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Sherri Shepherd’s Erroneous and Dangerous Claim Downlow Men Are Responsible For Blacks’ HIV Rates

It’s great to see the FDA’s ban on gay blood donations make the rounds on The View. It’s too bad Sherri Shepherd is an absolute moron and completely unqualified to discuss it.

We quite enjoyed William Saletan’s Slate piece discussing how, if the FDA was basing its decisions purely on statistical risks and not on homophobia, then black women should, theoretically, also be eliminated from the donor pool. The View‘s panel evidently enjoyed it too, with guest host DL Hughley bringing up the subject.


Cut out from the above (official ABC) clip was this part of the conversation:

Both DL and Sherri argued black women are contracting HIV because they are sleeping with black “downlow” men (you love that term!), who aren’t using condoms and are becoming positive, then spreading it to their unknowing straight lady friends. You know what that lazy explanation does? Places the onus of responsibility for having safe sex on black men — and completely removes black women from the equation. Wrong. Both parties are responsible for keeping their orifices protected. And when black women move from one sexual partner to the next, without using condoms, then they become part of the transmission problem.

Are closeted gay black men responsible for HIV transmission? Yes. Are they, as Sherri proposes, the ones completely at fault? No. Thankfully Thomas Roberts, the gay former CNN anchor, was also on the panel to inject some sense into this debate. Missing from this conversation are the implications of drug users and sharing needles, and how that risk is disproportionately higher among blacks.

As the blog notes, “According to the CDC, although African-Americans make up only 13% of the U.S. population, we account for about half (49%) of the people who get HIV/AIDS. Not to bust your bubble, but it’s not THAT MUCH down low sex going on.”

Once again we see the problem in letting such poorly informed persons have the platform of a daytime talk show with millions of viewers: They are paid to have an opinion. They are not paid to be educated in their assertions. Shepherd, let’s all recall, is a woman who did not understand the world is round. She is, plainly, an uneducated person, and somebody who cannot grasp third-grade concepts is certainly not qualified to discuss statistical data about HIV rates among specific demographics.

Even Joy Behar, the most gay friendly of the bunch, who often addresses gay topics on her own HLN show, didn’t have the good sense to step in. Because she too falls into the trap of over-indulged show host; producers fill her note cards with talking points, but it’s often evident from her mishandling of conversations that she doesn’t have the first-hand knowledge. It’s problematic. And it’s unacceptable.

And it leaves us wondering, How many times has Sherri Shepherd had unprotected sex with a man? Outside of a secure monogamous relationship, if the answer is even just one, then she needs to raise her hand and volunteer her name. And if all those rumors about her husband cheating on her are true, then their unprotected heterosexual relationship puts future partners at risk.

We’re all responsible for staying safe. Blaming the gays, blaming black men, and blaming black women gets us nowhere.

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  • Chris

    what a fucking moron.
    Seriously, this show is supposed to showcase how women are just as politcally savvy and smart as men….and then they bring on this dipshit?

  • :)

    No way I’m watching three and a half minutes of the view, lol.


    I watched this with my mouth agape! It just showed me that my own culture needs WAY more work on HIV/AIDS. I guess I have to step up to the plate on this one….

  • HK

    DL Hughley is dumbass. I tried to watch his show on CNN when it was on for like 3minutes in 2008 and wanted smash my tv and cry, thats how bad it was.

  • Aaron in Honolulu

    I like how Sherri completely ignores Thomas’s point that HIV can also transmit through heterosexual sex even after the audience applauds him.

  • tazz

    Right, Mrs. Sherri “I don’t know if the earth is flat, Whoopi!” Shephard trying to dialogue and give us her (un)educated opinion on the HIV crises


  • Ben

    This never would have happened if whoopi had been there. Melissa Ethridge is going to be on the view tomorrow. It will be interesting to see if she takes the opportunity to educate these ladies.

  • Pip

    @HK: Yeah, I remember when Dan Savage appeared on the DL Hugely show on CNN (*which incidentally I think has been canceled), and it was like “n’ah everyone, lets hear out what this gay white man has to say in jeezus name.” It was sort of like watching an adult trying to explain to a skeptical child that Santa Claus isn’t real.

  • Mike

    Well, the Australian Red Cross still bans taking blood from the gay community.

