Shirtless, Masked and Gagged Straight Men Protest Gay Marriage in France

“Sometimes masked, sometimes gagged but almost always half-naked” — before you pull out those drink tickets, no, it’s not Tuesday night at the Manhole. Rather, that’s how anti-gay marriage demonstrations have progressed in France, where a group of topless men are sending mixed signals over their opposition to same-sex marriage.

Now, protests against gay marriage and adoption in France have been strange, to say the least — apparently, outrage in French is expressed through ABBA and interpretive dance. Oh, and exposed nipples. Enter Les Hommen, male demonstrators who strip down to the waist and hold hands in a homoerotic display of heterosexual hegemony.

The group has protested across France with slogans scribbled over their effete, hairless bodies (France’s number one export: twinks) such as “No gay marriage”, “Save kids” and “Demo [democracy] dead.”

Meanwhile, these anti-gay ticklefests are basically for naught as same-sex marriage and adoption will inevitably become the law of the land when parliament gives final approval tomorrow, April 23. But hey, if Les Hommen wants to keep stripping down anyway, may we suggest a kiss-in? Take that outrage down each other’s throats where it belongs.

Photos: Facebook