Sherry Vine Releases New Song, 'Hot Mess', Featuring Bianca Del Rio

Hot Mess by Sherry Vine, Feat. Bianca Del Rio & The Glamazons

YouTube parody sensation and New York City drag queen, Sherry Vine, has released the video for her new single, ‘Hot Mess’, today… and who better to join her than one of the funniest drag queens on television right now: RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 contestant Bianca Del Rio. Get ready to relive episode six, because both Sherry and Bianca spit rhymes on this track!

Additionally, the song features the vocal stylings of pop girl group The Glamazons, who are best know for making it to the Top 8 on Season 2 of America’s Got Talent.

Sherry has given Dragaholic the inside scoop on how this three way, star-studded track came to be:

[quote]Bianca and I have been friends for years and have worked together a lot but never on a song.  She came to me and said, ‘Hey hag, we should do something together’.  And I said, ‘I have the perfect song, troll.’  We both rap on it, so for the chorus I wanted pretty voices.  That’s when I thought of the Glamazons, who I absolutely worship!”[/quote]

When asked how she would describe the song, Sherry said, “It’s reminiscent of 1990’s NYC house music, with rap and sung choruses. There’s a great clapping break down done by [New York’s very own DJ] Kindbud.” Sherry has worked with Kindbud before, and was featured on his 2013 dance track, ‘The Remix is Dead’, which you can listen to at the end of this article.

Although this song isn’t one of Sherry’s usually parodies, she has promised that it is just as comical. “Hot Mess is all about, well, hot messes! You know, someone who’s had too much of whatever and is working your nerves.”

Check out the music video below!

Hot Mess – Sherry Vine & Bianca del Rio feat The Glamazons

‘The Remix is Dead’ – DJ Kindbud, Featuring Sherry Vine

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