  • jeffree

    Huge fail for the show and its producers. Google takes about 0.24 seconds to pull up decent advice on safer sex. Both partners, same or opposite sex, are responsible for ensuring no STDs are transmitted.

  • hyhybt

    As I’ve said before, anyone who picks up misinformation from The View has nobody but themselves to blame when they could have been watching The Price Is Right instead :)

  • Lookyloo

    Sherri has had LOTS of unprotected sex and had a few abortions. She’s now celibate but constantly talks about how horny she is. It’s creepy.. *or so I’ve heard.
    Sherri is dumb and most people know it. The other day, she was talking about someone (celebrity) who’d adopted a baby from Haiti and Sherri kept referring to the baby as African-American… *or so I’ve heard
    *I must clarify because it’s lame enough that I know this stuff but I don’t actually watch The View. I really don’t – my mom watches it daily and gives me the rundown whenever she can. So, we’re clear, right. I don’t watch The View. Please believe me.

  • Tackle

    I’m not gonna blame Sheri Shephard for her misinformation: She along with the other guest are proff-positive that the CDC’s propaganda campain is working. Yes I blame the CDC. Funny how people quote the CDC as if it’s some “benevolent” entity that dispenses 100% of the truth.

    Fact is the CDC has never been a friend to Black people. Going so far to defend the infamous Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment,which went on from 1932-1272.

    The so-called “Downlow” what a silly word. It’s nothing more than a SENSATIONALIZED word for bisexuality. It’s nothing more than bisexual behaivor. And believe me, it’s not just a Black thing.

    Larry Craig
    Ted Haggard
    Jim Baker
    James McGreevery
    And the god-father of the downlow, Merve Griffin: 30+ yrs on the down, never came out.
    It reasons to me if you mave more White people in the U.S. with a larger percentage of GLBT people, there will be more White doing the downlow/bisexual thing…

    Blacks are 13% of the U.S. population yet account for 49% of HIV/AIDS. IMPOSSIBLE!! First off, what are Blacks doing that Whites are not doing sexually?? Are Black people more promiscuous
    or more sexual than Whites??
    Strange how there is a larger percentage of people with Herpes,Syphilis,Gonorrhea,Clyma: Hep B-C than HIV/AIDS yet Blacks are not the majority with these SEXUALLY transmitted. conditions.

    Here’s how the CDC manipulates HIV/AIDS numbers regarding Blacks. And it’s very simple:Under the guise of caring: Doing their outreach work (with unsespecting volunteers and workers) through Black Colleges, Churches,radio stations,neighborhoods and hospitals in a large minority area.
    Encouraging large numbers of Blacks to get tested and taking data and numbers from these.

    One must be very careful citing stats. Particually from a corrupt organization like the CDC. Many times, Stats are not an indicator of truth but an indicator of power. And when you are in power, you can make stats say ANYTHING you want them to say.

  • Revemupman

    lol, these ads lately have been proving my point to the 100th power. See how they view us men?

    That will never change unless we liberate our mindset………..

  • L.

    Too often, Queerty gets blamed for its flippancy (and often it’s for good reasons :))

    But when something’s done well, it should also be noted.

    Very good post, and the last sentence says it all and says it well.

  • Qjersey

    Basic epidemiology, disease spread rapidly among small concentrated groups of people, e.g., blacks and gays in urban areas.

    And no one mentioned that Black women may be getting HIV from their male partners who are former or current IV drug users, something else that is concentrated in urban centers.

    Black women may also be getting infected by male partners who are NOT DL, but got infected with HIV while in prison, cause we’ve all seen OZ.

  • brandoise

    I agree with Sherri’s argument. The DL attitude is a major contributor to the spread of HIV/AIDS. The DL attitude that, “I’m a man and I can bareback another guy without a condom because I’m not gay, I have a girl at home” is real. Yes black women should speak up and protect themselves, but when you’re a single mother or without a reliable male head of household to begin with then what? Many DL men run in and out of prison doing the same thing. In prison they prohibit gay intercourse and don’t give out condoms. But we all acknowledge what takes place inside right? It’s a simple continuation.

