Sharon Needles Loves Roxxxy Andrews, Thinks Jinkx Monsoon Is “A Cheap Version Of What I’m Doing”

Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 4.39.11 PMIn a video posted to Tumblr this afternoon, RuPaul‘s Drag Race Season 4 winner Sharon Needles told a group of fans that Season 5 frontrunner Jinkx Monsoon has “little room for improvement visually” and is just “a cheap version of what I’m doing.”

Say what?!

If that’s not shocking enough, Needles went on to praise Roxxxy Andrews, the current season’s bitchiest queen. “When I look at Roxxxy I see a tangible, marketable, beautiful drag queen,” she said. “She has something we all think is a bad thing nowadays: bitchiness. I think being a bitch is a good thing.”

Great job, Sharon. You’ve always been a guiding light when it comes to acceptance.

The competition is currently down to the final three contestants, with the finale scheduled to air next Monday, May 6.

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  • Homophile

    She’s right.

    The only reason people give a shit that Roxxxy was “mean” to Jinkx is because people like Jinkx.

    Do we really think anyone would care if Roxxxy had treated Jade Jolie the same way?

  • Rinzler

    I’m sorry, but being a bitch to get what you want is not who I want to be America’s Next Drag SuperStar.

    All of Roxxxy’s shade should not be motivation for the next generation of kids. All that means is that Roxxxy cares more about the competition, rather than what the title and competition means.

    Roxxxy is pretty, but doesn’t have much talent. You can get a stylist for Jinx, that’s the easy part. Then she’s got a humble personality, and actual talent to back it up. The choice is pretty clear to me.

  • Homophile


    “The choice is pretty clear to me.”

    Yep – Team Alaska!

  • Polaro

    Roxy is a bitch, but she’s rather boring at it and not the least bit funny. Being bitchy should be more interesting, otherwise its just irritating. Roxy is just irritating. Third place…only because it added to the ratings.

    Sharon is trying to slow Jinx in the hopes that Alaska might get the nod. Alaska was better off without the help.

    Jinx is funny. If you don’t have a sense of humor about a man in a dress, then you miss the point. Alaska and Jinx both understand that. They are both good at it. Jinx is just a bit better at it.

  • jamesbarnette

    Sharon Needles has gone all the way down hill since winning. Jinx is a cheap-imitation of her? That’s odd because Jinx’s humor level far surpasses that of Sharon’s.

    Sorry but fame has gone to Sharon’s head and has made her nothing more than a monster. Now that’s she trying to diss the next winner of Rupaul only shows she can see the fame slipping away.

  • DarkZephyr

    Sharon just wants Alaska to win and to benefit from another 1000 dollars. that’s all. I am gonna try to let this slide it bad move, Sharon. Really bad move. Sour grapes does not become you. Neither does alienating fans.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Homophile: nope. Jinkx.

  • Michael

    You know how they say there’s no such thing as bad press? This is bad press…for Sharon AND for Alaska. Sharon and Jinkx are both comedic, but Sharon is staunchly Goth and Jinkx is 100% Broadway. Saying that she’s a copy is just, well, weird. Unless there’s some secret episodes I’ve never seen, if I had to pick, Jinkx is closer to Chad than Sharon, if we were to compare.

    Unfortunately for Alaska, all this is going to do is draw comparisons between Alaska and Sharon. Remember when Roxxxy (who, weirdly enough, became Alaska’s friend) described Alaska as “just a worse version of Sharon?” Well, that’s what everybody is going to be thinking now.

    I love Sharon, Alaska, and Jinkx. I’m on Team Monsoon this season because I feel that Jinkx and Alaska were the same level of HILARIOUS (you should see them together), but I feel that, whereas Alaska can turn out a better look, Jinkx can sing, dance, and act. Plus, I’m a Broadway fan, so that’s +10 points in my book.

    Nobody is going to like Alaska more because of this. Nobody is going to like Sharon more because of this. This only appeals to people already in their camps. No Jinkx fan is going to say “Oh, yeah, YOU’RE TOTALLY RIGHT! What was I smoking? I hate Jinkx!” What this will do is make people like Jinkx more.

    Something to be sad for honesty and all, but, well, these are professional entertainers. Ru got to the top with a “love everybody” personality. Yeah, you can be bitches backstage, but professionals should be professional.

