Sherry Vine Will Help You Kill Even More Time At Work With New Gay Video Network

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Sherry Vine’s comedy has always been of the “I don’t care if this offends you” variety, and she’s bringing that sensibility to a whole new swath of digital productions under the umbrella of gaySVTVworld.

The network will comprise of eight shows out of the gate, ranging from recognizable TV-esque forms like style/fashion commentary and drag telenovelas to more bizarre internet-ready shorts like What’s In Your Purse?

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Sherry teamed up with Josh Rosenzweig, who directed the amazing horror spoof Scream, Teen, Scream, to build the new queertastic network, which launches on Feb. 14 on Sherry’s YouTube page.

We look forward to seeing what the duo has in store.

Here are a few of our potentially distasteful Sherry Vine favorites to set the tone:

“How I Blew Ya”


And here’s a preview of gaySVTVworld: