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Shape Up: Here’s The Ultimate Bicep Pump!

unnamed1-190x125We all know how to do bicep curls, but do you really know how to pump them up like Popeye? Today, we’ll show you a simple way to add instant size to your guns.

But first, a secret with you about curls: you’re probably using your shoulders way more than you think. We see a lot of guys at the gym lean backwards as they curl.  This is usually because the weight is too heavy.  If you can’t stop rocking while you curl, you’re probably using the front part of your shoulder, the anterior deltoid, and not getting maximum usage out of your biceps. In other words, those bumps on your arm aren’t growing as much as they could be.

Group-Shot-360x221Don’t worry though, there’s a simple way to isolate the biceps without using the shoulder. All you have to do is stand with your back to the wall.  Keep your upper back and elbows on the wall. The wall will prevent you from leaning back, straining your lower back, and using your shoulder.  It will also make your curls burn in a way you have never felt them before.

Now, get your back up on the wall and let’s workout!

Grab three sets of dumbbells — one heavy, one medium, and one light weight.  Do the following exercises with no rest in between each of them.

• 12 reps of standard bicep curls nice and slow with the heavy dumbbells.

• 12 reps of hammer curls with the medium weight dumbbells at a slightly faster speed.

• 20 reps each side of alternating standard bicep curls with the light dumbbells.

Take two minutes rest and repeat this two to three more times.  Tip: your biceps should feel like they are about to fail on the light set.  You will be on fire and will be not be disappointed. Two tickets to the guns show, please!


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