Shame On Bad Gays Who Are Ignorant About Our Civil Rights

It’s bad enough when heteros don’t know about our equality struggle. But when other gay Americans just don’t care enough to learn? We hear you, Leffews. It’s sometimes not about agreeing with our cause, but about being ignorant to it.

Oh, and then he hates on Ellen, snap!

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  • LoveMoby

    I couldnt agree with them more! We are to blame for a lot of this. I’m disgusted with the Obama administration’s lack of interest in our fight for basic equality. Every time I hear the term ‘Fierce Advocate’ I want to vomit!!

    I’m done with this homophobic backward state of mind. Canada here we come.

  • LoveMoby

    I am also amazed at the amount of gay people who really dont care about equality as long as they can have the latest Britney remix! I dont get it, I dont understand why they dont want to be informed and be able to educate people who dont know about the severe inequalities the gay, lesbian trans and bi community face.

  • Latebrosus

    While I admit that a vlog entry might not be horrendously exciting, I think the apathy to which the Leffews refer is evidenced right here: three comments for this thread, and from two people.

    Meanwhile, double digit responses for pics of shirtless guys.


    Join my Boycott Marriage group – it’s based in Maryland…but it would be nice to see other states join in and link up to actually begin some TRUR grassroots organizing. HRC and DNC will NOT fight for us…it’s actually a relief to know this…it means that we have to rely on ourselves to get this done.

    It’s up to us now folks…



  • John (still that one from England)

    @ Latebrosus


  • JR

    It seems that Human Rights as a whole are taking a backslide. From Gay Rights to sex rapes/murders in Darfur to ethnic cleansing in The Congo. At the same time economic interest groups will call on our hateful patriarchal government to invade a sovereign country for the purpose of destabilizing the middle east in the name of greed and profit while they turn a blind eye to the brutal hate crimes perpetuated by islamic radicals right under their very noses and on their watch!!! Life has become so crucially cheap in the last six years and if people can’t see that then they have done far more than just drink to cool aid, they helped to make it! Gutter dwelling, bible thumping neocon trash are getting closer and closer to grabbing the reigns of power (again) with the intent of crushing anyone who lives outside their dogmatic pedagogy… If we think that we live in scary times now, then just wait until these wackos get back into power again!!! Unless we start carrying bigger sticks and out-screaming these sick excuses for human beings, then we will have nobody to thank but ourselves when we have to live according to ‘their’ status quo… And shame on you Ellen, you media tool! They are correct for singling you out, you unfunny sell-out!

    But beyond all this I am not going to give up my love of shirtless guys just to prove a point…

  • El Vey

    There is simply one argument which can actually make me care about gay marriage: illegal immigrants have more rights than gay men and women.

  • jason

    I agree with a lot of you. You have the youngish twinkie set who think gay rights is about shaking one’s uterus to Britney or Kylie. Then you have the older set verging on their 60’s who think gay rights is about ensuring that the leather party tickets aren’t forgotten as part of the weekly budget allowance.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Jason is a didactic thinker of fear! Should young people stay home and hang on your every word, Mr Friday the 13th? Your stereotype of older gay men is straight-informed. We sure need a laugh with Ellen so why Hate on Gays so much – we are clearly outnumbered. I am already over the Gay Gosselins – and their spawn! Take a walk around the block without your Crackberry….

  • jason

    If the gay community wasn’t so self-stereotyping and dishonest, I might be less harsh. I’ve been around too many gay gatherings to not know that the compelling force within the gay male community is to get an orgasm.

    The activists within our community are very small in number. The rest are simply there for the hedonism, pure and simple.

  • mikeincleveland

    if every gay guy just had a boyfriend and got laid regularly, everyone in the community would get along a lot better…

  • Eric

    Jesus, this isn’t going to appeal to anyone. Not the gays and certainly not the conservative right. I’m uncomfortable watching them…and leave Ellen alone, she’s done loads!

  • micks

    Ellen used gay rights to get national attention. Now that she’s got it, she’s basically dumped on us. Having a wonderful mansion must be so much better than worrying about gay rights, don’t you think?

  • Attmay

    I had never watched any of these videos, but they said everything I have felt. I’d be more tolerant of Christians if more Christians were like them. People like them and Lt. Dan Choi are the face of gay America that needs to be shown to the public.

    As for Ellen, she turned her 1990s ABC sitcom into a gay rights platform when she came out, and it was cancelled in a year. She’s probably wary of losing her job if she abdicates from the throne of “The Queen of Nice”, that unlike Rosie, she probably is more deserving of. But I agree she could make a difference. Many people had a problem with Rosie O’Donnell before she came out.

