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  • fredo777


    Why are we getting so much support for the anti-Prop 8 cause after it’s already passed?

  • Ethan

    Because we were smug and self assured before…

  • Bruno

    “Fists Across America”

  • The Gay Numbers

    Because No on 8=Kerry 2004 rather than Obama 2008. Top down rather than centralized grassroots.

  • sam

    l.a. street artist? i’d consider him an east coaster (boston, especially if we’re talking about the andre-obey-campaign) before anything. either way, a great poster all-around.

  • Jon Robertson

    Is there somewhere with a legal note saying we can use this photo for free? I’m from a college glbt club and we want to make shirts with this symbol but our school is forcing us to have some official ‘you can use this for free’ thing so they aren’t liable to be sued.

    Any one know? We are a small catholic college so we need all the help we can get!!!

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