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Shape Up! Holiday Survival 101

SETHThe holidays are here. It’s a time of love, cheer and cuddling up by the fire. It’s also a time of mashed potatoes, bread rolls, cookies, mulled wine and pie. So while you may not be baring your bare chest at the beach (Angelenos excluded), you still want to look good naked, right?

If you follow my very simple instructions, you may avoid going into a full on fitness hibernation and emerging after the holidays looking like Santa himself!

Log your food

During the holidays, we inherently eat mindlessly. Many times, we often eat past the point of getting full. Writing down what you eat for every meal raises your consciousness. When that happens you become more in touch with what you are putting into your body, causing you to become less likely to go off the rails. Try the app My Fitness Pal, Lose It or Fat Secret. They’ll keep you on track.

Up your veggies

OK, fine. Have those mashed potatoes but make sure you fill up your plate with veggies. Eat roughage like broccoli, kale and spinach, all super foods which incinerate fat. And note: this does not mean juicing, handsome. Eat.

phoenixbannerWater is your friend  

Drinking tons of water not only helps you to stay hydrated, but it truly gives you a fuller feeling. I try to fill up on water before I hit the carbs and sugars.

Don’t forego fitness

It’s easy in the warmer weather to gravitate to the gym. When it’s colder, most of us get lazy. It’s time to add structure to your life, so break out your iPhone or Android. When you see time gaps in your day, input GET ASS TO THE GYM. Your friends will be less likely to hear “OMG. I totally forgot the gym this week. I feel so fat!” Take charge stud!

Let’s up the intensity

When your workouts are exciting and challenging, you will be more eager to do them. I suggest joining a boot camp. These high intensity interval training formats push you beyond your comfort zones while shredding fat and building muscle. I have witnessed unbelievable transformations in my classes.

One last thing: I’ve been reading your comments and please know that I firmly believe anyone can accomplish their fitness goals. The body follows the mind and not the other way around. So here is my holiday gift to you: I believe in you, so let’s do this!

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