Shape Up: I Like Big Butts And I Cannot Lie

[Editor’s note: If you’re looking for effective exercise techniques that get results quickly and safely, allow us to introduce a new fitness column written by the trainers of The Phoenix Effect. Watch for it each Sunday.]

Joel Harrison
Joel Harrison

Top bunk, bottom bunk, somewhere in between, we all want a great ass. So what are some things you can do in your workout to help sculpt and lift the booty?

Turn your glutes on! 

In my experience, many of my clients’ glutes simply don’t fire. This can easily happen from sitting all day or having tight hips. Warm up your bottom with a series of band walks. Grab a band. Hold the handles in both hands. Step on the band itself with your feet at hips distance, cross the band in front of you to form an X in front of your shins and walk to the left 15 times and then back. Do three sets of these just to get that derrière ready to work! 

Ass to the grass! 

A deep squat will challenge your glutes and make sure your buns are doing all the work they need to be doing to make your butt big and strong. Don’t sacrifice form for weight.

Too many guys want to pile on the plates and can’t squat low enough to really target their posterior, resulting in lower back and knee injuries. Start low and slow for toning and then add weight for size.  Give these weights a try, but adjust as necessary based on your ability.  

Set 1: 15 reps at 100 lbs.  

Set 2: 12 reps at 120 lbs.

Set 3: 10 reps at 140 lbs.

Set 4:  8 reps at 150 lbs.

Group Shot
The Phoenix Effect trainers

Prisoner squats: hands in the air like you don’t care! 

Last but not least, follow your squat set with an explosive movement like prisoner squats. Put your hands up and behind your head, squat deeply while keeping your chest up and push up hard enough to come up off the ground. Adding an explosive movement immediately after muscle failure promotes growth in the muscle. Give it 10 reps and rest for about two minutes before going into the next set of squats.

Follow these instructions and watch your butt grow as will the number of woofs you’ll rack up on a certain “networking” site. Have fun and be safe, fellas!  

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