    I’m thankful Sherri and others are talking about it. You can marginalize the issue by labeling it and throwing around stats about black men vs. white men. The underlining issues contributing to those stats still need to be dealt with. To me its no different than what’s taking place in Sub-Saharan Africa. Same attitude different belief: “The cure for HIV/AIDS is sleeping with virgins.” This issue is just too serious to make it a AIDS vs. this/that/them event, because AIDS is still a equal opportunity employer.


    …..Spoken from a woman who at one point said she doesn’t believe in evolution “period” and was 100% serious in stating that the world was flat……….

  • Revemupman

    “I’m a man and I can bareback another guy without a condom because I’m not gay”

    Anyone who bareback and HAS knowledge of AIDS and other STD’s is a moron in this society. I don’t view that as a man I view that as scum. Just like a dirty skank who fucks several men for cash.

    PEOPLE ARE FORGETTING THE MORAL OF THIS STORY: Promiscuity breeds STD’s and AIDS not gay sexual behavior. If you are going to demonize one side be sure to shoot the other down with it.

  • jason

    Sheri Shepherd is a cunt who should be fired from The View. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: women want to demonize male bisexuality.

    Keep in mind that women only want female bisexuality to be “hip”, not male bisexuality. This harks back to the bisexual double standard that I keep citing. It is a form of pro-female political correctness that is propagaged by liberal women, such as those on the The View.

    To these liberal women, it’s in their interests to promote the view that male bisexuals invented HIV and are ready to fire it at “poor, innocent women”

    Sheri should go back to school or have a lobotomy to replace the shit she’s currently got between her ears.

  • jason

    Folks, we’re in a major war here. It isn’t just against conservatives, it’s also against vile, scuzzy women like Sheri Shepherd. These women have subtly demonized male-male sexuality for years, and they’re still doing it. Whether you identify as a gay or bi man, it’ doesn’t matter. You’re their target either way.

  • Action Jackson

    @Tackle: Thank You for your statements on the CDC. It is a rogue government agency, if every there were one.

  • Franco

    I watched this yesterday morning and couldn’t believe my ears. I think Joy has little interest in arguing with those two ladies, she’s been there and done that and I think to be fair on her, what’s the point? They’re pretty naive and Elisabeth is a whole other story. I am surprised at how misinformed and ignorant Sherri is and every time I come close to liking her I am reminded why I don’t.

  • James Davis

    The ignorance Sherie and DL Hugley displayed during this conversation was more than unacceptable, It was down right criminal.

    Even if their assumptions were correct (which they aren’t) why would it matter. The article they were speaking of suggested if a statistical increase in a groups risk factor could eliminate them as a potential donor group. If that were the smart thing to do (which I don’t believe it is) then it wouldn’t matter why a group is higher risk, only that they are high risk.

    These 2 bigots need to apologize and go away.

  • Cam


    Your conspiracy theory seems to indicate that the reason stats show that blacks are a higher percentage of AIDS patients in the US relative to their actual numbers than Whites is because the CDC does outreach.

    ummm….or could it be that they are doing outreach to the black community because the percentages ARE higher? If they were NOT doing outreach would you be on here screaming that a govt. agency was ignoring a large problem in the black community?

  • Black Pegasus

    I’m sick to my stomach of this FAT WIG Wearing Bitch!
    What a dumb sack of shit she is!

    Gawd, I hate this Dumb Bitch!

  • Revemupman

    Yep, the battle is within ourselves as men. We need to exclude everything else that feeds us propaganda. Including the feminist movement. We have to analyze our role in society as it is today. And re-establish our rights as men. That we are not looked down upon in society for claiming bisexuality/homosexuality. Only reason their is a DL in the homosexual black community is because MALE SEXUALITY IS STILL DEMONIZED!

    But no one wants to hear me unless I come from a NOW orginization.

  • ForeverGay

    The reasons black people have higher rates of HIV is because black males are much more likely to have multiply sexual partners at once, black women don’t use protection or don’t demand their partner does, black people are much less likely to get tested for STDs and black people have less immunity to the viruses. Unlike other racial groups, heterosexual sex (by actual heterosexuals) accounts for the vast majority of HIV infection for black people. Ignorant minds like Sherri Shepherd’s want to shift blame onto gay people so they don’t have to control their sexual relationships.

