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Shane Gillis throws epic temper tantrum after being fired from ‘SNL’, Twitter responds accordingly

Comedian Shane Gillis’ racist and homophobic not-so-distant past has finally caught up with him.

Last week, SNL announced Gillis would be joining the cast of the show’s 45th season, which premieres September 28. Then footage of Gillis calling Chinese people “f*cking ch*nks” and speaking in a stereotypical Asian accent, and bashing “white f*ggot comics” who are “f*cking gayer than ISIS” surfaced online.

Gillis quickly issued a non-apology, saying he was just joking and that his remarks were never meant to be taken seriously.

“I’m a comedian who pushes boundaries,” Gillis said on Twitter. “I sometimes miss. I’m happy to apologize to anyone who’s actually offended by anything I’ve said.”

Then yesterday, SNL announced Gillis wouldn’t be joining the cast, after all.

“After talking with Shane Gillis, we have decided that he will not be joining SNL,” the NBC show said in a statement. “We want SNL to have a variety of voices and points of view within the show, and we hired Shane on the strength of his talent as a comedian and his impressive audition for SNL.

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The statement continued: “We were not aware of his prior remarks that have surfaced over the past few days. The language he used is offensive, hurtful and unacceptable. We are sorry that we did not see these clips earlier, and that our vetting process was not up to our standard.”

Shortly after that, Gillis responded by putting out another childish statement on Twitter, saying he thinks it’s “ridiculous” he has to say anything regarding his past racism and homophobia and adding that he always preferred MadTV over SNL anyway.

“I’m a comedian who was funny enough to get on SNL,” he quipped. “That can’t be taken away.”

Um, except that it was.


The responses to Gillis’ firing and his ensuing temper tantrum on Twitter have been mixed.

Some are throwing their full-fledged support behind Gillis:

Many more, however, think SNL did the right thing by letting him go:

And then there was this guy:

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