SHOCK: Barney Frank Calls Nat’l Equality March ‘Useless.’ Gays Should STAY HOME


With just a few days before the National Equality March on Sunday, organizers are busy fighting back against, uh, the gays. Oh, and gay politicians! None other than Rep. Barney Frank thinks the NEM is a lost cause.

Of course, Frank is also Congress’ biggest Debbie Downer, so his poo-pooing the march was almost expected. He tells Michelangelo Signorile the march is “useless.”.


“I literally don’t understand how this will do anything,” he says. “People are kidding themselves. I don’t want people patting themselves on the back for doing something that is useless.” Particularly because “Barack Obama does not need pressure” from the gays. It would be more effective to act like lobbyists for “the National Rifle Association” and stay home to lobby their representatives. “Nobody in Congress even knows they’re there, he says, and [Obama] is not attending the March: He is going to California to raise money for himself and other Democrats.”

To be sure, it’s not like Frank is going out on a limb here; plenty of other poilticos, including those in the Senate, think the march is a waste of time.