Shiver Me Timbers!

Condom manufacturers through the years have varied their products with everything from French tickler raised dots to tutti frutti flavoring and glow in the dark colors. Branding was accomplished by giving condoms such names as Rough Rider. Sizing was made specific to the qualities of users’ copulatory organs . . . extra head room, longer top to bottom, snugger fit . . . makers even brought out a female condom, resoundingly rejected by bottoms from the Castro to Siberia and back by way of Pee Wee Herman.

Vibrating Condom Ring

The must-have condom accessory of 2005 is the vibrating condom ring. In reality a battery-powered cock ring, a vibrating condom ring attaches at the base of the thingamabob, holding a condom in place and vibrating one’s manhood and whatever that manhood happens to contact. Hyperbole abounds, with producers commonly claiming that this fashion item will lead to the most thrilling orgasms of one’s life. currently has a poll asking whether you’d ever use such a thing; for a write-up on vibrating condoms that humorously uses words of English in the way of the Japanese structure of sentence please can you go here and to purchase one on-line and thus avoid what the site calls dirty looks and quiet snickering you can go here.