Sherri Shepherd Will Not Let Her Son Wear A Dress

Sherri Shepherd sported a new ‘do, but spouted the same old garbage on today’s The View. Ms. Shepherd garnered headlines and ridicule after insisting Jesus predated history.

The never-informed hostess has now informs the world how she’ll do everything in her power to stop her boy from wearing a dress.

So, what about a transgender child? “Not in my house!” Barbara Walters is not impressed. Christian comedienne Shepherd also says that while she would love her hypothetical gay son, “There would be certain behavior that would not be going on in my home.” The holidays could get very tense…

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  • Monique

    Shepherd gives new meaning to ignor rant.

  • ShirleyTB

    I suppose she thinks dresses pre-date gender. Muppet!

  • hells kitchen guy

    So she’s a dumbass. Look at the audience.

    That said, never could get this “man in a dress” thing. There’s a guy who always arrives at this job at a hotel in my neighborhood in a kilt – he’s Celtic (Scottish, I think; maybe Irish). It’s, like, what he wear, ya know? Hardly “transgender.”

  • DavidDust

    More like “Ignunce”

  • Jon

    I’ll bet Barbara now regrets getting rid of Star Jones. Where did Sherri go to school? I’d like to make a donation so that they can buy proper education materials.

  • fergumi

    What’s with the shame attached to womens clothing? Is the big deal in the cut of fabric? Why are restrictions placed on clothing. I think it’s hilarious that people put so much identity into clothing.

  • Allen

    Be careful what you say, Sherri … he may end up becoming Miss Gay US of A.

  • Dawster

    i LOVE Whoopi’s comments at the beginning of this… about being too quick to judge activities that would normally considered “imaginative”.

    Barbara also made a good point… that those who are gender confused often know that something is wrong a young as two. there is really no choice in the matter.

    also, i hate how “18” is such a magical number. at 18, a person can do whatever they want. as if sometime between 17 years, 11 months, 31 days and 23 hours and 18 years old, all the infinite wisdom of the universe floats down onto their young minds and makes them perfectly capable to take on everything the world has to offer.

    what Sherri fails to realize is that leading up to 18 years old, she should be a PARENT to her son, something a little more than just a rule-maker…

  • nOva

    Ummm, the thing some of us are forgetting is that this woman is the mother and she is responsible for what he wears. When it came to wearing what I wanted, as a child, the ultimate decision rested with my parents who actually had the money to buy them. When I earned an allowance and got a job, I bought my own clothes. I’m willing to let Sherri have this one.

    Also, as Dave Chappelle and a few others have pointed out, there’s an issue some of us black folks have with the media feminizing our men. Have you seen the recent photo where someone photoshop-swapped Hillary and Obama’s clothes? I’m not saying this was the direct cause of Sherri’s argument, but there is a long-standing pathology within our community about how putting a black male in a dress for kicks is part of a larger issue.

  • Matt

    nOva, I understand your point of view, but I think the issue here is bigger than whether or not a parent has the right to insist that a 4 year old not mix stripes and plaids (not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that, and as a child ages, a parent’s responsibility changes and evolves to letting the future adult experiment with making its own decisions on non-life-threatening issues, but that’s just my dopey stuck-in-the-80s-parenthood thing). This ignorant, bloviating fool (and oh, but she has totally earned that title by past utterances) is talking about whether or not she would “tolerate” (ick) who her child is at a fundamental, biological level, and this one I’m not willing to let her have.

    I must confess I’ve never heard of the media feminizing black men you refer to. Other than Flip Wilson, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a black man in a dress on television or the mainstream media, but maybe I’m just not looking hard enough. What I do understand (and I confess I’m speaking here as a whiter-than-white gay male) is that there is a serious issue in the black community with gay men generally (and by extension, I suppose, trans people and lesbians), and I think Ms Stupid-head on the View is suffering from that malady, among others.

  • Dawster

    nOva – i DO think parents SHOULD have a say so in what a child wears, and i understand the “no sex in my house” thing – as that goes for gay or straight sex – it’s not biased. i was raised with that as well. totally understandable.

    but i must full out admit that i never understood the “long-standing” black-man-in-dress fear, nOva… i have to say. i mean, i get where it might be homophobic inspired (like that “pull up your pants” song), i get where OTHERS doing it TO the black community would be degrading, stuff like that is understandable.

    but i always thought that “pathology” from the black COMIC community was strange as it seemed so disrespectful to wonderful geniuses like Flip Wilson who was not only funny, but brilliant.

