Valentine Kiss Photos

Share Your Love And Win: We Want To See Your Most Romantic Photos!

This February, love is in the air and even Queerty has been poked by cupid’s… um, arrow.

We are giving away romantic dinners to couples all over the country who share their love with us in the Valentine Kiss Photo Challenge.

Simply submit your favorite photos of you and your boo kissing, holding hands, hugging or simply enjoying being in each other’s company for a chance to win.

The photos can be from this Valentine’s or from your personal archives. But keep it clean: nothing below the waist.

Share Your Love Photos and Win

Last day to submit is Sunday, February 23. Then come back to vote for your favorites.

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  • bmwblonde

    Hi kiddies ~ my husband and I are in our late 60’s. We’re both gorgeous men (and way more overall attractive than when we were YOUNG, ignorant, scared, inexperienced and UN-conscious. (We can’t even be around pretty younger things with those BLANK, not awake eyes). And of course, I wouldn’t dream of entering this photo contest, since all the boys in it will be 12 years old (ok, 25). More reinforcement for so many gay Boychiks who believe that gay men never get older. How’s THIS for a brilliant strategy: (1) I hate / don’t see / ignore older people; (2) I WILL get older myself; (3)I’m stupid (also life hating, since the best part of life IS after 60.) I wouldn’t be 30 again UNLESS I could take all I’ve learned “back” with me. Meanwhile, Queerty is so lame, so youth-worshiping. Did I mention shallow, illiterate and supporting gay self-hatred (see above). In other words, same-o, same-o — no leadership WHATEVER from this vacuous rag.

  • Scott Gatz

    @bmwblonde: We’d love to see you enter, you say that all the boys will be 25 in the contest, why don’t you make that untrue by entering? There is literally NOTHING stopping you except yourself.

  • alanj

    You might be waiting for a while……… Haven’t you noticed something?

  • alanj

    Sorry previous post was for you….

  • JJinAus

    Make sure that you are young and do not sport an inappropriate amount of body hair and fat otherwise you do not stand a chance.

  • tdx3fan

    Another SHALLOW “beauty” contest for the gay community. How FUN!

  • taobroin

    @bmwblonde: Nicely done. But I still love younger guys (and they love me – a lot.) ;-)

  • ImDaBeach

    Good luck to all those handsome lovers

  • Stache1

    @taobroin: I’m sure darling. Is that with cash or visa though?

  • Stache1

    @jwrappaport: Huh? Legitimate complaint. No need for the a hole response.

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