  • Revemupman

    “Keep in mind that women only want female bisexuality to be “hip”, not male bisexuality”.

    I don’t even think females expected this to happen. But its happening, their sexuality is becoming social trend.

    Issue with the liberal feminist is they label every man who is in the patriarchy system ahead of the game. When in reality men are the victims of that same system implemented on them. Our gender roles as men basically remained the same while women made strides this past 40 years. Men need to wake up and realize we’re getting left in the 21st century.

  • jeffree

    @Forevergay: Where does that information you cite come from?

    I believe it comes from ##Jason##!

  • Revemupman

    “The reasons black people have higher rates of HIV is because black males are much more likely to have multiply sexual partners at once”

    This is false trash, like any other group of race aren’t promiscuous?

    Stop watching Oprah and really TAKE A LOOK at society.

  • ArguingGetUsNowhere

    I Think that even though she did make a very good point. She doesn’t really know how to direct it really. The fact of the matter is HIV has been around too long for people not to know about it and still think so one sided about it. There are alot of “DL” men having unprotected sex with other men but there are also Woman who step outside of marriages for pleasure no one can point the finger at any party it’s just time to take responsibility and what it all boils down to is morals I lot of people throw them away in the heat of the moment people are human lets figure out how to get rid of it and stop playing the blame game

  • Kishi

    Indeed, Sherri did divorce her ex-husband because he was unfaithful. Those are not rumours.

  • Baxter

    The main reason that HIV is such a huge problem in the black community is that they have high rates of unprotected sex and they are also less likely to know their HIV status. It’s the same reason that blacks have higher rates of every other STD than other racial groups.

    Blacks also had the bad luck of overlapping with all three of the original HIV risk groups: gays, IV drug users, and Haitians.

  • Chitown Kev

    Man, I hate it when my people get all ig’nant and shit in front of the world.

    Good Lawd!

  • Richie616

    She really is a moron.

  • Yet Another


    Good article, Queerty.


  • Jack E. Jett

    Wow. The year is 2010. She lives in 1985.

  • Darren

    I think this is the second time I’ve sent you this acticle. Down Low men are not the reason Black women have a higher HIV infection rate. Please address this in your commentary about the View.

    Dr. Kevin Fenton, of the Centers for Disease Control, explains the misconception and talks about prevention. “It’s also important to realize that about one in five black women become infected because of injecting drugs. And about 80 percent of women acquire the infection through sexual transmission from male partners who are HIV infected. And their male partners may become infected either through injecting drugs themselves, through having multiple sexual partners or a smaller proportion through male bisexual activity.”


    @Chitown Kev: Thats why I love ya Kev…….I don’t scream racism when someone points out a white person being an asshat and you don’t start tossin the race card out when someone rightfully points out same about blacks…..

  • Hilarious

    @Tackle: Just want to say thank you for posting that.

    I’m sure plenty of simpletons will disagree with you while being totally hypocritical because they buy into everything they hear just like Sherri did. They’re just as dumb as they’re accusing her of being.

    You hit the nail on the head when you asked: What are black people doing that white people aren’t when black people only make up 13% of the population? It’s impossible.

    I know MANY straight white guys with multiple sex partners and a fear of monogamy, it’s not a “black thing” it’s a human thing.

    It’s funny how this same bullshit about black women making up the majority of the HIV/Aids cases was the whole black men are the only ones “on the downlow” a few years back. And every single time racists crawl out of the woodwork to chime in about how they’re so much better than black people.

    This garbage all boils down to superiority. Just reading over the comments it’s painfully obvious.

    Reality trumps fantasy people. There’s simply no way 13% of the nation can make up almost half of the HIV/Aids cases in America. Stop focusing on skin color and work that out in your head. It’s not possible.

  • Tommy

    The reason there is a higher rate of HIV/AIDS in the African American community is because of the higher rate of IV drug use. The vast majority of black people who have contracted HIV aren’t involved in homosexual relationships or sleep with people who are. They get it from IV drug use or having heterosexual sex with people who do. There are black women who use IV drugs and get it that way so it’s not true they’re always the victim of deceiving men.
    White people use tons of drugs too, but generally are less likely to inject it.