  • depfox


    Call us the “Gay Gosselins” all you want but when you refer to my children as “spawn” you cross a line you don’t want to cross.

    this isn’t an issue of “attacking” Ellen. Its calling on her to use her hard earned privilege to help the gay community not just the housewives watching daytime t.v. And I if shes done so much to help gay rights you wont mind giving a couple of examples then…

  • depfox


    Call us the “Gay Gosselins” all you want but when you refer to my children as “spawn” you step over a line you don’t want to cross.

    this isn’t an issue of “attacking” Ellen. Its calling on her to use her hard earned privilege to help the gay community not just the housewives watching daytime t.v. And I if shes done so much to help gay rights you wont mind giving a couple of examples then…

  • Fitz

    He had me until he started saying that the bible was full of love.

  • Alan

    Fitz, I couldn’t disagree more. Of course the Bible endorses love!

    And hatred, genocide, rape, slavery, child molestation and eternal punishment for temporal crimes.

  • scott ny'er

    can someone please post a cliff notes version, they weren’t shirtless, nor wearing spandex squarecuts, nor dancing to Britney… so it was way too boring to watch. :p

  • Joe

    These comments make me ashamed to be gay. No wonder we aren’t respected.

  • depfox

    I agree Joe its been a ruff week for my family we are reliving prop 8 all over again ;O( Oh is Scott Ny’er Davey Wavey?

  • scott ny'er

    how dare u depfox?!!?!? that’s a very cruel insult.

    seriously, i was kidding before but really, to blame LGBT about not knowing. Did the dude actually ask his Lesbian friend why she doesn’t know? I think instead of trying to inform and cheerlead, to actually blame other gays is going the wrong way about it. And will just cause more internal strife in the community. It’s not a smart tactic.

    Here’s a thought, maybe there are other things in people’s lives that are more important. Life and death issues.

    Also, to try and shame people into getting involved. I think we’d want the true motivation to come from within.

    Oh and respect isn’t just about knowing about a marriage situation in Maine. It’s about compassion, pity, love and the things one does in ones life. The twink down the block who only cares about Britney probably has a ton of respect and will walk down that block head held high, maybe volunteering at the LGBT center or the AIDs center. Just stop judging.

  • Fitz

    gay, straight or other, I find it harder and harder to respect someone who identifies as a christian. I am pro-lion.

  • scott ny'er


    man, i know. I’m in the same boat. And I really try not to do that because I’d like to think there are some really good people out there who are Christians. But, it’s getting harder to find those people.

  • depfox

    Hi Scott NY’ER I was just being a a brat sorry….

    That being said I have become very frustrated the last couple of weeks with the apathy of the gay community. My friend at work is a Lesbian who got married to her partner of 8 years when it was legal in CA and is in the process of adopting a child. I just dont get how we as a community dont understand that unless we stand together we are going to loose more then marriage equality.

    As for being a “Christian” my family understands the harm that this comunity is causing the gay community and the world. We hope that with our belifes and examples we can help change christianity from the inside out.


  • scott ny'er

    @ depfox/jay

    hey. no worries. I was being very flippant before with my shirtless comment and it did sound like a post DaveyWavey would say. Except I was kidding and I think Davey would be serious. I really don’t like that dude so it was a nice insult at me. LOL.

    I was being flippant because I really do get tired of LGBT of all people judging others. And I don’t buy into pressuring people… hard sell tactics. And that’s what the couple above seems to be doing. Not educating but slightly chiding. I personally respond to intellectual tactics. Explain to me what’s going on, what you want me to do and what will happen if I don’t do it. But that’s me. Maybe chiding others will work with them.

    I feel for you and others who are upset with the apathy. But apathy is found everywhere. Sheesh, try to get peeps to a small party at a friends or something. So, for something like this it must be like moving a mountain. Conversely, I bet the far right is having the same problem. They must be mad that more Christians, etc aren’t coming to the cause, donating, being knowledgeable. Those gays will get Maine, what next, you must get involved… etc. and i can see the peeps just rolling their eyes and saying yeah, whatever.

    good luck with the cause. I would love to get involved but my mom is pretty sick and that takes precedence.

    peace out.

  • scott ny'er


    i just realized who you are, i’m a tad slow at times. Thus, my last post needs some grammar corrections. In any case, I still say, good luck with your cause.

    Happy Anniversary. That’s a long time to be together. You guys look like a happy family. Hope your happiness continues forever.

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