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SHAPE UP: Finding Balance In #BeastMode

CJBrenton3Too often I observe the “Beast Mode Robot.” Five minutes on a stationary bike to warm-up then right over to the squat rack or bench press, load on the plates and get to work pushing those heavy weights again, right? Grrrr!

We humans tend to be repetitive creatures of habit and preference. We like what we like and we do what we do. For this reason, I often see clients with sedentary lives struggle to find a sustainable relationship with being active, and also why I see many already active clients experiencing muscle imbalances and overuse-related injuries.

In a rut? Then change it up!

Repeat Performances Lead to Muscle Imbalances

Refrain from overdoing one type of exercise. Don’t only lift heavy. Don’t only run. Don’t only do yoga.  We want dynamic balance within our fitness programs and movement capabilities. Over time, not working out at all or repetitive types of working out can exaggerate muscle imbalances, which most of us already have, and may even create new ones. Muscle imbalances may initially only feel like “tight muscles,” but can progress into back pain, joint pain or a full-blown injury down the line.

Vary Your Variables

The goal is to develop a program that periodically imposes different types of stress on and within the body.  Mixing up the training variable will not only keep you excited about your workouts, you will avoid plateaus, patterned stress and overuse imbalances, as well as injury.

Mobility, stability and strength are the most important variables for feel-good muscles, joints and movement. Often times when one variable gets stronger another may get weaker (i.e. increased strength tends to decrease mobility and stability). The goal is to keep all your variables in balance for a happy body. The key to sustainability within any program, body or life, really, is balance.

Group-Shot-360x221Loosen what’s tight, then tighten what’s loose

High intensity training increases muscular tension and must be balanced with pre- and post- workout mobility, as well as periodic cycles of stability training. This preserves the health and integrity of the joints, spine & movement patterns.

Before tight muscle imbalances or movement patterns can be corrected they must be undone, meaning this: “loosen what’s tight, then tighten what’s loose.” Deactivate/mobilize your tight muscles with foam rolling first, then stabilize and strengthen your weaker areas from there.  It’s impossible to expect continued gains and no injuries without proper joint and muscle recovery.

By integrating foam rolling and mobility training with periodic cycles of stabilization training, we reactivate the range of motion and stability of the body as a whole. This helps prevent injury while yielding heavier lifts, increased power, and more speed on your next cycle of high intensity training.   Ensuring you manifest continued gains, a body you love, a self-assured mind, and the life of your dreams. This is the true Balance of #BeastMode.

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