    I hate the term DL. It makes you think only black men are married and in heterosexual relationships and then have sex with other guys on the side. White men do it just as much but it’s not called DL. Even though white men do the same thing, the HIV transmission isn’t as high in the white community. This tells me the the higher level of AIDS/HIV in the black community clearly has to do more with IV drug use.

  • Luxury

    Just when I thought the “DL” myth had died. Leave it to two morons to resurrect it in front of an audience of millions. Let’s just face it.. they’re not that bright. I mean if you’ve ever watched D.L.’s show on CNN, The poor thing could hardly read the teleprompter.. smh

    … Now if we could only get Dan Savage to stop regurgitating the same garbage about “DL” men and HIV infections…

  • Jeremy

    Somewhere, intelligent black folks are groaning: “My God, why does this retarded bitch has to be black? She put such shame for smart, educated African American women.”

  • jason

    Why does America divide issues into “black”, “gay”, “straight”, “Hispanic”, “white” etc etc? There is this obsession with classism. Issues should be debated on their merits, and not on the class.

  • Desdemona



  • Luxury

    @brandoise: “The DL attitude is a major contributor to the spread of HIV/AIDS. The DL attitude that, “I’m a man and I can bareback another guy without a condom because I’m not gay, I have a girl at home” is real. ”

    It’s quite the contrary actually. “DL” men are more prone to use protection because they don’t want to be found out…

    BTW, This (The DL attitude that, “I’m a man and I can bareback another guy without a condom because I’m not gay”) is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard…

  • Luxury


    …and what about all the White, Latino, Asian, and Middle Eastern Down Low Men. All communities need to be more excepting..

    Can we please not play the “Blacks/Homophobia” game today…. Please? It’s getting tired.

  • Renzo

    Well, if you are a man who has had sex with another man, safe or not, in the past number of years, we cannot donate blood here either, but they are looking at changing that. @Mike:

  • Renzo

    And, I never saw Sherri as an intelligent contributor to that show, or wherever she came from. Her and Elizabeth…ugh.

  • Renzo

    Sorry, I watched the video after writing previously. Sherri, so stupid and uninformed. Taking on Sherri’s mentality, then why are the women not being more responsible and demanding safe sex. My own view is that I realize the issues around that, but in Sherri’s mind (which is a scary place)….

  • MickW

    I tried to read the comments but there was too much name calling for me, I don’t understand why people can’t make their arguments without getting in the gutter.

  • Desdemona


    I actually strongly disagree with you. I’ve been told & believe that Men on the Down Low DO NOT buy condoms when having gay sex because that ultimately makes the encounter more real. If they go out of their way to buy a condom- it’s like more reassurance that they actually are not only having gay sex, but they ARE gay! And if they don’t buy the condom- it’s like they sum it up as something that happened in the heat of the moment or like they weren’t really thinking about it or intending it.

    so yes men on the down low ARE responsible for the spread of AIDS- but they should not be considered gay anyway, because they are NOT living a gay “lifestyle”.

  • Derrick Mathis


    Excuse me most IGNUNT one. Despite your delusions and your love affair with your own meaningless thoughts and opinions you get to determine who spreads what.

    Try research some facts. You might actually come off informed and sounding like you know what you’re talking about. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  • Desdemona

    @Derrick Mathis:

    mr.derrick mathis,
    i don’t know why your comment was directed at me, because it makes no sense concerning my previous posts.
    your article didn’t tell me anything i didn’t already know… and I stick by my statement that most, if not all of gay men on the down low do not buy condoms when having gay sex. This DOES contribute to the spread of HIV/AIDS, but it is surely not the sole factor and sherri shepherd needs to step outside of her black woman mindset and realize this.

  • Derrick Mathis


    You know what Desdemona,

    You’re absolutely right. I only read your last comment and even then I didn’t read it thoroughly. You won’t find many apologies in the comment section of Queerty. But I’m doing so now.

    My comment to you was not only misinformed but it was straight up ignunt. Do forgive for my error.


  • Desdemona

    hahaa error forgiven! People simply scanning comments is an inevitable result of posts more than a few lines long! I understand.

    I Just hope LUXURY realizes that they are completely wrong in their belief that gay men on the down low do buy condoms because that way they are less prone to being found out… ?? how does that idea even make sense?? these men on the down low are out of their mind, dangerous, reckless, and damaging!!