  • nOva

    Eddie Murphy. Tyler Perry. Martin Lawrence. Jamie Foxx. I, personally, don’t have a major issue with the black-man-in-a-dress thing, but there are SOME black people that do. Sherri might be one of those people, or she might not. But that conceit does point to why having her son in a dress might make her nervous. So, no, I don’t think it’s any form of homophobia or her part, I’m just willing to make room for the possibility that there might be other issues at work.

    And I generally don’t care for Sherri’s P.O.V. when they’re having borderline serious debates on The View, especially after yesterday.

  • Greg

    Sherri seems to be lacking in some basic scientific points. However, this is not based on her reading of the Bible. God is the One who created science, and the Bible is the book He gave us to live by. Science always validates, not contradicts, the Bible. For example, in Genesis 1 we find that God created everything according to its kind. We can’t find fossils that show a transition from species to species because they don’t exist. Science shows adaptation within species, but not evolutionary transition from one species to another. This agrees with the Bible. The Bible talked about the “circle of the earth” long before Galileo did, when humans thought the earth was flat. And before man understood astronomy, the Bible said that God had fixed the stars in the sky, keeping them in their place. Today we would say that it’s gravity that does that, but again, God beat us to the punch. God is the one who put the forces in place, who gave order to the universe. And we, by His timing, have come to observe that order and understand the forces. It was this assumption (a God-ordered universe) that was the scientific starting point for many great scientists (Sir Isaac Newton for example). The forces and the order are observable, but what has brought them about? Today scientists are looking for a grand unified field theory — glue that brings quantum theory and astrophysics under one force/theory. Consider that God Himself is the unified field they’re looking for. It is God Himself who decides that things will work differently on an astronomical level than on a microscopic level. Size is relative and irrelevant. Things should work the same on both the astronomic and the microscopic levels, but they don’t. Hence there are baffled scientists trying to make sense of things, because God is not their starting point. Even if a force is discovered that explains things (like gravity), you’re still left with the question of how the force got there. Another interesting point is that people didn’t understand the biological nature of germs until relatively recently (the last few hundred years). Yet in the Old Testament cleanliness laws and food laws, you have an obvious understanding of germs. But those instructions from God came thousands of years before man even understood how germs were transmitted, or even what they were. The point is, if the Bible shows an understanding of medicine and science that pre-dates man’s understanding of medicine and science, then we can only conclude that there is a Mind out there who is way ahead of us. Rather than try to explain Him away at every turn, the more insightful conclusion might be to acknowledge His great design and creativity. If He’s there and He’s real, we can’t dethrone Him. He’s in charge and nothing can change that. Scientific discoveries are merely observing, understanding and using systems that He has already designed. Theories attempting to discredit God’s existence (like evolution from species to new species, as an attempt to explain life apart from God) are merely rabbit trails which lead to unanswered questions like, “why then don’t fossil records show transitionary species?” Why not acknowledge our Creator? What God has told us in the Bible about Himself, our world and our purpose, is a great starting place to understanding this life.

  • Charley

    Greg, sure, Jesus held a dinosaur in his arms rather than a lamb. Sound science.

  • Edwin

    Sherri is homophobic. Not to mention, ignorant and stupid. And this is not just based on this video or article. She’s got a library of stupid comments she’s made at “The View” over a period of less than a year.

    I wonder how she’d feel if I say, I have problems with my kids being around people that are black or fat in school?

  • mechelle

    Well, I disagree and agree. I love history, so I do know that Sherrie was wrong about the origin of the christian faith or the ” gentiles ”

    I do agree with her view on the dress. It is her right as a parent. She is not an evil person and she cares about her family. You can tell by the way she talks about her son. Think about all the children in the foster system! They would be so fortunate to have a parent as her even if she doesn’t like boys wearing dresses!

    It is so easy to attack people and call them names on this internet option. Would we talk to her in person, to her face with as much venom as I have read? I would certainly hope not!

  • jack

    Rubbing hands togther and muttering “More fodder for the tabloids.”

  • Real Smart

    Sherri is anti-gay. After making a name for herself in West Hollywood she had a conversion to evangelical christianity. A couple years ago she passed around a petition to BAN gay couples from ever getting married.

  • Surprised

    If her son wanted to go to church in a dress, I could see her, as the parent, putting her foot down. But if there’s a dress up corner at school, which is for imaginative play, where’s the harm? I grew up in an environment where I was always told to color in the lines, so I always looked for those boundaries and restrictions instead of thinking outside of the box. It took me a long time to break that kind of thinking.

    God forbid her child actually turns out to be transgendered – and have to hide it from her, feel shame attached to it, possibly live a double life… the person he is inside and the person she wants him to be. That type of inner conflict can be devastating and isolating – even with her continually saying, “Do whatever you want at 18.”

