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Shirtless Chris Pratt shirtlessly gives fans what they want in sprightly new SuperBowl ad

The physique Chris Pratt developed for Guardians of the Galaxy hasn’t been left to languish.

He gamely puts that physique on display in a new Michelob ULTRA ad, because guzzling huge amounts of the beer is a surefire way to gain muscle mass.

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The 38-year-old actor does a lot to court your thirst in just under thirty seconds: jogging, working out, using a beer bottle to do curls, and leering at his own abs in the mirror.

Here’s Pratt’s take on the new ad:

“These days, I’m trying to stay in top shape for work. So when I see a beer, I can’t help but squint my eyes and imagine a treadmill.

Specifically how long I’ll have to be on that treadmill to burn off the beer. Michelob ULTRA … I can run that off very easily.”


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