Shirtless Ricky Martin Shares Unintentionally Erotic Beauty Secrets With The World

Ricky Martin, gay king of Instagram and real-life superdad, revealed the secret to his beauty regimen this week. It’s not easy maintaining a tight body and beautiful ass, which is why the 42-year-old Latin heartthrob pampers himself with #facemasks #lipmasks and #handmasks.

You have to admit, there’s something slightly¬†erotic going on here. Ricky Martin is sitting in front of you, blindfolded and partially restrained by beauty gloves:

Please, take me.

Earlier today, Martin told Australia’s KIIS FM that if he had the chance to come out all over again, he’d take it in a heartbeat. “It felt amazing,” he said. “I wish I could come out again because that moment felt very blissful.”

He continued:

“It really feels amazing and then when it happens you realize all your fears were in your head. At least the amount of support I received not only from the media, obviously my fans, my family was amazing and unfortunately society just pushes us to believe that out feelings are evil.”

Stay cute, Ricky!

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  • a new member

    Fifteen minutes are up. Next!

  • doug105

    @a new member: Like you will ever even have one minute.

  • Billy Budd

    He is in terrific shape for his age. In my case, I don’t use facemasks. I use a very concentrated retinol cream and sunscreen every day. I take 1mg of finasteride per day, 0.5 mg of Dutasteride once a week, and a ketoconazole shampoo twice a week. I still have a full head of hair. I’m 39 and my skin is smooth like a baby’s bottom.


    Not sexy at all.

    What IS sexy is a guy not trying too hard to be sexy. Or better yet a man who doesn’t even realise just how sexy he is (moot point whether that’s truly possible in a man attracted to the male aesthetic )

  • Blackceo

    Yes papi!! That looks like me and my friends every weekend at the man salon we go to. When you take care of your body it will take care of you. I have been moisturizing since high school and I’m 36 and my hands are always being complimented about how soft they are. Even if you have a gym rate body, hands and face can often reveal true age if you don’t take care of them. I get microdermabrasion treatments every 6 weeks, drink plenty of water, and exercise regularly. But, the rise of the male beauty product market has made it easier. Even my partner who used to scoff at how much hair, face, and body products I have has succumbed. Next house we get I told him we need to have his and his bathrooms because its getting out of control. Ricky looks great and I don’t know if he still smokes, but I know that he used to.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Billy Budd: “He is in terrific shape for his age.”

    He’s in terrific shape for any age. You are so centered on age.

  • stranded

    This bitch is beautiful. I’m 29 and starting to actually commit to a workout routine and diet. But i’m pretty clueless on what potions and lotions to use. Anybody know what product he’s using?

  • Stache99

    @DarkZephyr: Ha. Honestly that’s the last thing you ever want to hear. I consider that to be a back handed compliment.

    I agree. He’s hot at any age.

  • Blackceo


    I don’t know what he uses but there’s so much out there and the prices vary. I have some regular stuff but also splurge on some pretty pricey items as well when it comes to face, neck, and hands. You should honestly just search the internet for various products and see what is best for whatever skin type you have and what is in your price range.

  • Stache99

    I find allot of Gay men to be confusing though. They’ll spend ungodly amounts on creams to look good but will spend a typical wknd working on their tans and party with hard drugs and drinking every other night. Works alright for about 10 years and then it’s payback time. No expensive cream will ever fix all that.

  • Billy Budd

    @Stache99: I never get tanned (I use lotions rated SPF 60), I never use drugs, I very rarely drink a glass of wine (only with very good food), and I always sleep well. I don’t smoke and I take my vitamins. I don’t eat any refined sugar, nor fatty foods such as butter or ice cream. Only lean meats and sucralose-based fat free ice creams. I am not lean right now but I am steadily loosing weight. And my skin looks like I’m still in my very early 30s or late 20s.

  • Blackceo


    Well fortunately that is not me.

    @Billy Budd:

    Well, lean and tight doesn’t always equate healthy. I read a good article called “The fittest fat man”. There are plenty of muscular guys whose insides are not so good. So long as you are within a healthy BMI you are doing fine. I don’t drink but I do dabble in a certain drug a few times a year. I take vitamins and also only use raw sugar. I have really cut back on eating meat this year and even though I was in pretty good shape before I have noticed an increase in my energy by sticking to mostly fruits and vegetables. Sounds like you have a very healthy lifestyle, which will serve you well in later years.

  • Billy Budd

    @Blackceo: Yes, the best thing is to focus on eating complex, whole grain carbohidrates, lean proteins (lean meat, skimmed milk & cheese) in moderate amounts and lots of organic fruits and vegetables. No deep fried stuff at all. No refined sugar, only sucralose sweetener. Only small amounts of olive oil, no butter.

  • stanhope

    I have nothing for or against Ricky Martin but he has no butt. It is interesting how some of these syncophant writers make up stuff to apparently curry favor….Perez Hilton is the worst. His column sucks the big one these days.

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