Way back in 1995, Boy George wrote his book Take It Like A Man. Girls everywhere laughed into their panties at the title, but the volume revealed that Boy considered himself the pink sheep of his working-class English family.

Arrested No Makeup

By 2000, he had gone to London’s Sweet Suite nightclub one evening and punched its membership secretary Andrew Thompson in the nose during a brawl. Boy George paid a walloping settlement to Thompson and then had to pay him an additional $18,000 in libel damages when BG in an interview referred to the settlement as a “ridiculous amount of money.”

Whatever the objective truth about Boy George’s recent run-in with the law in New York might be, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office has released documents showing that the amount of cocaine found in BG’s apartment was greater than the gender-bender’s lawyer claimed. Allegedly, the police found one-eighth of an ounce, or 3.5 grams in total. If convicted of the possession charge, Boy George could face up to 15 years in jail.

We could understand the 15 years if he had been in possession of a weapon of mass destruction. And it’s mystifying why U.S. law seems to include no penalties for government officials who lie about such weapons. Still, tickets are available for Boy George’s appearance at Club Gay USA in The Factory in Los Angeles on October 31. The Lady Bunny will also be there. Between those two girls, how is it possible that no powder will be in the air that night?

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