Sherri Shepard On Her Antigay Comments: “I Embrace Everybody Who Has Love In Their Hearts”

sherri_shepherdWorking on a talk show that’s centered in the opinion business, there’s been several things that I’ve shared in the press that have upset people, and typically I don’t respond to the criticism. However, I’d like to say I’m truly sorry to anyone I’ve offended with the viewpoints I express on Alicia Menendez’s Tonight on the Fusion network.

My interview was misrepresented, and only a portion of my comments were used as a headline to give the impression that I was condemning members of the LGBT community living in their own truth. In the interview, I express I was raised as a child to have a certain set of beliefs, but my beliefs have evolved significantly as my own personal relationship with Christ has increased.

I believe that love is the grace of all things and I have no desire to judge anybody by who they are. I’m a person of compassion and anyone who knows me knows that I love, I accept, I embrace everybody who has love in their hearts. So I love you.”


Sherri Shepard in a statement she made Tuesday on The View in response to an interview she gave to Fusion saying that she doesn’t agree with the “gay lifestyle

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  • Black Pegasus

    Yeah yeah, you’re still a bigoted ignorant bitch!

  • KDub

    I think Sherri’s original statements were totally different from those of Juan Hector or whatever his name is. We already know a lot of devout Christians don’t “agree with homosexuality”, and people should be able to express their views as long as they’re not intended to incite violence. I didn’t see anything malicious or hateful about what she said. I don’t agree with abortion (which Sherri has admitted to having), and I should be able to respectfully express that view without being accused of misogyny. If we start restricting free speech, we’ll all be in trouble sooner or later.

  • CCTR

    After listening to the interview I think she was trying to say that as a result of being on the View she has had to examine herself and ask her self what it is that she believes despite what churches are teaching and taught her and others. I’m not going to hate on her in the least bit and I actually commend her for saying that her beliefs have evolved which is what I got from her initial interview and her most recent response. I admire her honesty.

  • CCTR

    @Black Pegasus: She is a woman not a bitch.

  • redcarpet

    To quote the awesome John Cleese “I think the problem with people like this is that they’re so stupid that they have no idea how stupid they are.”

  • Stefano

    @KDub : i agree with you.

  • Darling Nikki

    This coming from a woman when initially brought onto the View a few years ago thought the world was flat and glorified on not being “well-read”. Whoopi almost had a conniption.
    She’s an airhead. Any one seeking deep meaningful commentary from such a person is probably no better than she is. She is a “comedienne”. And one of the great things about our country she has the right to say what she wants, and so can I.
    She is ignorant, so anything she says I take with a grain of salt. Especially considering she has no clout whatsoever, so who the hell cares about this vapid airhead.

  • Boricuaex

    I don’t care. She’s unfunny and a dummy.

  • redspyder

    @CCTR: Yeah – problem is that I don’t think her views have changed all that much. IIRC, she had some pretty negative reactions a couple years ago to someone asking her on air what she would do if her son turned out to be gay.

    I think what has changed is her ability to “manage her brand” – she knows the right things to say now. In my experience, when people start using phrases like “members of the LGBT community living in their own truth” – that sort of manipulative wording – usually means they are dancing around how they really feel.

  • HirsuteOne

    Shepherd’s “agree to disagree” viewpoint regarding gay people is still BS.


    What does living in their own truth mean? This woman is really unreal trying to hide behind her bigoted view. So sick of these religious zealots and their holier than thou comments. This “apology” seems quite patronizing to me and this is someone’s “love” I would rather do without.

  • Spike

    I’m sure there are a lot of people with love in their hearts that wish people like her could still be considered ‘property’.

  • tricky ricky

    she’s had more abortions than carter has liver pills so she can go to hell. she CHOSE to be a slut and she CHOSE to use abortion as birth control.

  • SteveDenver

    Has nobody ever taught her that an apology wrapped in an explanation ceases to be an apology?

    Blame it on your childhood, blame it on your relationship with Christ, you’re still a reeking creep.

  • CCTR

    @redspyder: Thanks for your reply, I’m not a fan of hers nor the View, but I do appreciate her trying to express that she has no malice and was not trying to condemn anyone in the LGBT community.
    I agree with you that she probably still feels that homosexuality is a sin, but if that is how she really feels that is her right however flawed, bigoted, and erroneous. I appreciate that she is trying to be sensitive, her opinion is simply her opinion.

  • BBellairs

    @CCTR: I agree with you on this however, I saw the show on which she “apologized” and it really looked to me like she was reading it from the teleprompter. It didn’t look or sound very sincere. I will continue to watch the show because I like it, I will just ignore Sherri like I did Elizabitch when she was on.

  • LubbockGayMale

    As a gay male, I think African-American women who wear wigs are in denial of their heritage… so I guess I disagree with her lifestyle choice, eh?
    As a self-avowed Christian, ‘Judge not lest ye be judged’ Ms Sherri!

  • Jonty Coppersmith

    I accept her apology. It sounds like she is saying that she has evolved beyond her original teaching the gays are evil sinners. That’s a good thing.

    KDUB- everyone is free to express his/her opinion, but that doesn’t mean one gets to do that free of criticism. Criticism of someone’s opinion doesn’t limit that person’s freedom of speech. Freedom of speech means only that the government will not come after you for expressing an opinion, as long as that opinion doesn’t incite violence or other criminal activity.

  • Merv

    You could search all across this great flat earth, going back to the beginning of time 6000 years ago, and still not find anyone as wise as Sherri Shepard.

  • DarkZephyr

    @CCTR: I’m sorry but what? Being a woman means that she is sacrosanct and a spade can never be called a space in her case? Sorry, I don’t buy what you are selling.

  • Deepdow


    Holy shit you’re an idiot. Abortion is not the same thing as an innate sexual orientation. Disagreeing with homosexuality is like disagreeing that the earth is round.

  • Hairspray_Harry


    love the sinner hate the sin…..the woman is black!!!,what? black it is well known that the black community anywhere on this planet hates queers/homosexuals

  • jasentylar

    @Hairspray_Harry: The black community hates queers? WTF! I think you mean that there is a little of hate in EVERY community towards homosexuals.

  • Bob LaBlah

    She looks a bit on the plump side. I would not be surprised to learn during her high school years she was fat and her best male friend was gay.

  • enfilmigult

    @KDub: “I should be able to respectfully express that view without being accused of misogyny. If we start restricting free speech, we’ll all be in trouble sooner or later.”

    If you say something and get criticized for it, that’s not a restriction of your free speech. Demanding that you be able to express opinions without people criticizing what you said, now, THAT’S a restriction of free speech.

  • sfbeast

    Having a ‘personal relationship with Christ’ is a good indication she has a lot more problems than her ignorance.

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