SHOCK: Anti-Gay Gov. Mark Sanford Admits to Cheating on His Wife


Joining Sen. John Ensign among the “family values” politicians who admit to have extramarital affairs, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford just admitted to cheating on his wife Jenny — a revelation that comes amidst his unexplained jaunt to Argentina. (Sanford has not identified the other woman.) Yes, this is the man who is against civil unions in South Carolina and for defining marriage as one man and one woman, and as a congressman voted for banning gay adoptions in Washington D.C. And yes, it’s the same man who ignored his own wife and sons on Father’s Day.

Sanford says he’s resigning as chairman of the Republican Governors Association. When asked by a reporter at today’s press conference whether he plans on resigning as governor, his back was turned and he was walking away from the podium.

As we’ll continue to say: We don’t care (much) about whether politicians step out on their spouses. Yes, it makes for a political scandal. But the moment an elected official uses his vote to infringe on our rights, there is no respect for privacy — you deserve to have your name sabotaged.