Matthew's Parents Refuse To Give Up The Fight

Shepard Family Releases Hate Crime Statement

Judy and Dennis Shepard are “dismayed” over The House’s decision to cut hate crime legislation from the defense authorization bill:

We are truly dismayed to find that Congress now will put aside its leadership on passage of federal hate crimes legislation that includes sexual orientation and gender identity.

At this time of year that fills us all with hope for humankind, we are sad to find that a Congressional majority of each House who have already adopted the Matthew Shepard Act cannot yet come together.

If not here, where? If not now, when?

Make no mistake; this is a small triumph of process over principle. We are dedicated to redoubling our efforts next year to achieve our vision of a hate-free America that truly includes everyone. This has never simply been about Matthew Shepard and our family, this legislation is a gift delayed but never forgotten for all America’s families.

We thank our friends, allies and champions in Washington and around the world who have struggled so hard this year. We know that we will unite once again next year to achieve passage of this milestone human rights legislation.

Yeah, but will Congress finally set things straight? We’re beginning to lose legislative faith…