Francisco health officials said that in five years, they wanted a 50 percent reduction in new HIV cases in their city. Did they meet their goal?

Based on the latest estimates for new HIV infection rates in San Francisco, the city failed to reach its goal. It did achieve a roughly 10 percent reduction in HIV rates and has downgraded classifying its HIV epidemic to now being endemic, meaning rates are remaining flat from year to year.

“We are in an era of low level incidence rates that seems like it will go on for a long time,” H. Fisher Raymond, an HIV epidemiologist with the health department, told members of the city’s HIV Prevention Planning Council last week. “It will be harder to increase the effectiveness of our reduction campaigns. We are down to a small group of people who are hard to find, and therefore, it is hard to determine what to do.”