"Clue" Redux

Shirtless Ryan Reynolds set to shirtlessly star in “Clue” remake

Ryan Reynolds.


Ryan Reynolds.


Are you ready for a Clue remake? How about a Clue remake starring Ryan Reynolds?

Based on the Hasbro game and borrowing liberally from 1974’s Murder by Death, 1985’s Clue didn’t sit well with audiences when first released, despite the clever gimmick of having three different endings depending on which theatre you went to. (It went on to earn cult-classic status as time went on and people finally came to their senses.)

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Well, apparently the masses are clamoring for yet another ensemble murder-mystery satire set in a sprawling mansion. Deadline reports none other than shirtless Ryan Reynolds has finalized a new deal with Fox that lets him produce his own films. At the top of the list: a rethinking of Clue from the ground up. 

Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick will be having their way with the script.

No word yet on who Reynolds will play, but we can picture him in any number of roles.

Mr. Boddy


Professor Plum

Colonel Mustard

Mr. Green

This could be something very special, no?