Shirtless Ricky Martin Proclaims “I’m Happy”, Can’t Wait To Return To “The Voice”

No need to worry about a newly single Ricky Martin feeling the pain of his breakup with former boyfriend Carlos Gonzalez Abella. The hunky Latin pop star has found plenty of post-breakup comfort in his iPhone.

Enjoying a break from his sophomore season coaching on the Australian version of The Voice, 42-year-old Martin hosted an impromptu selfie photoshoot from his sunny hotel balcony in Miami, FL yesterday. The paparazzi caught Martin taking several shots of his muscled sun-soaked beach bod, even though he only uploaded one lone video to Instagram.

“I’m happy! Yup that’s right! Happy!,” reads the video’s caption. The 20-second clip chronicles his afternoon, which unfortunately did not include the company of his insanely cute twins, Matteo and Valentino.

In a recent interview with The Sydney Morning Herald last month, Martin called his first season with The Voicelife changing” and can’t wait to host the show alongside new hosts Kylie Minogue and

I’m glad to be back. The experience of last season was life-changing, to be honest. I said to myself, ‘I need to feel this again.’ So without hesitation I said yes to a second season.

I just want to look for great artists and help them in the best possible way – share with them my experiences, my ups and downs. I had an amazing team last year.

Good luck, Ricky!

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  • Jules1949

    Estoy muy feliz para el tambien.

  • viveutvivas

    When people feel the need to broadcast how “happy” they are, you know they are in trouble.

  • wagnerwallace

    Good to know he’s “happy”…

  • Larry

    And people who proclaim those they have never met cant be happy are certainly lacking. You notice I didnt call you sad or an idiot tho. I dont know you.

  • xonod

    We’ll, Mr. Martin. You do not have to be single. Their are plenty of available volunteers.

  • Palto

    @viveutvivas: How true is that. Spot on.

  • BlackHouston

    Go Ricky! I’m not a fan BUT I won’t be a hater. If one of the highest profile gay entertainers is relaxing off a balcony somewhere in Miami in between shoots for an Int. broadcast show saying he’s “happy”..who am I to question?

    Go on with your bad self Ricky!

  • pauleky

    Not a fan of his music, but goddamn is he hot.

  • Stache1

    He can do ooh ooh ahhh ahhh with me;)

  • Sweet Boy

    In Spanish they say “dime de que haces alarde y yo te diré de qué careces”

    Translation: Tell me what you brag about and I`ll tell you what you lack of

  • WOWfactor

    Martin is just another self-obssessed celebrity who has to post these selfies to broadcast his happy life to the world. Don’t be surprised if he is in rehab in a couple of months or hospitalized for “exhaustion”.

  • DarkZephyr

    @WOWfactor: celebrities should never do the same kinds of posts many non famous people do on social media sites? Why not?

  • Drew2U

    So many bitter people here. I thought it was cute and funny. He’s just having a good time–unclench ladies.

  • Kangol


    Sí, yo también, Ricky me lo da tanta alegría.

  • jaleoman

    Loveeeeeee Ricky Martin, he is such a beautiful man. The guys that mentioned that are not fan of his music, I am sure that you would had only listened just some of his few English hit songs, you need to listen many of his beautiful ballads and fast track in Spanish. They are beautiful, and that’s why Ricky is so respected and loved in the Latin countries. He probably has more than 30 hits songs that has reached the top ten on the Latin Charts.

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