  • jeffree

    Any man or any woman, of any ethnicity, who may possibly have the chance to have –or is planning on– sex with a man should have condoms with them at all times.

    Do check the condition of the packaging, like if it’s been in your wallet for months and check the expiration date, however! [Not kidding about that].

    As basic as that sounds, it really can prevent a lot of STD transmission.

  • Joey O'H

    Sherri is one dimensional. She always is. She has her opinion,aires it, with little or no educated answers or views. I think it was rude as hosts to not allow Thomas Roberts equal time speak on a subject he would know about being a member of the community. With Whoopi away, these gurls have been out of control, rude and over alk each other like school gurls while the head mistress is away.
    Since black woman “Seem to be on the rise of HIV”- I would say that maybe they should be banned from the blood doantion pool as well? I wonder how Sherri would handle that one?

    DL Hughley came off like a baffoon.

  • Robert in NYC

    What the moronic Shepherd is doing is promoting the myth that HIV is a gay only disease. There is also a lot of dangerous misinformation out there among straights that it is very hard for an infected straight female to infect a straight male through sex. It never occurs to the dumbass Shepherd that there are hundreds of thousands of straight women who contract HIV via intravenous needle sharing then transmit it to straight men through sex. Society hasn’t come very far with its limited knowledge of transmission. It was irresponsible of ABC to have such a show without an HIV expert on board. In addition, a lot of straight people still have unprotected sex and think they can’t get HIV because they’re straight. What about the straight Johns who seek out hookers? I’m sure not all prostitutes make their clients use protection.

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    Sherri thinks the Earth is flat. Sherri thinks there’s an omni-present, omni-powerful being in the sky that talks to her personally. Sherri thinks her sitcom on Lifetime was an actual comedy. Sherri is a drooling moron. Stop taking her seriously just because she’s on TV.

  • DR (the real one, not the guy who made post #12)

    First off, I take this show, which I refuse to watch, for what it is. A bunch of mid-level celebrities being given a forum for chatting over coffee. I would never take a show like this seriously, the thought that some do makes me laugh. I don’t expect brilliant exposition from any of these women.

    Having said that, I have to agree that if the show wants to address an issue which requires facts and not just opinion, the show needs to get the hosts prepared. You can’t talk about infection rates among any group regarding HIV without talking about all the possible options, in this case any type of sexual promiscuity and IV drug use.

    I get that men on the DL are an issue. But it happens with every racial group. We just call it different things. That’s only going to be a drop in the hat in terms of being a contributing factor when you look at the numbers. I have to agree with one of the above posts which notes that there isn’t that much DL sex going on in any community!

    Should the discussion have been a bit better, and should the show have aired the retort by Thomas Roberts, yes. But it’s The View, and it is what it is. Expecting it to be something it isn’t is just asking for disappointment.

  • Bubba

    Well, she is not entirely wrong.

  • ewe

    All the ignorance comes back to religion. And these idiots are full of it, dressing it up and packaging it. I was both surprised and not surprised that people are as dumb as shit STILL.

  • ewe

    Men who have sex with men are not gay men. They could easily be bisexual and more importantly self identification is up to the individual not the fat one in the middle spouting off her evangelical bullshit.

  • Robert in NYC

    No. 67 Ewe, you’re absolutely right about that. Not all men on the downlow are gay and not necessarily bi either. For some its just an aberration, a one time thing. They resume a straight life with the opposite sex after the action. Its like long term prisoners who engage in gay sex but return to a heterosexual life once they get out. Its more about convenience than anything, an easy way to get off. I think Shepherd just doesn’t like the notion that men actually cheat on their women with other men and really can’t compete with them. Obviously, Shepherd has some unresolved issues. I bet you she thinks that straights having unprotected sex is ok even if the woman is on the pill. I only hope her son grows up to be one of us then she might learn something.

  • hyhybt

    @ewe: Sure, blame it all on religion, why not? Never mind that both pro- and anti-gay people come in atheist, Christian, and many other varieties; why should someone complaining of others’ ignorance let FACTS get in the way?

    Most of the people using their religion as an excuse to hate, demean, and/or mistreat gays (and I’m using the term generically to include the rest of the alphabet as well; language should be simple!) are doing exactly that: using it as an excuse for what they’d be doing anyway.

