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Shape Up: Sun’s Out, Guns Out!

unnamedAll bicep curls are not created equal. If you think you can curl like a beast, get ready to meet your match.  Say hello to the Triple Curl. 

This mind-blowing combo of curls is humbling. The idea with this exercise is it combines three common curls into one movement. The one fluid motion hits the bicep in three different ways. You will gain size, strength and definition in your arms like never before. But before we go into the “how to” of the triple curl, let’s help you prepare to do it. 

First, make sure you are not working the shoulders when curling. Because we are such an inwardly-rotated society (always texting and typing), we naturally round our shoulders in. Bad idea. Before curling always make sure to roll your shoulders back and down, and keep them there.

Second, make sure you fully release when curling. The “release” means when you let the arm fall into full resting position before curling again.  When you do that you are able to get full range of motion and hit the majority of the bicep.

When you’ve got these tips down, you are ready to triple your results! Here we go.  

Prep: Grab dumbbells that are about five pounds less then you normally curl. These will catch up with you!


1. In a standing position, do a standard bicep curl, with the weights palms facing up.

2. Lower to resting, twist the weights vertically and raise to a hammer curl.

3. Lower to resting, retract your shoulder blades and turn the forearms up and raise to your sides for a wide curl.

Rinse and repeat. All three combined are considered one rep. Aim for three sets of eight to 10 reps.

You will see almost immediate swelling of your guns with these. Sometimes my training clients and bootcampers shake their heads in disbelief, not only because of how deceivingly hard this exercise is but also how immediate the results are.

Tip: Make sure you breathe while doing this exercise. Exhale when curling and inhale when lowering.  

Good lucks, boys, and remember… summer is coming! #sunsoutgunsout

Watch the video below for more advice.

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