    Weird thing is: every interview and act has shown that Sharon, Jinkx, and Alaska all seem to be friendly with each other offstage.

    I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, but could we call this Sharongate? I would really enjoy it if we did.

  • Dionte

    I’m rooting for Jinx, then Alaska, then Roxxxy. She might be cute but she has the least amount of talent. I’d want to see her perform the least.

  • sweetbrandigirl2004

    They’re Men ! Not women so the use of female pronouns is just crazy……IMO. You do understand they’re performers “Pretending ” to be the opposite gender so the use of female pronouns is only applicable when they’re on stage and not at any other time. People get way to caught up in the drama of drag and lose track of whom they’re talking about.

  • Selecta2

    A funny, witty, sardonic bitch is still funny. Roxxxy gives you glam, but that’s it. There’s no introspection. Her GF Detox at least had that.

  • DarkZephyr

    @sweetbrandigirl2004: So what? Its fun to use the female pronoun. Let us have our fun!

  • Paulette

    A cheap version of what Sharon’s doing? I think not. Sharon is Shock Theater. Jinkx is a Broadway theater. Go Jinkx!

  • Vince Smetana

    It just goes to show that Sharon Needles benefits from editing. It worked for her during Season 4. She should try it in real life. (Speaking as someone who thinks Sharon was the best “character” on the show thus far).

  • Dresden

    @sweetbrandigirl2004: Umm… this article is about their female personas… not only is it appropriate to refer to them with a female pronoun, I’m pretty sure it would be insulting not to.

    Perhaps Sharon knows Roxxxy better than anyone of us who have just seen what she was portrayed as on the show. But, regardless, I see no reason why she’d want to endorse anyone at this point… especially with her partner having such a stake in the contest. It just seems rather unprofessional to me… but then again, RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants have never really represented the epitome of professionalism.

  • Superman

    I just saw one episode this season: the one before the finale. All I can say is that Jinkx absolutely blew me away. That is one very talented performer. She seriously needs to get an agent and start a movie career; simply brilliant. And then her humility just shone through, despite the undeserved catty treatment from the two Z-list competitors. That Roxy called herself a bitch. I think by “bitch,” she meant “crunt.” Bitter bitter bitter crunt.

    Besides being a true performer, Jinkx is a beautiful soul. She’s the entire package, and that’s why she deserves the crown. My first drag queen crush.

  • Hwddj

    Jinkx had me at Little Edie (surprising some had to ask who Little Edie was – Coco?). For me, Jinkx is the entire package of America’s Next Drag Superstar and is the one I see fit as deserving of the title. I see no similarity at all between her and Sharon Needles. Jinkx is an original and, as she said, has stayed true to who she is as a performer.

    I like Alaska too. But, the girl ain’t got no rhythm – sorry! She also pales in comparison to the caricatures that Jinkx has in her arsenal! Alaska, for me, remained monotonous throughout the entire show.

    Roxxxy is a beautiful girl, but only on the outside. There’s no substance to her as a performer other than looking gorgeous. You can be bitchy and funny, but just being bitchy ain’t funny. She needs to work on her humility. What was her final plea? “What I have, the other two haven’t got.” Um, what was that again?

    It’s Monsoon Season!!! #teamJinkx

  • fredo777

    I love Jinkx, + I also love Alaska. Funny enough, when I first heard about Sharon throwing shade at Jinkx, I had forgotten for a bit that she + Alaska were a couple. Then, as I was reading the comments, my memory was jogged. This was a move in very poor taste on Sharon’s part, although I understand her wanting to help her bf win (just think she could have gone about it in a better, more positive way).

    As much as I love Jinkx, I did cast my vote for Alaska, because she was also funny in the final challenge episode, but also had a stronger final runway look, lip sync, + plea for why she should win than Jinkx did. If we’re judging overall season, though, I’d give it to Jinkx. But, I can’t help but wonder why Jinkx would get to the home stretch + turn out such a mediocre runway dress.

  • gauty

    @Michael: I agree with every single goddamn word you said.