    And there’s a vast difference between claiming that religion is ignorance and showing it to be so. That would actually be hard work, unlike the more popular method of simply insisting that it *is* ignorance while describing God and so forth in the silliest-sounding terms you can come up with (“sky pixie,” etc.)

    But whether such beliefs are ignorance or not (a topic best left to other fora) it’s not REALLY the source of the problem, and therefore acting as if it were doesn’t solve anything. In fact, it makes things worse. Because we need people to change their minds *about homosexuality, safe sex, etc.* Pretending that religion is inherently the enemy on that does not make it easier to change minds, but harder: it’s far easier to convince someone who believes, for instance, that all sex not intended to produce offspring is sinful that even sinful people ought not die of horrible diseases, or perhaps even to change his mind about whether it’s a sin (or any of his business even if it is) than to convince him that the whole idea of God is nonsense. So long as it’s perceived as an attack on God, impenetrable walls go up that it’s not necessary to deal with otherwise. Of course, some do see any disagreement with their ideas at all to be an attack on God; but then the less difficult way forward would be persuading them that it is not one.

  • ewe

    @Robert in NYC: true, I guess we should consistently remind these people that being straight is all between the legs. OOPS… that is the way they already think. I take that back. thanks.

  • hyhybt

    @Robert in NYC: You’d really wish for “one of us” to have a parent like that?

  • Robert in NYC

    Ewe, you’re welcome!, that’s now what I meant, but she might change her stupid attitude if she did. I don’t think she’s the type to disown her own kid as dumb as she can be at times.

  • ewe

    @hyhybt: What athiests are you referring to? Taking ANY (holy?) book literally is enough proof necessary to discount and dismiss the religious devout. They don’t have to think for themselves and you should not be supporting that. It opens the door for more charlatans than we already have witnessed. Organized religion is being widely used to attack spirituality.


    Sherri Shepherd’s Homophobia is creepy and unfortunate. I really can’t stand her need to talk badly about gay people.

  • james_from_the_great_city_of_cambridge

    @Robert in NYC: “I bet you she thinks that straights having unprotected sex is ok even if the woman is on the pill.”

    Sherri is yet another bitch who has had SEVERAL abortions. SEVERAL. You can google it and in fact, I remember her talking about it on The View. Now she’s on a religious kick and anti-abortion and “right with God”. Another flaming religious do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do hypocrite. As for how if her son turned out to be gay it might teach her a lesson, I also remember her saying something about it on her show so I looked it up (I know; I really have to stop watching it; between her and that Elizabeth bitch, I’m gonna have a heart attack at 26). I actually found a story on Queerty from some time back…

    Google “Sherri Shepherd on son being gay” and a wealth of idiocy pops up, not to mention ridicule, including on ABC’s own website on the show…


    Also, I second desmonda…..

    The real issue isn’t JUST HIV….it’s the fact that we demonize and mistreat gay people… those who are gay or bisexual may feel the need to lie to themselves and others or stay uneducated about their sexuality OR just plain do the wrong thing because they are scared but horny and dont want to face the facts.

    If people didn’t have to be afraid to be honest….there would be a lot less of the whole DL thing happening.

    The sooner people like Sherri stop mistreating gay people…..the better for everyone.

  • hyhybt

    @ewe: Well now *that* depends on, among other things, how you mean “literally”… anyway, that something is being misused is reason to stop the misuse, not to get rid of the thing entirely.

  • sasha

    Obviously I dont agree with Sheperd but seriously, calling her stupid and a whole list of names doesnt solve anything. Have some respect, she is someone’s mother. Truth is women would be shocked to know how many straight men have experimented with other men at some point in their life. Besides, if the whole DL thing exists, wouldnt it make more sense that a man on the DL would hook up with another guy on the DL?

  • ewe

    @hyhybt: If one is going to support many religions then those same people and all those involved should support many gods. And that is just not the case.

  • ewe

    @sasha: There just happens to be may mothers that are STUPID. Why should gay people hold their tongue on a blog when that grossly overweight out of shape homophobe is spewing ignorance to the masses via television? NO.

