Watch: Shangela is 'Lightning in a Bottle' for Eli Lieb's Powerful New Music Video

Eli Lieb Lightning in a Bottle Shangela RuPaul's Drag Race Music Video

Shangela, from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 and 3, plays a drag queen character in Eli Lieb’s new music video, ‘Lightning in a Bottle.’

“I want people to see the music video, hear the song, really listen to the lyrics, and live their truth,” Eli told Out. “This is a celebration of people. I’ve lived promoting the idea of the authentic self and not to be afraid of who you are. It’s proven to be one of the key elements of my life and career. The song is about that: about being who you are.”

The lyrics of the song, in combination with this touching video, serve as the perfect artistic expression for the story Eli wants to share. When you watch the video below, we hope you understand his message and can live your truth. Enjoy!

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Eli Lieb – Lighting in a Bottle