Shangela consoling kids who are devastated she lost ‘All Stars’ is a MUST-see

Nobody was happy that Shangela didn’t make it into the top 2 lip sync on Drag Race All Stars season 3, but it’s safe to say some fans were more upset than others.

At the far end of that spectrum — these adorably devastated little girls, who literally broke down in fits of despair after Shangie didn’t get the opportunity to snag the crown (which, let’s be honest, she without question would have done).

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Watch below as the destroyed girls get a special message from the gurls and their misery is turned right back into joy.

(Side note: We’re at an interesting cultural moment when little girls are this invested in drag queens, but if you’ve ever attended an all-ages event featuring Drag Race queens, you’ll know this is just the lay of the land at this point.)

Watch below:

these little girls are so cute!!! #shangela #rupaulsdragrace #allstars3 #justiceforshangela Video created by Joelapussy and Dekel Lazimi

Posted by Joel Garcia on Monday, March 19, 2018

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