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Shape Up: Healthy Eating Does Not Have to Be Boring Eating

IMG_8084_FF_HREating guidelines will vary from person to person, but a few things remain the same: bodies function best when steering clear of highly processed foods while consuming more fresh, organic choices.  Additionally, healthy eating will mean something different to every individual person — the goal is to find the healthiest options that work for you. In order for healthy eating habits to be maintained, they must be realistic. Find what works best for you and your life.

Healthy eating always gets associated with “dieting,” boring foods, inconvenience and monotony.  But it really doesn’t have to be that way! When eating out, it’s as simple as ordering your entree “clean,” or without sauces and oils. 

And be careful to avoid the big mistake of overeating! Just because the restaurant served it to you all on one plate, doesn’t mean your body needs it all at once. Stay within your portions, and then pack up the rest to go. Boom. Now you have a healthy lunch for the next day.

When eating in, healthy eating can mean livening up your menu with an interesting, new dish or a fresh take on an old classic.  There are a wealth of delicious yet healthy alternatives to many of the more indulgent dishes that we already love.  Like hamburgers!  Again, it’s about finding what works for you. 

Here’s a healthy-but-tasty recipe to add to your cookbook… The “Fully Loaded Burger.” It’s gluten, dairy, soy, grain and sugar free, and light on carbs with a big dose of protein. And most importantly, it’s delicious.  Enjoy!

The “Fully Loaded Burger”

1 yellow onion

1 Tbsp. olive oil

1 lb. organic ground beef (substitute ground bison, turkey or chicken to preference)

2 Tbsp. blanched almond flour

1 Tbsp. tomato paste

1 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar

6 slices bacon

12 large lettuce leaves

3 tomatoes, sliced

1/4 cup chives

salt and pepper to taste

Peel and slice the onion. Place the onion slices and olive oil in a skillet over medium high heat.  Cook until the onions caramelize.

Combine the ground beef (bison, turkey or chicken), almond flour, tomato paste, balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper in a bowl. Form six patties. Grill to preference.

Cook the bacon in a skillet or in the oven until crispy. Blot with a paper towel. 

Assemble the burgers with lettuce on the bottom and top, and burger patty, sliced tomato, bacon slices, caramelized onions, and a sprinkle of chives in the middle.

Note:  for a lighter version of The Fully Loaded Burger, skip the bacon!

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