Shape Up: Pump Up The Jam!

VinnieEver wonder why almost everyone has a set of headphones in at the gym? Besides catching up to the latest from Britney, Beyonce, Sia or Rihanna, research shows that listening to music during low to moderate intensity workouts can distract the mind from sensations of fatigue. The perception of effort can make or break some of your best workouts. While blasting your favorite tunes as you exercise, negative sensations such anger and depression are soothed and positive sensations such as happiness and energy are heightened.

It has also been reported that those who cycle in time to music required seven percent less oxygen to do the same amount of work as compared to cycling with ambient background music. The idea here is that music provides temporal cues that have the ability to make athletes use their energy more efficiently.

Group-Shot1-360x221So the next time you sit down to add some new workout music to you iPhone, consider what you are listening to. We as humans respond to our senses. Bass pounding tunes that make you want to shake it on the dance floor are better suited for explosive box jumps. A more relaxed beat is what you’ll need for slow and controlled movements. And don’t forget your cool down! Download some soothing tunes to listen to while you stretch it out. Or Babs. Your call. No judgment.

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