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SGA Senator Bashes Campus LGBT History Month Activities On Facebook

Earlier this week,  an SGA senator at Arkansas State University attacked his school’s support of LGBT History Month programming with a lengthy Facebook post and followup Tweets.

Junior Josh Waters, an economics major and a senator in ASU’s student government wrote on his Wall:

“How in the world can there be a month honoring a tiny amount of the population who make a choice to be something. Being Gay isn’t a race. I don’t support LGBT month at all and think there is no merit to it. I support diversity so we can learn from others, not promoting something that is explicitly a choice. I think it is wrong MY MONEY from paying student fees here at ASU is going to promote this cause.”

Setting aside whether sexuality is a choice, its ironic Waters says he’s in favor of diversity so long as its something immutable. Different religions, political beliefs, musical tastes? No thank you!

We suppose we should be thankful his post only got 31 “Likes.”

Go Red Wolves!

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  • Little Kiwi

    great. another willfully ignorant bigot makes their willfully ignorant bigotry public.

    there’s no greater “choice”, kind Sir, than the choice to belong to a religion. being religious is a choice.

    and let’s be honest, this dude probably misses the Good Old Days of segregation.

    remember when Arizona didnt’ want to recognize MLK Day? Bigotry is alive and well, and people like this turd are shining examples.

    fail at life.

  • B. Allan Ross

    “If I were a douchebag, doo-be-dooby-dooby-do.” (to the tune of “If I Were A Rich Man”)

    At odds with your school’s approved intentions, goals, and communication methods (inclusive, factual, respectful, and equally accepting of majority hets, and minority lesbians, gays, bisexuals, intersexed people, transgendered people, and anyone fitting the description “not-het”, you can and will be recalled as another in a long line of admitted unrepentant anti-not-het bigots, another deeply troubled GOPher (baby) “politician” closet case.

    Foul, lying bigot? Okay as a jackass GOPher student, unacceptable in a student “leader.”

    This pig is not Arkansas State University, and he must be stopped from speaking as a student representative by ASU students. How about it, ASU? Recall? Impeachment? Tar and feathers and a ride on a rail off campus?

    Whatever you do as a geroup for your fellow students, I believe it is every person’s duty to speak to this person about his problems wherever he shows up, every time you see him, until you no longer see him.

  • Chad

    What about the gay students as ASU, this turd forgets, it’s THEIR money as well….if hes supports diversity then support it. Don’t stand there and say I support diversity but only things I agree with.

    I, unfortunatly, live in arkanflaw and this IS the mentality of a lot of people here. It’s sad.


    WTF is it with the South–? Way to shore up negative stereotypes people! This shit that’s been happening in AR, TN, etc.,!? Didn’t you peeps learn anything from “Deliverance???”

  • MattGMD

    There is just no logic with these cretins. For sexual orientation to be a choice, then at what time in his life did he allegedly choose to be hetero? Saw a video of him and he comes across as if he could be the love child between Marcus Bachmann and Mike Huckabee. The mannerisms and rotund build of Marcus and the sanctimonious psuedo-politeness of Huckabee. It is no surprise that he is *very* active in a local Baptist church. A typical future republican politician, he is practicing his ‘anti-gay, pro-jeebus’ rhetoric.

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