  • QJ201

    All Shade all T

  • sweetbrandigirl2004

    @Dresden: It’s insulting to reality and to anyones intelligent who can’t separate men in drag from actually women. Likewise a persona is not a “real” person therefore it doesn’t have a gender, it’s a bag of clothes a little jewelry some make-up and a pair of heels not a person.p people it’s a Man in a dress not a women. Look I like drag and respect it as an art performance art but I keep the boundaries of fantasy and reality clearly separate. I can enjoy Robin Williams as Miss DoubtFire but I still knowns it’s Robin Williams and that He’s a man I don’t refer to him as Miss DoubtFire. As I said earlier some people get way to caught up in the fantasy of drag and lose touch with reality…get a grip people it’s a Man in a dress not a women.

  • rextrek

    TEAM JINKX!!!!! Sharon Needles – sorry hon – I Voted for you and wanted you to win – but this is going to far – NO Offense sweety – but JINKX is ALOT more talented then you…’re talented, but JINKX exceeds your talents……just sayin! GO TEAM JINKX!

  • rextrek

    No. 14 · Paulette
    A cheap version of what Sharon’s doing? I think not. Sharon is Shock Theater. Jinkx is a Broadway theater. Go Jinkx!

    BINGO – You hit the nail on the head!!!! TEAM JINKX!

  • fredo777

    @sweetbrandigirl2004: Shut the hell up. You’re way to (sic) caught up in your own opinion. Nobody cares what you think; we will still address these drag talents with whichever pronouns we choose.

  • Hwddj

    @sweetbrandigirl2004: I don’t think any one of these performers would be insulted by referring to them in the female gender. Rather, I think they prefer it. They are illusionists and when the illusion is so good you forget they’re men, what could be a better compliment? As themselves at home, that’s a different story and to their preference, I’m sure. But in this context, it goes with their professions as drag queens (always has!).

  • orcanyc

    I don’t know Sharon is trying to do. Jinx is not a cheap version of her, Jinx is amazing!! Go Jinx!!!!

  • rextrek

    its JINKX all the way! I know you want your BF to win Sharon – but JINKX has it all over the other 2 in SPADES…Talent, Humility, Empathy….and Just all around GOOD person, inside and OUT_ a True Representation of what RPDR needs, and Absolute Vodka!!

  • Spike

    Drag Race just jumped the shark. Sharon making such statements was done on all the Housewives shows and only intended to create drama for the reunion shows. Sharon is just trying to add another 4 minutes to her 15 minutes of RuPaul fame.

  • TVC 15


  • philipj999

    What makes anyone think RuPaul cares what me, you or Sharon Needles think. We can vote, and tweet all we want and he will do what he wants. It is after all, his show. Reading comments posted here and at World of Wonder, Jinxx seems to be the front runner. Do you think he will actually win. He is after all talented, and nice. On the other hand you have Roxxxy. Roxxxy has no talent, at all. Even my partner who never has an unkind word to say about anyone (he leaves that to me) thinks Roxxxy is no talent bitch. He whines about everything. It did save him. He whines about no having a boyfriend. That is not because of his weight, it is because he is an unpleasant bitch. I believe he will win, despite an overwhelming vote for Jinxx or (Alaska.) And when that happens I am done with ‘Drag Race’.


  • Cam

    This is so obvious…

    Sharon knows that the only competition for Alaska in winning this is Jinx.

    As for Jinx doing a cheap imitation of Sharon gee, lets see….

    Sharon doesn’t sing, doesn’t perform routines based on old stars, and Jinx doesn’t do a Marilyn Mason schtick.

    Nice try Sharon, I get that you want your boyfriend to win, but you could have found something better to say than THAT.

  • Doris

    Needles has sunk in my estimation for this obvious poll fix….and preferring ROXY O’HARA to Jinx. Watch out Sharon, its tricks like this that will take what the public gave AWAY!

  • WoodyAutumn

    I have a real problem with people who put others down just to make themselves look better. I also have a real problem with bullies and bitchiness — both are very negative qualities. Instead of trying to get ahead on his/her own merits, Roxxxy attempted to make herself appear better by trying to make all the other contestants look bad.To me Roxxxy lacks intelligence, education and manners. Regardless, of who wins Roxxxy will never be a winner in my mind.

    I am really angry that these reality shows allow their contestants to be bullies.So part of the blame in regards to all the bullying should be placed on the RuPaul Drag Race Show, RuPaul, the producers and the directors. They not only allow this type of behavior during the show but actually encourage it.

    A true winner will rise above the others on their own merits. This is exactly what Jinkx did!

  • musclemutt

    Does that picture at the top remind anyone else of those old-fashioned comedy/tragedy plaques?

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