  • Robert in NYC

    No. 76, James…quite! This is the same woman who once defended the fundamentalist “christian” belief (she was once a jehovah’s witness) that the earth is only 6,000 years old and justified it by saying that nobody really knows how long a year is. Can you imagine? In this age of science and technology she spews such garbage like that. She’s an embarrassment to herself. She’s in dire need of breast reduction, she looks very top heavy and absurd, almost felliniesque! I was totally unaware of her abortions, this from a mother who once railed against same-sex marriage. The hypocrisy is mind-boggling! She’s nothing but a fool just like her motor-mouth colleague Elizabitch!

  • jeffree

    Calling Sherri “fat” is un-politically correct, but she is *fat*. Calling her “stupid” is also un-PC, but if we try to we substitute a more PC word, like “woefully ill-informed,” I don’t think we’d be talking any more truthfully.

    The reason her views are dangerous is that the show still scores lots of viewers. Some people, even many people, may take her beliefs or also Elisabeth’s, as being those of “smart, well-informed” people and go out & contract STDs because they don’t know the risks. That is why it’s irresponsible TV….

    We shouldnt have to count only on Oprah & Ellen to educate people about “us”. Not everyone watches all three shows.

    If Whoopi was there, I do believe that discussion would have taken a very different direction. Word!

    P.s. i do not miss Miss Star Jones at all!

  • Sexy Rexy

    She’s an ignorant, no-neck, weave-wearing cow.

    And DL should be quiet, ’cause he is up there looking like a big ol’ queen with those earrings and clothes. SHUT UP BITCH!

  • sfsilver

    And what of the responsibility of the broader Black community in general in this question? The homophobia that is rampant and endemic in the community, that is a pillar of the black community’s churches both Christian and Muslim (who regularly fight against LGBT rights and our causes) is at least partially responsible for the whole “down low” phenomenon in the first place. Anytime you create an atmosphere where people do not feel safe being honest and open about their sexuality you create an atmosphere that relies on lies to maintain the status quot. Homophobia and forcing people into closets is a cultural lie that breeds only more lies. It is unhealthy not just for the individuals who feel trapped by the community’s attitudes into being closeted or on the down low, but for the community as a whole. Without honesty and openness any community is doomed to reap the rewards of their lies, sadly in this case it means an increased possibility that sexual partners cannot communicate openly with each other and make informed decisions about safer sex.

  • Kyle

    Ever wondered how homophobic the black community is?…look at the above videos. The black community has always been the biggest thorn on the gay communities side and it’s time the gay community recognizes that!

    s for Sherri Sheppard…I’d rather see HITLER hosting a show. She is the most VILE animal on this planet. Apologies to animal..that fat, ghetto cunt does not deserve been catagorized with them

  • NativeNYker

    sister is all types of ig’nant.

  • Josh

    Don’t forget another (frequently cited) reason for the elevated incidence in African American HIV community is the high percentage of that population in the prison system, where there is a greater risk. [you mentioned needle sharing but not this] Blaming it all on downlow gays is so sad and shocking. I watched that day and was sad and surprised that those comments were allowed to play out unchallenged. I usually like the show.

    Also DL hughly has a history of homophobic statements which can be easily found (there are transcripts of some awful statements from his short lived CNN show).

  • wildflowwers

    The whole point isn’t just who is spreading what its the fact that there are men A LOT of BLACK men who cannot come to terms with being gay and WILL NOT by any means classify themselves as gay or even bisexual but are sneeking around having sex with other men and then coming home to their wives their girlfriends their sexual partners and having sex with them as well. As a wife are you going to use a condom with your husband? If you have to then things seems strange don’t they? They realize this and don’t use them purposely! Also, since they don’t think they are gay they don’t want to deal with the fact that they need to protect themselves it’s embarrassing for a married man to go buy condoms because it looks bad. These men don’t want to deal with the guilt and they ignore the fact that they may OR may not be spreading a deadly disease.

    I honestly think that millions of intellectual people would have came up with the same inference, because when half the black women with AIDS/HIV are getting it from heterosexual sex but half of the black men are getting it from homosexual sex it makes you wonder who are these black girls having sex with? In a lot of the cases its men on the DL. when the statistics come out you will all learn how to keep quiet and let the numbers do the talking.

    by the way the other ways of contracting the disease are very small percentages compared to these numbers…know your facts

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