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Shawn Mendes wants to get his hands on Justin Bieber’s sweaty underwear

When discussing a topic as heady as Justin Bieber‘s used underwear, we would not have pegged this response from Shawn Mendes:

“I’d buy them,” he told James Corden between two rollicking Carpool Karaoke numbers.

The statement prompted an obvious follow-up question from Corden.

“How much would you pay for Justin Bieber’s underpants?”

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“Probably cap it at, like, $500,” the 19-year-old singer reasoned.

But he has conditions.

“I want to know what he did [in them],” Shawn added.

And continuing to play out this fantasy deal, Shawn would prefer it if, perhaps, they were “the pair of underpants [Justin] played hockey in…otherwise they’re just pointless to me.”

Makes sense.

Watch this philosophical debate kick off at the 1:45 mark:

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