Sherry Vine Releases Lyrics for “G.U.Y.” Parody Video

Sherry Vine Headshot PhotoWarning: The content of this story is NSFW!

Less than two days after Lady Gaga released her ARTPOP film for G.U.Y., the drag queen parody goddess, Miss Sherry Vine, has already released the lyrics for her parody version.

Our best guess, based on the lyrics, is that Sherry Vine’s parody version of G.U.Y. will be titled G.A.Y. and will include erotic scenes featuring Sherry in sexual positions, both as the power bottom and dominant top, and possibly an anal douching scene… whoa that would be extreme! If we’re correct, it looks like the public will finally get a glimpse into the life of promiscuous gay drag queens!

We’re really excited to see if Sherry Vine will be wearing a parody version of the Alexander McQueen raven headpiece that Gaga wears in the video… if so, we’ll have to add her to our rankings, along with Laganja Estranja, for “Who Wore It Best?”

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Here are the hilarious lyrics:

Greeting homosexuals! Gods of green dots, sons of Saint Sebastian.

Whether you’re into anonymous online hook-ups or monogamy, who doesn’t enjoy a little touche tickle?

I wann be the gay above you (oh, yes)

I wanna be your G.A.Y.

Yeah, I wanna sit on top and ride you (oh, yes)

So can you pass me the KY?

I’m gonna wear my wig, (I’m) a power bottom pig

I don’t really care that you’re hetero (hetero)

Hump me, hump me, with your meat

Pump me, pump me, then repeat

Let me be the gay above you that makes you cum

I wanna be that gay (G.A.Y.) x3

The gay above you (gay!)

I’m gonna introduce something new (oh, yes)

You’ll be my B.O.T.T.O.M. B.O.Y.

But first we’ll make sure you’re free of poo (yes, please)

I try to say poo in ev’ry song

I’m gonna lose my wig, (and) make you a bottom pig

I don’t really care that you’re a top man (a top man)

Spread ’em, spread ’em, show your hole

Shred ’em, shred ’em, I’ll control

Let me be the gay above you that make you cum


Frying pan

Nicht Blausen

Nein head

Praservativ (repeat)