“Shadow Of Death” Haunts Obama In Halloween Display


Just when you thought the anti-Obama madness couldn’t get any more insane, Georgia woman Melissa Neese erected this timely Halloween display, which includes both John McCain and Barack Obama. Note, however, that Obama has the “shadow of death” looming behind him, while McCain’s a pristine as could be.

Despite acknowledging her McCain preference, Neese insists she’s not trying to be incendiary:

“It’s kind of like the shadow of death behind Obama. We’re kind of more of McCain advocates,” said Neese.

Neese said neighbors and passersby need not worry.

“It’s just to encourage people to vote. That’s about it. I haven’t really finished it [display]. I was going to put pumpkins and a vote sign up there,” said Neese.

Because pumpkins will really tone down the message.

[via WSBTV]