Shirtless, AntiGay Protesters Top One Another In France


Nothing announces that you’re totally, 100% straight, “no gays allowed”-type dudes like taking off your shirts and climbing on top of each other to straddle a pole. Yes, those frequently shirtless French antigay marriage activists  are at it once again and we imagine the irony is completely lost on them. This time the men from the homophobic group La Manif Pour Tous continue their misguided mission by getting on top of one another to raise their anti-equality flag high at the top of a mountain range.

Les bigots photogenique (pardon our French) seem like they’re ready to rest after a long trek up there, and maybe one or two of them were hoping their journey would culminate in some Brokeback lovin’.

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  • hyhybt

    They seem to go out of their way to get themselves confused with gay people. Only way to make this photo look more like some sort of Pride event would be to swap the pink (pink!) shorts for rainbow thongs and glitter.

  • Alton

    At this point, I’ve got to believe this is all performance art by some gay French acting troupe, Cirque de Soleiling their secret message of tolerance and brotherhood.

  • Horse Lips

    The gayest “straight” guys in the world.

  • Brian

    These guys are actually quite smart. They’re appropriating images that gay men might find erotic and then throwing it back into your faces.

  • crowebobby

    Hope they’ll start throwing some full frontal in my face.

  • HannahL

    @Alton: Has to be! No way they’re actually anti-gay.

  • Fidelio

    @crowebobby: lol – that was great.

    They know exactly what they’re doing. And they love the attention. My guess in a few months they’ll be doing calendars like the Rugby team.

  • DarSco

    @Alton: I agree with you. these guys can’t be serious

  • PSPoolside

    @Brian: I’m sure they are accepting recruits (they do that sort of thing) so feel free to join up.

  • Spike

    Nothing like saying we are so totally 100% str8t and not gay like a group of hot guys wearing matching shorts with no shirts. Wonder what they would come up with if they went to the White Party, as 100% str8t guys of course.

  • balehead

    They’re very smart!!..they’re showing the gay separatists…that they can do sexy better than most gays….

  • B Damion

    Oh..oh..oh..maybe…maybe they are just “Str8-acting”. Yeah. That sounds right to me.Str8-acting gays.
    Cause after all nothing is more uncomfortable than seeing a fem-girlie gay man. Yeah it’s str8-acting. Yeah..yeah..thats it.

  • NorthTexasGuy

    …well that aint real BUTCH?? how do you say “Hulloh” in french?

  • Polaro

    I’m confident this is a big joke.

  • wakeupscreaming

    Can I just point out, that these guys aren’t using religion as their rationale to be anti-gay.

  • stfallon1028

    Through it all this remains very French

  • mpwaite

    I think these guys knew how to get their fifteen minutes of fame! And when they finally come out, will ALL have lucrative ABERCOMBIE modeling contracts.. Smart Frenchman!

  • 2eo

    @wakeupscreaming: Apart from being catholic Vichy traitor scum of course.

  • fredhotman

    Confused ? latent gay ? Wishful thinking. What next dressed in drag??

  • BlogZilla

    OMG , really now? These hommes look queerer than a three dollar bill

  • rdujetz

    Nope, nothing at all gay about that…

  • rdujetz


  • steveleong

    They crave the Gay ATTENTION AND MONEY, while promoting condemnation, discrimination and crucifixion of Gays!

    Virile, healthy men who may want to turn their efforts towards healing the nation’s starving, homeless, and jobless … including their own country. All the “buff” doesn’t disguise the “vile,hate and ugliness” they carry in their hearts!

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