Shirtless Ricky Martin, Or Black Tank Top Ricky Martin?

ricky-martin-shirtless-photosSunbaked babe Ricky Martin stretched out for two separate selfies on Instagram recently, sporting a sexy black tank for one and no shirt at all for the other.

The 42-year-old Latin pop star has an incredibly strong selfie game. Whether he’s posing his iPhone to filth on a hotel balcony or chillin in his boxers, not posing at all, he’s a regulation hottie from virtually any angle.

Below, Martin’s two most-liked Instagram photos of last month. Believe it or not, the fully-clothed full-body shot clocked in with 5,000 more likes than the shirtless selfie. Which one would you choose?

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  • Billy Budd

    I prefer the shirtless one. Tank tops are too gay.

  • Blackceo

    I mean both are great. I love my boricua papi Ricky Martin in clothes and half naked but I prefer the tank top one and mostly because its a candid shot. There’s something I’ve always loved about photos of people that are caught in a nice pose who aren’t looking into the camera. The short shorts and the leg action is doin it for me too.

  • Sweet Boy

    Too much ink….next !!

  • Apparatus

    TANK. I can use it to cover up his tramp stamp while I’m doing my thing back there. :P

  • NG22

    Tank. But like BlackCeo said, it’s because it’s a candid. The candid shows you what it would be like to date Ricky. He’d be across the patio looking at his phone, and you’d stare at him from this angle, wondering how life got so incredible.

  • Scribe38

    Tank-top. I want those legs over my shoulders as I push into him and watch the expression on his face change. :)


    Do I really get to choose or is this another tease? I would have taken him when he was on GH with all that beautiful hair and anytime since.

  • Luckychico

    Yes papi both are sexy

  • hotshot70

    Is that his magic tank top? I thought Roger stole it! lol (American Dad reference to those who didn’t figure it out)

  • Mezaien

    I want him naked.

  • Captain Obvious

    I dunno I thought he was sexier when he was being himself. This image change for a revitalized career feels very inauthentic.

    Despite the fact that he was in the closet at the time you could tell he was very comfortable with his image which was highly criticized for the tight leather pants and obsession with his shapely ass.

    He just doesn’t read “daddy” to me at all but that’s what his people have been trying to make work for him. He’s all bottom, stop lying Ricky… come back.

  • Apparatus


    I love you so much for that reference.

    “Eww, you shop at Ross?”

  • Cee

    Who’s he wrapping those hot legs around at night though?

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