Shirtless French Firefighters In Hot Water Over “Call Me Maybe” Parody

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 10.54.54 AMIn a stunning example of the Streisand Effect, more than a dozen French firefighters are becoming overnight celebrities after posting a sexy parody of last year’s summer anthem “Call Me Maybe” to YouTube.

The video, which features a healthy dose of half-naked firefighters working out and toying with their equipment, was posted as a birthday gift for a friend of the department. “This was made on the occasion of a birthday and was an attempt to make fun of ourselves. It is not meant to be taken seriously,” the description says.

The video has received universally positive reviews from everyone except the fire chiefs in Lille. According to France TV, the firefighters’ bosses think the use of “department equipment” in the video is “not appropriate.”

Isn’t it about time stuffy bosses everywhere got over this sort of harmless fun?