Shawn Bennett Said He Was Burned With a Lit Cig In Gay Bashing. He Was Lying


Remember that sad woman who carved a “B” into her own forehead and then claimed an Obama-supporting black mugger did it to her after seeing her McCain bumper sticker — before admitting it was all a lie? Now we have another wolf crying story, this time involving a fake gay bashing.

Unlike Nick Haramis’s made-up story about being bashed, this time there was no actual attacker. Michigan’s Shawn Bennett, 29, claimed last week he was brutally assaulted that left him burned and bruised. “They stuck gravel in my face, putting rocks in my ears; the hospital actually had to take them out,” Bennett told reporters of the supposed attack in a public park, which he claimed took place because he’s gay. He claimed the assailants live nearby, and have been taunting him for weeks. The police even ID’d the suspects.

Turns out, it’s all lies.

Police investigated the allegations and concluded Bennett inflicted his own injuries, burning himself with a lit cigarette. “Lt. Mike Yankowski: ‘We feel bad for Mr. Bennett. The police department and the city of Lansing is doing everything we can to help him get back on track.’ Because the department says Bennett’s bizarre situation was a cry for help, but it requires support, different from what he had in mind. We were able to speak with Bennett over the phone, but he declined an interview and says he plans to leave the state. The Lansing Association of Human Rights President Penny Gardner says this is a tragic situation and she’s concerned with Bennett’s actions.”

The cops aren’t pressing charges, which is probably for the best — the man clearly needs help of the psychological kind. It’s just too bad to hear fake stories of anti-gay attacks, when there are plenty of real ones to go around.