SHOCK: 4th Man Claims Sexual Relations With Eddie Long (As a Teenager On Trip to Kenya)

When it rains, it pours: A fourth man is coming forward, reports the AP, with claims that Pastor Eddie Long sexually seduced him. Raise your hand if you think he can beat Tiger Woods! As they say: Developing.

Spencer LeGrande, a member of the New Birth Charlotte Church, which is an affiliate of Long’s in North Carolina, says he met the pastor in May 2005. By July, when the young man was 17 and Long took him on a trip to Kenya, sexual activities began, according to the lawsuit filed by attorney B.J. Bernstein, who is representing the other three victims.

Long, meanwhile, spoke publicly today for the first time since the allegations were made.

On a conference call with parishioners and pastors (and CBS Atlanta, although Long said he didn’t know who was on the call), the embattled pastor said, “We will arise through this situation, and go forward, and we are moving forward. … I have never dealt with anything like this before. I have been under attack before, but everything else has been different levels and different challenges. … Know that I am also praying for the families and the young men who are accusing. I always operate in the spirit of love, and we are going to move through this.”

There was no admission of guilt. And no proclamation of innocence.