    In watching that clip, you could see that she couldn’t even entertain the thought of her son wearing a dress, she began to close off, her wall went up. You know, there’s a great quote by Alan Alda, “Listening is being able to be changed by the other person.”

    Clearly, she wasn’t having it.

  • kel777

    Surprised @ 20: That type of inner conflict can be devastating and isolating – even with her continually saying, “Do whatever you want at 18.”

    True, most of the emotional damage is done long before that, from 13 – 18, by the time he was 18, he could be so fucked up as to become another Larry Craig.

  • susan g.

    While Sherri needs to brush up on her history a bit, and may be need to be a bit more understanding regarding play-time with children (though in all honesty, while volunteering in schools I witnessed few boys that wanted to dress like girls), how refreshing to have someone with christian ethics in the media for a change. We hear plenty about what should be done and accepted in order to please others, wheather we agree or not, but so little from people that have chosen to follow the teachings of a heavenly Father. Why cannot we be accepting of this choice in life as well? I wonder how long she’ll last for standing for something and not being a fellow member of the herd of the political correct society. If we stand for nothing, we’ll fall for anything. Keep it up Sherri.

  • beefy

    Well susan g, you already fell for that book of nonsense!

  • shivadog

    science does not validate the bible. The stars are not fixed in place, the whole universe is expanding. And while some old testament rules are sound, like the cleanliness stuff, plenty of them are just ridiculous, like killing people for working on the sabbath, or killing men for wearing womens clothes. Like all religions christianity contains some truths and some lies, some good and some bad. The problem is that a lot of people are not satisfied to follow thier religious beliefs themselves, they feel like they have to force them on everyone.

  • Gregg

    Greg – God did not “give” us the bible. It was written by men, and manipulated and changed throughout history.

    As shivadog said, the stars are not fixed, they are all moving. Also, science dates the earth as millions of years old, whereas the bible says it’s only a few thousand. Talking snakes? Arks that can fit 2 of EVERY species in the world, while the ENTIRE world floods? Slavery is fine? Women are lesser? Eating shellfish is abomination?

    The bible contradicts itself many times. You may wish to believe in it, but don’t pretend that it is scientifically factual.

  • Rachel

    The Bible is correct. It may have been written physically by man but the Bible was ordained by God. There is nothing wrong with having a phobia of sin–exactly what homosexuality is. Just be careful to only hate the sin NOT the person. God is on control no matter what we may think!

  • lanafalana

    wow! she really is on the hot seat. It takes a strong person to stand firm for what she believes. I admire that. Sometimes are beliefs are based on culture, fear, facts, environment. Perhaps, if it were possible that she was raised in a different place like Scotland, she would be more comfortable with the kilt situation but she was not raised there or to believe that way. I hope she doesn’t get kicked off the show because of her opinions, since she states ” its what she believes for her and her family” (not a direct quote). She speaks truth as it applies to her.

  • redhotmama

    well, i did a search on the web for this woman after seeing comments she made about jesus pre-dating the romans. uhhhhhhhh…
    in my searching, i found this wonderful website. i think it’s very refreshing to see such intelligent comments from all points of view. i got an account just to put that out there. kudos!

  • Hephaestion

    Sherri Shepherd is pathetic. I see conservatives constantly harping on Rosie O’Donnell’s political comments, but Rosie’s comments are EDUCATED and base on FACTS. Well stated,too. Sherri just blathers ignorance and hatred and then flashes a big old grin and Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg give her a pass. I am very disappointed in Whoopi, Barbara and Joy for allowing Sherri to stay on “The View to spout her stupid hatred and ignorance.

  • Monique

    Buddha came before Jesus!

  • Johanna

    Sherri will not let her son wear a dress. Oh Good God, what the hell or WTF is the world coming too. Hey sweetie pie, to set the record straight, boys and men are not suppose to wear dresses.

    Have you tried Sherri reading the bible lately? It has some very interesting topics and I think one that you would be interested in is this….in Genesis, it clearly states God created the heavens and the earth. It goes on to say that God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. It seems to me sweetheart, you have your wires crossed and your hormones mixed up to think that Jesus and God is not one of the same. Ok, Sherri lets go to school….In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was GOD. So therefore, that is self-exclamatory right there and I don’t think that stupid can tamper with that. This is scripture.

    So sherri research before you open up your mouth, you might actually become smart like the rest of us. I don’t know I might be stretching that theory a little, but one things for certain a mind is a terrible thing to waste and you are doing quite well wasting what you have.

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