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Sherri Shepherd Is Paid $54,767 Per Month to Blame Black Gay Men For Spiking HIV Rates

Sherri Shepherd, the dumbest woman on television during the workday, earns $54,767 a month to work 16 hours a week at The View, according to court papers filed during her divorce. That’s about $855 per hour to be stupid. She’ll be paid even more money as she signs on to become the new host of The Newlywed Game, a show where homosexual couples are permitted to play.

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  • horus

    it’s no wonder she can’t find a man or whatever she’s into. who’d want to hit a bitter, ignorant, fat, christian bitch. I pity her son.

  • christopher di spirito

    This is the same dumb heffa who is unsure if the world is round or flat.

    Well, I don’t blame Shepperd for getting over. I blame that uber-moron, Barbara Walters, for signing Shepperd to a lucrative contract on The View. Walters should be ashamed of herself for further dumbing down her audience.

    Isn’t Elizabeth Hasselbeck one idiot enough?

  • Carlos

    The marvel is that she truly IS the most uneducated human on television…the irony? she’s on a show that’s whole gimmick is opinionated woman giving their well informed stance on issues. Problem being, she has absolutely no idea at all about what she is ever talking about. Recently they had a segment on blacks in Botswana and she kept reffering to them as African Americans. Clip to be found on you tube along with hundreds of golden nugget Sherri clips on you tube.

  • J.C

    And this is what is wrong with America.

    This THING gets rewarded nearly $60,000 a month for…being dumb.

    40% of our hard working, well intentioned citizens have trouble putting food on the table.


  • TO

    Is anyone surprised here? She get’s paid that amount of money to regularly disseminate incorrect information and heavy handed opinions on the American public at large who take her word as fact. You have to remember this is the same woman who claimed that Christians existed before the Greek or Roman empires, I remember watching that day and being like, “Really, did you just skip world history all together or, pay attention in Sunday school for that matter?” She demonstrates this lack of responsibility and knowledge on a regular basis.

  • Hilarious

    It’s almost as if Elizabeth doesn’t exist. Correct me I’m wrong but there are two ignorant ladies sitting side by side on the view, Sherri and Elizabeth.

    Why the focus on just Sherri?

    Shouldn’t both be run off the show? Both are ignorant as hell and homophobic…while ironically sitting across from Whoopie who’s an obvious openly gay(to her Hollywood peers) lesbian.

  • Sean

    I remember Whoopi asked her on the show whether or not the world is round and she wasn’t sure… that left me speechless.

  • Jeffree

    When my dad’s mom was dying from advanced Alzheimer’s disease, people would ask about her.

    Dad, who’s not a big talker, would usually respond “Sad to say, she’s getting dumber by the day.”

    I believe the same quotation applies to Sherri Shepherd.

  • pete

    @Hilarious: Just a question. Is Whoopie gay or bi? I know she was in relationships with Ted Danson and also Frank Langella (who is also bi).


    This site just gets lower and lower

  • Bill Perdue

    Actually she gets paid more than the Obama lawyers who use even worse language to malign GLBT folks while defending Clinton’s DADT and DOMA.

  • Ogre Magi

    the headline was a bit misleading, she doesn’t get paid specifically to slander brothers on the DL

  • Ogre Magi

    @Jeffree: Your dad sounds like a cool guy!

  • Hilarious

    @pete: Could be bi, but the little winks and nods she and Joy give each other seem to be them acknowledging that Whoopie is a lesbian. I mean they’ve joked about it on camera multiple times.

    Whoopie wouldn’t be the first actor to be in a sham relationship to keep people quiet about their sexuality. Unless you think Tom Cruise is really banging Katie Holmes.

  • christopher di spirito

    Shepperd isn’t sure where babies come from either. She’s like the product from brother/sister parents.

    I liked Star Jones better. When she weighed 350lbs. it was a riot watching her try to hop up those two steps to the platform and not topple over in the 4 inch heels. She looked just like Divine.

  • Jeffree

    Sherri needs to go back to acting and Barbara Walters needs to retire, turn of the lights and shut the show down. Sara Gilbert and company are going to run circles around their arses!

    @Ogre Magi: Dad is pretty cool. But he is blunt. When my younger sis went to prom —as is traditional—the guy came to pick her up, dad briefly interviewed him, and and as the poor guy was leaving I heard dad muttering one of his best lines ever:
    “That one there is dumber than a box of stones.”
    And he was right.

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